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04 February 2009



I'm not one for name calling but I think Log Cabin Republicans are some the most self hating retards on the planet. (right after sgl people that attend churches with homophobic ministers. those are the other retards.)

Derrick from Philly

I know a black gay Republican. He doesn't realize it, but he's middle-aged nerd. Not that I'm so wonderful--being an alcoholic, middle-aged queen...but he is such a nerd. He was talking suicide a few weeks ago. I hope he's all right. I didn't have the energy to talk him out of it...and I'm not going to any memorial services where there might be other black Republicans.

Andy Niable

Reminds me of the old joke, "Horrible restaurant... and such small portions!"

I challenge the Cabin boys to put up or shut up. Or just admit they don't care how hated and oppressed queers are so long as their taxes are kept low. Just admit you're all about the money, Loggers.


LOL, too funny, the LCR praise a black man? Usually they are on the forfront of bashing black men, and, people. That is more amazing than his being in his current job!


@freelo. I couldn't agree more. One would think by now the Log Cabin republicans would realize they are being laughed at by their fellow republicans.

Stay tuned though. There is a group out there calling themselves hip-hop republicans who also seem to have a black gay tilt in their membership.


i'm afraid gurlene. very afraid..


Nothing to worry about as far as the hip-hop republicans go. They are clearly the hip-hop type who don't see the large Q sitting in the middle of their foreheads. (I trust you all know what that Q stands for).

I thought the last black gay republican I would ever laugh at was Abner Mason. But these latest opportunist have him beat by a longshot thanks to the internet. They popped up here and there during the primaries and on CNN late saturday nights (which should tell you something about how serious they were being taken even during a close election).

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