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24 February 2009



there's nothing to see here, keep moving


Okay, it doesn't seem like such a good idea after all. Burris has turned out to be a disapointment and embarassing the Democrats. How were we supposed to know? And yes, I guess you did say all along it would be a problem Rod but many of us (at least I) just took the man at his word and didnt see how Blagojevich's problems rubbed off on him. I was wrong.

Alan T

I don't think any Democrats are gleeful at this situation, Katt. Unfortunately it was entirely predictable what would happeen. A number of people said it, I said it on this blog, Rod surely said it and we were shouted down.

The governor was accused of trying to sell the senate seat. There was absolutely no reason to believe he didn't try to sell the seat too Burris, too. Now it turns out he did and Burris lied. What else is he lying about?

We do this to ourselves. I just want the nightmare to be over.


Burris...Burris...Burris just give it up already...


I right in the thick of all this hot mess in Chicago.

Blago's style throughout this whole thing has been in your face. He tried to sell the Senate seat. This fool took it, knowing that he wasn't going to get elected in 2010 anty-way.

Blago played Reid to be sure, but this clown needs to go.



I am right in the thick of all this hot mess in Chicago


All politicians solicit. Tt's a "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" society. STOP acting like this is new to y'all. Hillary said she'll back Obama in the General election if he'll help pay down her campaign debt. What's the difference? Judd said he'll only take the Commerce Sec. job only if replaced by a Republican. What's the difference?

There is a big difference. Retiring a competitor's campaign debt is not illegal. Demanding campaign contributions in exchange for an appointment is illegal. But if you think is no big deal, tell the Illinois legislature that impeached Blagojevich and the Senate Ethics Committee, among others, now investigating Burris. -RM

Derrick from Philly

Oprah ought to have him removed...from the Senate, not the Earth.

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