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23 February 2009



rod thanks a million for staying on this story. i have two friends who have problems with tina. of course it is a problem with black gay men, just like it is a problem with white gay men and latino gay men. but a usual our community wants to wear blinders and pretend whatever is happening in our community isn't happening.

Victor C

I also a friend who I lost. And he is like me, black black black. Substance abuse does not know a color or class. Stop believing these stereotypes!!!!

Andy Niable

I've lost several friends to this drug. My best friend killed himself after a tina-fueled spiral.

Meth is "mess" with a lisp.

Thanks for following this very important story, Rod.


My greatest fear is that this drug takes hold in our community-- it is quite cheap, an effective high, and leads to very dangerous activity. The HIV epidemic in our community will become an even larger scourge than it already is.

Let's hope that we can get out in front of this problem with culturally-sensitive messages and beat this thing before it starts.


Very sad. We're killing ourselves.


are we exagerrating the use by black gay men? i'm sorry i have never heard of this drug being used by anyone black, i think it is just in chelsea and west hollywood. i mean, i know crack is a big drug in black community but never heard people are using this

Mel Smith

Rod, thanks. I did not know Crystal Meth was a problem with black gay men.


devereaux, sometimes it's a case of, if you're not doing it, people won't discuss it with you. i use to work at a club and years later i found out that many of my co-workers were shooting up. many of them are dead now. i had no idea. these people were my friends and i was clueless. i'm not sure if it was hiv transmitted through sharing needles or the drug itself that killed them but when i found out years later what the situation was, i was shocked. you may be surprised at some of the people you know that doing drugs.

M. Mark

That is a very unfortunate attitude. How would you know who is doing what? You haven't taken a survey and aren't aware of everything that is going on.

Freeleo is positively absolutely right. If you aren't doing crystal, you aren't liable to run in circles where it is mentioned or done or used...just like if you smoke weed or drink, your friends are likely to do the same.

Our community should NEVER adopt this attitude and stop burying their head in the sand about anything unpleasant. We used to say this about AIDS, "that was a white gay disease". And I am sure we said the same thing about cocaine. Turns out "we" were fooling ourselves.


Yeah, I got a bottom friend who is using Meth & Tina. He will do a Meth or Tina sex escapade and sleep for days. I honestly have not said anything because he knows. I'm not that prominent figure in his life. We're the same age. I don't do drugs. I understand why they do it for stimulation and to take big d-y-c-k for hours. He's completely addicted to it.... drugs and d-y-c-k.


i am a former meth user for three years and am hurting inside. i am trying to stay clean, it is about four months, some days it is easy, some days it isn't. but i go to meetings and stay sober. and yes there are more black gay men like myself in the crystal meth anonymous meetings. please don't fool yourself and think 'we' are not affected by this.

this 'is' a problem in our community, unfortunately too many of us have so much shame we don't want to talk about our problems. black gay men, activists and blogs won't even talk about hiv or crack.

i love rod and rod 2.0, i come every day and learn something new and am glad rod always speaks up on issues and keeps it real.

thank you...andy and victor thanks so much. and kevjack, as always your speak truth.

Thank you for sharing. Your story is so powerful and important. And you're a survivor, that's what we need to hear. 'One day at a time.' -RM


Speaking as someone who has been clean for...long enough that I have never even tried crystal meth (but oh, the boulders!) hang in there P. Take my word for it, you are doing the right thing.


HANG IN THERE P!!!! You're worth it!!

Anthony in Nashville

Maybe I've bought into the stereotype, but I was shocked to read black gays were using crystal meth. That's a drug I assumed would always be a "white thing."

Considering the already high rates of HIV in our community, the use of tina makes for a scary situation.


This is definitely increasing in the black gay community. I've had numerous brothas ask me if I did this stuff and how they needed some.

Charles T

Anthony, I'm not sure how a drug (or disease) stops at color. This report and thankfully this blog shows we need to go beyond the stereotypes. One problem with the black community and black gay community is that we stereotype ourselves and believe stereotypes.
FWIW I am in recovery and have met white gay men who use crack and black gay men who use crystal. Black gay men need to stop pretending our house is in order. It ain't.

More importantly let me give a shout out to "P"...and Kevin...Your courage and honesty are so important. We need more people in our community to speak up and stand up. Unfortunately, our own people can sometimes be our worse enemies but it is slowly changing. Stay strong and stay focused on you. You can make it and as someone said above YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!


Here in Ohio, this drug was normally associated with gay, white men, and the white community overall. Not to say that isn't tragic. But to read about it's increase in the black GLBT community is startling.

It just shows that drugs, at the end of the day, don't discriminate.-QH

Anthony in Nashville

Charles, I agree with you. I should know that addiction does not recognize differences in race, gender, class, etc.

I guess I bought into the "hype" because I've known black gay men who did all kinds of drugs but I have yet to meet one using tina.


tina moved from the West Coast to the East Coast is what happened, according to that article.

The gay crowds in New York are much more ethnically mixed than the ones in Cali. According to the article, it was even expected.


Thanks for keeping up on this Rod. I too thought this was a 'white thing' and not something for 'us' to worry too much about. Thanks for the correction -- let's hope we can work together to save our brothers and ourselves before we lose many more to this garbage.

Pastor Michael Vincent Crea

Rod's report is timely, as is the terrorizing effects of 'tina,' yes, crystal meth, in the lives of our Black LGBT brothers & sisters.

Having spoken out against 'tina' ten years ago, when non-Blacks in LGBTs groups/media just urged crystal meth used in 'moderation,' as a 'recreational' drug, until more info openly presently by Black LGBT brothers & sisters at a Fulsom East street fair table last summer, I have never believed it to be used in 'only one' LGBT community, only unspoken about.

This was confirmed working with someone prior to his death, with crystal meth having a really horrifying effect, not only on his own self-esteem and
self-empowerment for healing but the damage done to his brain.

After a cat-scan, I listened to and discussed with his doctor how this otherwise 'well enough' young man could work to recover, had a "brain of an elderly person," damaged and wasted by the effects of 'tina.'

Some may say of such, a 'tragedy,' but Truth be told until ALL of US are treated equally as children and adults, able to grow and to mature in loving respectful homes, schools, 'faith' and social communities, persons shall be subject to such stigmas and Human Rights crimes. One's resorting to tina, crystal meth and other mirages, leaves one hungering, thirsting and yes, dying for just wanting to BE ONE-SELF.

The Black Gay brother of whom I spoke would have turned 47 today.

Let us honor his memory by our own education, love and self-respect for ourselves and of ALL people, especially God's Black LGBT children, from womb to tomb without tina or other 'fixes,' loving ONE an-OTHER face-to-face, respectfully.

Steadfast in Spirit & in Truth,
Michael-Vincent Crea, Pastor
One World Life Systems

sean mcshee

Good info but I wish writers when they refer to research would give the full citation. It makes it a lot easier for those of us who want to follow up.

What did you miss? The report, its author and journal was cited by name. There is a link to the article which provides more detail. If you want to "follow up", its one click away. -RM

crystal meth effects

Crystal Meth Anonymous is a twelve-step fellowship of recovered and recovering methamphetamine addicts. Participants meet in local groups of varying sizes in order to stay clean and help others recover from methamphetamine addiction. it encourages complete abstinence from methamphetamine, alcohol, inhalants, and all other drugs not taken as prescribed. thanks for sharing.


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