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13 February 2009


Nathan James

I once worked for a family-owned business. The owners were Jamaican through and through. The oldest son was the executive VP, a young, well-educated man, the first of his family to be born and raised in the US. I vividly recall a conversation we had, in which he flatly stated he would rather his newborn son grow up to be a drug dealer or bank robber--he "could live with that"--than a gay man. He further stated that if hbe ever discovered his children to be gay, they would become dead to him, for the shame they would bring to him and the rest of his family.

Needless to say, this just reinforced my thinking on why Jamaica is at the top of my "do not go there" list. Jamaica's record of "state-sponsored" homophobia is well settled, and continues to be an object example of what happens when homophobia and ignorance are permitted to saturate all areas of Jamaican social life.

It is at least uplifting to see that the Gleaner is adopting a more moderate stance. That takes journalistic courage, especially to grant J-FLAG page space. It's a silver lining in the cloud of hate that has hung over the island for decades.

Kevin Perez

As as sad as it sounds, I almost don't care about Jamaica and its homophobia any more. It's become a tired subject, honestly, and they're not going to change anytime soon. Rastas and the like want to persist homosexuality is some recent trend (or evil) made by Western society and the White man to impose on the oppressed Black man. Their revolting ideologies and beliefs continue to feed that, same thing in Africa. What would happen if a sh*t hole religion like that reached Latin America in the Afro-Latino populations, I wonder, given the region's incredible murder rate LGBT folk.

Nathan James, the man you mentioned is a moron, a reject and anything else bad to describe his arrogance. Hope his son turns out to be a faggot so he can eat some crow.

Kevin Perez

Oh to hell with it. Ignore my tirade, please. Bad day at school, so this is just some random venting. Sorry.


My former boyfriend's family is Jamaican and I can tell you the homophobia is so deep, even here in Florida. One of his nephews was accused of being gay and the men in the family literally beat this boy senseless. He had a bloodied nose and lip. The poor boy transferred high schools, is playing football now and seeing girls ...

I am sure he is gay tho, poor kid.

Derrick from Philly


You first posting reminds me of me. Your second posting (with the apology) makes me think of someone much bigger and mature like you. You'll never let a bad day keep you down.

i still like the rant in the first posting though...heeheehee.


the rant is okay, sometimes you have to get it off your chest, lol

speak out kevin, do your thang!

Orlando Haynes

Even by Caribbean standards, Jamaica stands out. The problem is likely to be exacerbated by the size of the island, as that is the catalyst for many issues on my own home island of Saint Martin. Reports prove little to nothing, and corruption is clearly visible. Even worse is Jamaica's autonomy. Saint Martin is partially governed by the Netherlands and France respectively, but Jamaica, devoid of any external influence, has carte blanche to discriminate at will, I'm afraid.

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