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13 February 2009



Great shots. Tarrice does wonderful work and is always a pleasure to converse with.


OK, I'm awake!

Son of Baldwin

Yay! My neighborhood!

A. Martinez

Lamar has such an incredible intensity it's astounding.

And Shawn Sutton's eyes and cheekbones are incredible.

Which to choose from?


Wow. Lamar is so gorgeous, dayumn that boy needs a hurtin'


"Which to choose from?"



shawn sutton is under appreciated...the smaller boys at red get more bookings, such as salieu, wendell and dominique hollington (???) but shawn is much more masculine, has an impressive body and his facial structure is very unique.

omg and did i mention he has body??

love these photos


Ooh… he's purrrty!

M. Mark

Lamar has beautiful V torso and great skin and lips. Too bad he didn't smile I love his teeth


mine, mine, MINE!

and I'm talking about both of them!


Wait are these young men gay? Or is this just straight boy infatuation? If the latter BORE ME YAWN!


If you're so interested in "gay" topics, you can comment in the thousands of posts here about black gay men in the church, politics, anti-gay violence in Africa ... Or if you're "bored" you can go. Whatever. -RM


dontcha love these silly queens?

they always want to get selfrighteous over beyonce or a hot boy picture. you never ever see or hear from them anywhere else.

buh bye, sweety.


They're models. When I look at an ad or a commercial, i really don't think about their sexuality. I mean, it's not like most of us are going to get with these guys anyway. I would love to but live in the middle of Ohio. It's nice to just have a fantasy for a few minutes, that is what they are selling.


tarrice love is a brilliant photographer. i admire his colors too

these are beautiful young men, they are models, who knows or cares who they sleep with. they aren't sleeping with me, UNFORTUNATELY


Shawn Sutton is letting you have it with those thighs of steel and those gorgeous gorgeous almond-shaped eyes. Years ago we called "Chinee" or "Chinky" because of their almond shaped but I guess most of us know better now.

Both are beautiful young men. Their mommas must be proud. :0


Lamar James's eyes and expressions are hypnotic. What other campaigns has he appeared in?

Andy Niable

Now that's a photogenic subject. Thanks, Rod!


I just discovered Tarice Love's worth. He has a great eye.

Dave F

FAMU, you sound like a hater. But if you don't want them, no problem. Many of us don't mind a little something pretty to look at on a cold winter's day.

Or in Shawn Sutton's case a whole lotta something pretty.

Ten in My Timbz

ignoring haters and let me quote florida evans to say "dayumn, dayumn, dayumn!"


Much too pretty for me. I like to be the cute one and have no desire at all, no desire in a man who looks better than me.

And both are too pretty.

Face and Waist

lamar and shawn gets 'Perfect 10s' for face and body

and yes i am j'd, lol

Face and Waist

but yes i will agree those are some pretty azz MFers maybe too pretty for the doll

i need a man with some scruff, after all i am serving the 'face and waist' heehee


Umm no offenses but if some of you are so determined that a many shouldn't look 'better' than you that says much more about you than them.

It sounds like something a high school or twenty something girl would say.

"But you do you!"


Lamar's lips and white white teeth are sso pretty i want to kiss him.

Shawn Sutton .... well that is a man, i would do other things with that

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