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04 February 2009



Do these people see how sick and twisted this practice is? This is being done in the name of Allah? Madness..


this is beyond pathetic. these so-called jihadists will kill, rape and maim in the name of allah and they darn well the koran is against homosexuality.

Son of Baldwin

This is pure and utter madness.

Kevin Perez

Are any of their actions hypocritical or contradicting each other, you know, like fundemental Christans but not as extreme? Don't care for what the Koran's stance on homosexuality. I wouldn't like to be a scrapegoat for Allah.


There so aganist homosexuality but will actually "duck" you down to control you.

Someone needs to open up a "Eagles" club or "Catch One" in the middle east.


LOL.. you trying to get somebody hurt anti-...


Wait a sec...homosexually is considered a sin and forbidden for Muslims, right? So...who is doing the raping? Interesting...


As any many cultures, the penetrator probably isn't considered homosexual.



Bottoms tell me that "the pain is pleasure, just hit the G spot".

Do you think the Middle East know about the G spot?


This is just sick and twisted on so many levels, sick and twisted.


This story from the NY Post's sister paper is pretty questionable. The (claimed) sources are a "reformed Algerian militant," and the body of an unnamed would-be suicide bomber in Algeria who had been shot, presumably before carrying out his attack, who had allegedly "suffered sexual injuries." Maybe he was raped, maybe he had had gay sex, maybe his "sexual injuries" were entirely unrelated to his terrorist activities. Maybe he was coerced into suicide bombing because he had had gay sex on his own and had been found out. All kinds of scenarios are possible based on the evidence The Sun is offering up. Including that none of this ever happened.

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