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06 February 2009



This story is just sad on so many levels, i hope they find these cowardly punks


I hope this pushes the goverment in New York and nationally, to really look at anti-gay hate crime legislation and help it through so that both the children and adult glbt population are safe.


It is pathetic that Steve Israel buckled under the pressure and had his spokeswoman "correct" his remarks.

I, too, would correct his remarks, but in the opposite direction: Many of Israel's Congressional colleagues are not "just as bad as the people who did this," but a thousand times worse.

When a legislator is a bigot, he does a thousand times more damage than any vandal ever could by how he votes. And by proudly declaiming his bigotry, he emboldens a thousand vandals to go out and commit their crimes of hatred, knowing that a "respectable" member of society approves.

Rod Mc

Diva1961: NYS does have comprehensive laws covering discrimination and hate crimes based on sexuality and gender identity. But yes, these incidents are a reminder that many states do not and the federal government does not. Hopefully we will see some action soon in Washington. Hopefully. -RM

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