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19 February 2009


Derrick from Philly

Fabulous woman! And our President aint bad either.

S. Flemming

I know that's right ... This is what I like to see.

M. Mark

Didn't even realize who she was or the significance of the position.

Strong Island

I did see this and cried out in joy. This is a beautiful moment in our history.


This feeling of pride at seeing President Obama on the world stage is just wonderful and new. For the past 8 years, I just wanted the president to stay in the white house and not do interviews.

I was so proud of President Obama and our country today as I watched the press conference that took place in Canada on CNN. Finally an American president that doesn't sound retarded next to other world leaders. I'm damn near giddy.

Obama makes you want to be a better person.


This was a wonderful piece! Thanks Rod!


Just a comment on Canadian usage. The plural of "Governor General" is "Governors General" not "Governor Generals". Similar to "mothers-in-law". The other two female Governors General were Jeanne Sauvé and Adrienne Clarkson (first Asian GG, born in Hong Kong).


Do you think Americans in general noticed that our de facto head of state, Governor-General Michaelle Jean is black? Is that fact getting any publicity other than your site, Rod?
- Curious Canadian


I wonder if Adrienne Clarkson talked about the plight of the Chinese and need for a change in their government. We should appoint Michaelle as ambassador to Haiti. She is in the wrong job.

Patrick Ross

Limiting Michaelle Jean's diplomatic talents to Haiti would do an incredible disservice to Canadians.

In fact, limiting her skills to any one country would be a waste. I think we may need to establish a whole new office -- something like a Diplomat General -- to encompass Jean's talents.

She is the best diplomatic asset Canada has at its disposal right now, bar none.

George Cairns

She is more than pretty faced symbol.



wasnt like two politicians...it was like a King talking to Queen. New age...I am grateful to be young and black.


quel beau couple...royal !

bravo pour nos deux pays !

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