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10 February 2009



That's right Kanye! You tell 'em man!

Go Kanye ...

Pharrell Luvr

This is wonderful. We need to spread this far and wide. You don not have to gay bash to be a man or to be successful in music or hip hop. Look at Kanye and look at Pharrell.


***Love Kanye.***

Now this is an inspiration. Later for those ghetto acting fools who try to out-degrade each other.


daps to kanye

Shane Moseley

As always I am very impressed with Kanye West

He is confident, creative and fashionable

Very much a 'renaissance man'

We are also very lucky he contiunue to advocate for gays


Bravo Kanye. I know some of us suspect him of being gay or bi, but I almost hope that isn't the case, because we need more heterosexuals to stand up to their fellow straights and speak out against homophobia.


I agree Reggie and thank you for saying what some of us feel. I have my suspicions but ultimately Kanye West does far more good as a straight ally.

Great interview and everyone needs to read this.


I don't get it. Why did Sway interview Kanye for a second time and not have 50 cent, LL Cool J, Gay Unit... I mean G_G_G_G-Unit!, Jay-z, Busta, Baby and his baby Lil' Wayne, J Dupri, Bow Wow, Dr Dre, Emniem, Shug Knight.

OOPS! I've mentioned everyone who has been suspected.

I'm so bad. This discussion would full BS.


That foto is killer. Kanye has style, grace, confidence and plenty of mascilinity. I love his confidence and his over top aura. I am so glad he is doing more than his part to help gays.


What I trying to say there needs to be a discussion show with the hip hop artist. But of course it won't happen and if it did everyone would bring their "model girlfriends or wives"

Baltimore Femme

I'm trying to get over those gold LV duffel bags. That *issh is off the chain. I would be the fiercest queen in Maryland if I had those pieces. lol

Nathan James

Good for you, Kanye! We need more industry people to encourage reason and tolerance. Kanye, keep it up!

alicia banks

i love kanye too!

he makes us all proud as a chicago homie...

and i say SWAY is gay!!!...he sets my gaydar off far more than kanye!

ps: has anyone ever seen what's under sway's hot nasty hats!...those sweaty hats he dons incessantly are what repulse me!

see more on kanye at:



as much as kanye loves fashion and fashion trends and design..he really had no room to be homophobic..the fashion world is basically held together by gay men!!! good to see he's not afraid to speak on it


Right on Kanye!!! Keep being a trail blazer and continue doing you. This is exactly part of the reason why I love Europe culture, there in so many ways light years ahead of us. Alot parts of America needs to stop leaning on the pause button and catch up

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