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25 February 2009



That was a HUGE turnout against this bill. I'm so very surprised, I thought Hawaii was very progressive.


Sadly, the evangelical Christians have made tremendous inroads here in Hawai'i.

Hawai'i is a hard place to survive for those who are neither rich nor well-connected. As they do everywhere they go, the evangelical Christians here prey on people's financial insecurity and feelings of social inferiority, and there are plenty of both here to keep the churches full. The Christians are particularly successful in recruiting recent immigrants, especially from societies in which people are taught deference to authority.

Fifty years ago, this state had a tradition of radical unionism that had successfully organized against the plantation owners. Most of the radicals are either old or dead now. In their place are the made-for-TV preachers delivering their morally bankrupt "prosperity gospel": If you praise God's name loud enough, you will be graced with a big-ass SUV.

Meanwhile, according to the testimony at last night's Senate hearing, we gay folks are diseased (rarely living past forty), are pedophiles, and are an all-round abomination in the eyes of the Lord and man.

As much as one may suspect it, it is always shocking to be confronted directly with how wicked one's neighbors and co-workers are. My personal dilemna is that my boss, a member of the largest mega-church on the island, lobbied fiercely the last two weekends against the civil unions bill. I give the best part of my day and my talents up to a person who basically wants me dead.

Andy Niable

Memo to Obama: it's your home state; they'll listen. Time to lead.

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