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06 February 2009



Freeleo, you make some very good points about faith and I also am hopeful the faith based process will gradually become more inclusive. Or at least less discriminatory.

But we're talking about the "law" not "faith". My most recent comments were about the commenter "William Doan" who claimed Obama announced the faith office "would have to comply with anti discrimination rules, including no discrimination against LGBT people." That is a lie. There was no such announcement and there are no such federal laws protecting LGBs (let alone Ts) from discrimination.

There is no need to lie about what the president said or did, its all a matter of the public record. The claim is an insult to the many people who follow this blog and gay news and understand "process". It's also an insult to Rod to tell him his facts are incorrect on such an important story.

As far as having "faith", the time for slogans is over. It's time to govern now. I specifically said twice obviously I voted for and support our new president but I am very wary of faith based grants. I also believe LGBTs and especially black LGBTs should not just STFU and have "faith" their concerns will be addressed by the new administration. That's just reality. I've seen quite a few black (and white) churches take the money and bash gay people and gay men who are HIV positive. Its been reported many places and at this blog for several years. I am hopeful this will change somewhat but we will have to see. But it is important to note that during the election Obama said the government should make sure organizations taking federal money didn't discriminate. Since the nomination and his election he has not said that. That's just one example.

For what its worth its very likely Fred Davie was appointed to the faith council because of the massive outrage registered by LGBTs and progressives. As someone noted above (cant remember who?) he wasn't on the original list that has been circulating for the past week. So yes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

As I said, I have doubts about continuing Bush's faith initiatives but understand it is likely here to stay. And much good can come from the process. This is a step in the right direction. And I will hold my criticism until we have results. But Obama has changed his tune on a key position so I have every right to remain skeptical.


All we can do is hope.....that's all we can do at this point. Just wait and see how it all plays out.


I'm just asking a question here but, can anyone give me some examples where straight people received some benefits from these faith based programs that were not given to or denied sgl people if they needed them?

Also, Corey, you do realize that, "the time for slogans is over," is actually another slogan, don't you? lol sorry. just poking..

We are all aware that faith without works is dead. No one is saying stop pushing. I'm just saying let's see what jells with this situation before we call it a ruse.


Bravo to Fred Davie (even if I question how the Office of Faith Based Initiatives jibes with the Constitutionally mandated Separation of Church and State)

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