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14 February 2009


Samuel I

There are no gays or lesbians in Nigeria? That would be news to me, I am gay in Britain and my family from Nigeria,I know many Naija who are gay in my homeland. There are in closet of course, they have to be,.


He's probably right. They all moved here.


Of course there are none there. As Freeleo says they are all fleeing for their lives.


Oh and Rod have a great Valentine's day. Thanks for the weekend posting.


this corrupt country nigeria makes me sick. they are trying to kill anyone who they even suspect anyone who is gay, the chiefs need to stop squandering the oil money and rebuild their nation


The only thing he forgot in that lie is that there are no crooks in government stealing the country blind.


This “absolutely no gays or lesbians” routine is hardly new.

I remember an article by Cary Alan Johnson from 1985 or 1986 (I think in the New York Native) in which he described going to a cocktail party in Kinshasa (Congo) at which he met a high government official from Angola who proudly told him the exact same thing about his country.

Boundless arrogance gives birth to laughable ignorance.


This is partly due to a religious turf war between Muslim and Christian preachers. It's creating a rush for people to be as homophobic as they can in that country.

Religion really sucks.


this is crazy


Is it right that a man should have more than one wife at the same time?


The problem is that people in the West are always dictating to Africans. You condemn polygamy but you want to force down our throats what is alien to our culture and abominable to us.

If an African in Europe or America want to convert to a gay or lesbian, then it is up to them. But please bear in mind that we are fed up in direct and indirect colonisation which, the current issue fits. One Nigerian so-called gay activist by name Mac-Iyalla was known to be a womaniser until he saw an easy way to make money from people in the West then he conveniently changed to a gay.

The 3 most important religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) reject man and man or woman and woman sleeping together.

The current debate about homosexuality in Africa will not help the situation as the pressure being put on Africans by gay rights activist will turn this dormant issue into a focal point and polarise Africa & Europe.

I have read that so many people have had deliverance from God and completely cured.

Keep your aid and hand outs but leave us alone. (You may criticise my grammar & spellings if you like)


Yeah, there are no gays in Nigeria just like there aren't any Africans too!


John, just remember where you are. This is a gay-oriented website. Your view is very unconvincing and not very well received at all. Whether or not you agree, homosexuality cannot be cured. Plain and simple. Reading about something doesn't make it so. I once read that a black man couldn't be elected President of the US. We see how true that turned out to be. In the end, Nigeria can do whatever the hell it wants, but don't be shocked if the rest of the world turns its back on it. Don't come on the world stage and ask for help, you just might not get what you want.

Derrick from Philly


why do you suppose the rest of the world is accepting the existence of gay and Lesbian folk, and that it is not right to persecute them--that it is a violation of human rights and humanity? Only the Eastern European, African and Caribbean countries refuse to come into the 21st Century on this issue. There are far more urgent issues for African people to be concerned with. Does poverty, disease, and war have to wipe out half of the population of African countries before people like you come to your senses?

And please don't tell me that Africans have a "special" relationship with God. Somebody better remind him that y'all exist and need help.

alicia banks


and i say once again:




John, please spare us the western colonization and conversion b.s., when the whole idea of homophobia and persecution of homosexuals was imported from the Mediterranean and the west... Sure, "gay" as an identity may be an import from the west, it does not mean there aren't people who inherently attracted to and have sex with members of their own sex.

Proclaiming no gays a particular (rather populous) region is about as bad as folks on the DL claiming they're not gay.


Gay people in america are hypocrists. they cry discrimination but within there own group they gleefully discriminate against black people not to mention the fact that they are helping to put african americans in gas chambers.

No wonder Africa has banned gays.

they are extreme racists.


4pointON, prove what you just stated. I challenge you. And what gay people are you talking about? African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, Middle Eastern, or Whites. And what gas chambers? Prove what you are talking about. I dare you.


Everyone knows about the white gay people marching in the streets shooting out nigger over prop 8. It was reported here.


Again, 4pointON, you failed to prove your point. Gay people aren't just white. There aren't many white gays in Africa, so why would African nations ban gays? And back up the gas chamber comment. Come on now, get it together. Don't half step it. Display for us your brilliance.


4.0, STRAIGHT people discriminate against black folks; STRAIGHT people attacked black folks and gay folks; STRAIGHT people put people (blacks included) in gas chambers. Hm... weird, how come Africa don't ban straight people?

Enjoy the coolant you're obviously consuming. If you want to see examples of hypocrisy, you only need to look in the mirror.

MBGN Schneke

Crooks,Your secretary probably thought you are going to read this note out in Nigeria (since we are all simps), if not you wont tell me that you dont feel how awkward it sound out of 146 million there are no Gay,Lesbian not even a Bisexual , In this generation where you have alot to widen your knowledge, eg internet, have you burst out on a gay site to check out the Nigerian Gay men hanging there in roles waiting for a date with another man.(SCALLYWAGS) There are no gay icons in Nigeria what of Gen. Ibrahim Babangida.Oh i remember, as long as he can do man and woman simultaneously nothing really proves he is gay right? :) REDUNDANTS, Fire will roast all of you from one generation to the other. I am gay, and i am proud, and living offcourse in Lagos, i just cant believe that i can be deprived of my basic rights as Gay and still trying to rub of our existence. Use your common sense Ojo Maduekwe. Cant blame you they are all gone for Ritual rites.

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