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25 February 2009



I don't want to like Kobe Bryant but I love Kobe Bryant. You were right, damn him lol


Kobe is really beautiful. The camera loves him. I also admire his swagger and his confidence, but that is common among athletes.


yea he can get it


kobe doesn't take a bad picture. he always looks incredible, the camera loves him.


if kobe Bryant has been playing pro ball for 12 years and only just turned 30yo, when did he start playing? 17? 18? that doesn't seem right...

Kobe Bryant was one of the first players to begin playing at 18 years old. -RM

Derrick from Philly

"yea he can get it"

Chile, he might take it!

Be careful, devereaux, he can be rough from the back--according to that gal in Colorado...but then, some folks like it like that.

I'm sorry, between him and Iverson--they ruined watching pro- basketball for me: wearing them big, baggy-ass shorts. You can't see a damn thing. Now, if they played in jock-straps I'd be be their number one frui...I mean, fan.


This man is PHINE

He can get it but Derrick is right he might try to TAKE it lol



Kobe did not go to college. He was one of the first athletes to go PRO straight out of high school. That's why there is a law now that atheletes must go to college for determine number of years.

Kobe isn't ugly at all! But I'm not any way infatuated about his looks. He's okay.




no offense to all the laker lovers or bandwagoners, sometimes there is no difference, but seriously Rod and fans of this blog?

Kobe Byrant? who's the next hottie? Michael Vick?

even if he didn't do what he was charged with, he's still a fake person. just listen to any interview. it hurts for him to talk with any sincerity. any follower of the nba would know that.

chris paul is the real cutie and there are countless others. dwayne wade, dwight howard, devon harris who have a clean image.

Dwyane Wade has been mentioned on this blog numerous times, especially his pro-gay comments. Dwight Howard was on a week or two ago. You've never commented on either. Dhani Jones' new travel show was profiled yesterday. A very "clean image." Again, no comments from you.

Each of the three comments you have made has been a criticism or attempt to fact-check. Very interesting how you skipped today's stories about Bayard Rustin, a black Oscar nominated actress talking about gay rights and important HIV news. But you keep telling yourself there aren't enough positive or "clean" images here. -RM


i'm not the biggest kobe bryant fan because ALL multimillionaire ballers sound like whiners to me. really, they all b*tch and moan and it becomes tiresome. but no offense, "cool", you don't sound "cool" my brotha. you sound "trifling."

i guess you missed that article on dhani and all the dwade love...funny


(Ignoring the attempts at drama...)

I'm also not a huge Kobe or Lakers fan but dayumn! The man is a hustler and on his game. He is a phine MFer. I don't like him, but I will admit that.

Nice photos. Kobe is also on the cover of Hoop, iirc


Kobe is a good looking man.. but i am just not a fan. He is/was not very cool to John Amaechi... He could be nicer, and not such a prick.


Oh that's right, I forgot about John Amaechi.


Baltimore Femme

Rod...can't help but notice the tone in some comments in this post and others. I have to say...my hat is off to you. You don't take *ish from these anonymous queens and I admire that. Disagreeing is one thing, trying to make it personal is another.

That being said, I agree with James. I don't care for Kobe or his attitude. I will admit he is handsome and takes great flicks. I do like the fact he can speak three or four languages, so it's not like he is a thug or uncultured. Just not my cup of tea. If that's how someone feels, bjust say that, it doesn't take all that extra bs.

Oh and the Michael Vick comment were totally inappropriate...seeing how much grief you got when you slammed him. Always love it when people tell you what you're doing wrong and what you should do, lol.

You keep doing you, baby boy! ;0

Rod Mc

Baltimore, thanks.

Everyone is not going to like everything here, and everyone is more than welcome to agree or disagree. But I have a zero tolerance policy on personal comments directed toward me. Don't ever try to make this about me personally, and don't ever try to get extra with me.

"Cool", stop leaving additional comments and bs about "censorship." This is my blog. I pay for it. You do not have a constitutional "right" to comment at a blog. You want to play nice, email an apology. Otherwise goodbye. -RM


all this drama over kobe? puh-leeze.
kobe looks good but he stuck on himself. and he didn't play so well in the Olympics, remember that rod lol

i'm looking forward to seeing some more black euro footballers especially sexy rio ferdinand hint hint

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