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13 February 2009


Nathan James

This case continues to confound the NYPD. It's now a "cold case", and I wonder if it will ever get solved at all. Thank you, Rod for posting this information, and reminding us all why awful things like these should never fade from our collective memory.

Byron Monte

the reward posters are still up here on some of the subway stops in brooklyn..whenever i'm waiting for i always have to walk over and take a look at this handsome young man. the thought of how he got murdered makes me sick to my stomach everytime again. please take a moment of your time and contribute to rashawn's memorial fund. every dollar will keep his memoray alive.


This is such a horrible story.It aches my heart whenever I heart about another young black gay man cut down in the prime of his life. His mother be so strong, I don't know how she gets up every morning.

Thanks Rod. Thanks a lot.


wow...i forgot all about this story. tragic on so many levels.

these stories must always remain in our memory.


Still an extremely sad situation.

Just a word of advice to my brothers, particularly the young ones. I know we all reach a certain age where we want to be grown and not have to answer to any one, but if you are going to go out with someone that you don't know very well or someone you don't know at all, there is nothing wrong with calling your best friend or leaving some type of note or something for the people who love you so that just in case something happens, people have some idea where you may be.

i'm good and grown but if i'm going to be in unfamiliar surroundings or with folks i don't know, i still let someone know where i am.

i can't tell you how many folks i've known or heard about over the years that disappeared and were eventually found dead.

not trying to preach. i'm just trying to help keep my brothers safe... peace.


That's not preaching, Freeleo. Just good sound advice.

If any of the family is reading this, you have my deepest condolences and blessings. Although Rashawn Brazell's killers have not been broughtto justice in this life, they will get a final justice. Peace be with you.

And bless you Rod for bringing the story .


never heard of this case but i am reading everything on it now.

so very sad.

Kevin Perez

Well this sad story has manage to make a awful day worse for me.

Just goes to show you what humanity has come to when it comes to cases like these.



I second your advice. I have been working on a research project involving hustlers/trade, and I have found that the number of cases of murder involving these types of guys (who, frankly, a lot of gay men have preferences for) is shocking. Guys are beat up, knifed, shot, and killed in altercations with these guys all the time. Sadly, the "trade" angle is never explored in many cases because the police want to "protect" the victims family.

A big part of the problem is that a lot of hustlers/trade view gay men as easy targets. If we are seen as weak and/or closeted this is used against us, many times to deadly effect. It is so important to educate our young people about the steps they can take to protect themselves.

Rod Mc

KevJack, that is very true and excellent advice. Hustlers and street trade oftem prey on gay men who are seen as "weak" and often not willing to press cases. I've known many gay men who were robbed and assaulted by trade. While working at NBC in Chicago, I even covered the case of a former friend who was killed by trade. You can never be too safe. -RM

Andy Niable

If this were a white, straight, blond female victim, Nancy Grace and cable news would... oh, you know.

Thanks, Rod, for reminding us about this tragic and infuriating story the MSM clearly doesn't believe warrants coverage.


Some one should do a study on why so many sgl men are drawn to street trade and why we are often dismissive of other sgl brothers as less then manly.

I've never really been attracted to street trade beyond a passing glance. Probably because by the time I was 18 I knew too many men personally who were older then me that had been beaten up, tied up, robbed, and or raped, by so called street trade. If that's your thing, be careful brothers.


For those of you who are interested in studying why people go for these types or have sexual compulsion addictions of your own to deal with there is an organization called SCA (sexual compulsive anonymous).

You can google the name and go from there to find meetings in the city you live in or call your local gay and lesbian center and ask if such meetings are held at the center. I am sure if not they can steer you in the right direction.

Here in NYC we are VERY fortunate to have the gay and lesbian center. There is such an abundance of programs they offer for those who seek or need help along those lines or just want to hold meetings with their peers and other in the gay community.

Rod I am sorry for taking up so much space but I must add this. A meeting was held there right after this murder for gay black men. All of 8 showed up for it.

They also offer wrestling/self defense/ common sense dating. You should check it out. You might be surprised how important it is to support those centers in your area.

Shane Moseley

Four years and not "one" tip or lead? That is a STORY in itself...

But are most homicides solved?

We know these stories are often "not" reported and we have to push them to make them "news"

Best wishes to the family, and loved ones, and as Freeleo and Kevjack say our young black/sgl brothers must be "safe"


This really makes my heart heavy and makes me want to cry, although the anger takes over too quick. It seems as though the life of a black gay person, lesbian, transgenderd is worth less than the black straight person, and, we all know that isn't much to most police departments.

One I get my taxes done, I'll be donating to the memorial.

Langston Baldwin

I cried so many tears when I heard this story.

This is an outrage.


sad and terrible. and freeleo offers sound advice indeed.

thanks to Rod for keeping this case alive.

Nobody's Business if I Do

Has it been 4 yrs? Man oh man.
I feel so sorry for this family.


He was so handsome, and out trying to better himself and this happens, it makes my freakin' blood boil, no justice, or closure for the family!! God bless him.


Rod, can't we do something? Like send emails to various news media outlets? Like Nancy Grace??

That's a good question, although I doubt Nancy Grace would help. But that would be a good idea. Let me look into it. -RM


It's really a shame a story this shocking and this grisly never made the mainstream news, if I remember. And like Andy said, if Natalie Hollaway's body parts would have been found, we would never hear the end of it. It would be on Nancy Grace everynight.

And I may be wrong, but I seem to remember the young man's mother fully accepted and admitted that her son was gay and just wanted to find the killer unlike the four young people killed in Newark where the family and the community didn't want to believe their sexuality played a role in their murder.

S. Flemming

Even after all this time ... this still saddens me and gives me chills. I just hope his family and friends have some peace.

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