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26 February 2009



This young man is going places. Bruce Weber and Beyonce...Out...

And yes, I see the bulge, thanks!

Jose S

of course i remember nate, who could forget? the water polo player with the size 14s lol

he looks dayumn good here too. i like the underwear shots but it is great to see him styling and profiling in these magazines.


Very sexy young man
i approve

Sasha Not So Fierce

Nate Gill has a great look and is perfect for print work. He is muscular but not too much, very lean and can look "multi ethnic" for those designers who want black but not too black. Which is sadly too many.

But what a coup, being shot by Bruce Weber. Even though it was with Beyonce.


lol @ sasha

Shane Moseley

Where have I been?

never heard of this guy before

But I'll be looking at.

Out always has the up and coming new models.

That is where Chad White blew up. If the gays love you, you will make it big as a male model

Dalton H

That styling photo is hawt. I love it when magazines show behind the scenes photos. It's a great transition.


Dang. Super. Fine.


Thanks to Obama, another positive trend is commencing.

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