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09 February 2009


Craig T

Mmm. Louis Smith has the best body of all of 'em.


Louis Smith is sodamsexy. Too hot to be straight...


lou is sexy. why oh why didnt lou wear speedos or short/


Curry I have never heard of 'to hot to be straight'...that sounds like something the high school gays write on lockers. I don't know is Louis Smith straight or gay but being a gymnastics should not stereotype him.

But I would be lyeing if I said he was'nt hot because he really really is. But its silly to say he is too hot to be straight...

M. Mark

Jamey I think you are being a little too analytical, love.

Derrick from Philly

"But its silly to say he is too hot to be straight..."

Maybe Curry meant it as a tongue-in-cheek statement, Jamey. Facial cheek, darlin'. We can only dream about Mr Smith's cheeks...all four.


Oh yea Jamey, like there are no gay athletes or gay male gymnasts!

No one said he was gay. I think someone earlier joked he was too hot to be straight. I would say Louis Smith is too hot to not realize he has gay fans.

I don't think those camera phone pics were necessarily for high school girls. But he is still young, whatever he is I hope he finds happiness.


There is always a party pooper.

Jamey, luv, maybe in Kansas the few boys that you have that look like Louis Smith are always straight. But in the big cities, in the ATL and New York and LA, the hot ones who look and are built like Louis usually at least have some tea. No offense but if he were wearing that outfit (shirtless, bucket hat) and I saw him on the street in the summer I would think he were gay or gay friendly.

Or a male stripper.



Eddie B

Louis Smith is quite talented and an inspiration to so many young people. I wish him the best.

Oh and he is gorgeous to def.


Rod, random question but where do you get your photos? I have never seen any of these photos about Louis Smith.

I always notice you (and Towleroad) have photos many other blogs do not. It's wonderful, especially since your blog is for gay black men. I and probably many others appreciate all the work.

Mad Professah

Craig T: you got that right!

Mr. Louis Smith is "giving you more body" than his pale counterparts in all of the pictures. :)

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