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25 February 2009


M. Mark

The Log Cabinettes are finally growing a pair.

Greg G

Statements such as this are promising... but I wonder has the Log Cabin lost its relevancy? The party seems determined to pander to the flat earth evangelical base. The moderates such as Christine Todd Whittman and the two senators from Maine are becoming endangered species... Which is too bad, we need competition.


Honestly, LCRs exhibit symptoms of the battered-wife syndrome. In spite of all the wrongs the GOP did, the LCR stuck by the GOP, believing every sweet-talking, conciliatory words from the RNC and GOP.

What? We're supposed to give our love to the LCR just because they got the "beat-down" once again, after believing that the RNC has "finally changed"? There are some that just cannot be helped because they refuse to see the predicament they put themselves in.

Andy Niable

I shall try (very hard) to hold back the snark, and, in the belief that we must encourage these folks when they do something good, applaud their awakening to political reality.

Even though I'm a true-blue Democrat, I recognize that if I want to see LGBT legislation progress--and pass--it will require members of both parties, and we need progressive groups in both parties to do the hard work to advance their sensitivity and understanding--those on the Republican side having much more work ahead of them.

Son of Baldwin

Wow! The Log Cabins finally speak against the homophobia in their party?

I wonder what makes THIS time different from all the others.



those wishy washy syrup queens...who cares?

Rod Mc

Andy, you know I've been the one of the biggest critics of the LCR and gay Republicans. But when you do something right, you do something right. And this was a start. But they might be back to the Stockholm Syndrome next week, who knows, lol.

Lucas, I think you're new here, but I'm a very vocal critic of the GOP. I wasn't suggesting "we" should jump to the Republicans. I said "if" the LCR hoped to make some changes in their party this was a start. But fwiw, if the Republicans were stronger on gay issues, the Democrats would be much stronger on our issues. Just my two cents. -RM


Great comment Rod...

And if the LCRs were really able to do a Bobby Jindal and exorcise the Dixiecrats out of the party (and basically the Dixiecrats have taken over the GOP)it would probably be a good thing if the LCRs were there to pick up the pieces.

Provided of course, the LCRs joined the Dixiecrats, but that's another story.


Rod, Yes, I'm a recent addition to the group of readers of your excellent blog. Keep up the good work.

I appreciate your views and I agree with you. I'm simply voicing the frustration with LCR in the past, our supposed "ally" in the GOP, time and time again betrayed itself, its objectives and its principles, and simply putting a positive spin on the misdeeds of the GOP.

While their action is a first step to hopefully changing the GOP, we're left to wonder whether it's too little, too late -- whether they have lost their spirit, their significance and their credibility. Like a battered wife -- she might be talking -- would the husband even give a damn to listen?

Andy Niable

(Just to clarify: when I said "hold back the snark" I mean against the LCRs, not your blog--and I enthusiastically applaud this post. Thanks again for your continued coverage of all sides of issues, Rod. We all deeply appreciate the hard work.)

spook by the door

um. mccain/palin (regular ole salt of the earth white folk) anti-gay rhetoric they stay. Steele (black man) echoes they leave.

(amplifying and co-signing son of baldwin)


In a sense, we should support LCR even though their governing ideology may be different from ours. If I'm not mistaken, their mission is to influence the GOP to be more inclusive. So they have a tough stream to swim up -- constantly. I believe they try to pick their battles wisely. By doing so, they can't jump on every anti-gay statement that rolls of the tongue of each individual in their party. That's probably why they purposely decided to respond to Steele.

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