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20 February 2009



What a horrible, horrible story.


It's becoming more difficult for the Chris Brown fans to defend him, after he's publicly admitted to beating up Rihanna and we now sees what she looked like.

He did the crime, he should pay the time.


If you all "care" so much volunteer at a domestic violence shelter; this incident, beating, attack is just senseless chatter of people who are far beyond the reach of the average person. Or is it easier this way.

Check out your local shelters here:


Shall we talk about the Domestic Violence in the Gay and Lesbian community; this is a VERY silent area which is so rampant. It is a shame gay bloggers have not used this celebrity abuse to highlight a serious problem in the gay/lesbian community. Remember abuse does not have to be physical.

Domestic violence in the GLBT community is a serious issue. The rates of domestic violence in same-gender relationships is roughly the same as domestic violence against heterosexual women (25%). As in opposite-gendered couples, the problem is likely under reported. Facing a system which is often oppressive and hostile towards queers, those involved in same-gender battering frequently report being afraid of revealing their sexual orientation or the nature of their relationship. Others who do not identify as GLBT may not feel that their relationship fits the definition but may still be in an abusive and dangerous relationship.

You're not talking about me. I've talked about domestic violence in the black gay community and met with silence. All last week, there were very many black gay men critical of me for taking a hard stand against Chris Brown and ANY domestic violence. Don't you dare come on this page and blame me or "gay bloggers" for anything to do with this story. -RM


"Charles", whoever you are you must be brand new to this page. Rod was the only black gay blogger talking about this story and saying Brown should be prosecuted.

This isn't Rod's problem or a problem created by gay bloggers. It was an incident between Chris Brown and Rihanna and is part of a cycle of violence in straight and gay relationships. Much of the violence is minimized and not reported, or like in this case, excused or defended by many people. When people are speaking out against violence, they are helping to raise awareness. Volunteering at a shelter isn't the only way to help. And anonymous critical comments actually do very little to help the discussion.


I apologize for the general comment that seemingly place blame on Rod; your (Rod) efforts to talk about this issue has been truly tremendous.

Agreed, while the issue is "Chris and Rihanna"; to speak about it in isolation does not assist a larger group of people who are suffering and do not have a voice. Much like the movie the "Burning Bed" this coverage can and will be an awakening for many people.

There is FAR too little talk about this in the gay community and it most begin somewhere. I feel that there is a lack of kindness to oneself to forgive, leave and start anew. Also coupled with the sense of failure these can all be overwhelming.

I was AMAZED and PLEASED that there was abuse in Noah's Arc: Jumping The Brown because it is a reality for many black gay men. Sometimes seeing what you are enduring can be a catalyst for change because you can see that this is not right.


In a 2007 interview, Rihanna admitted to smashing a glass in her brother's face during a fight. Sounds like both Rihanna and Chris Brown are both violent and in need of counseling.


How terrible for her to have that pic splashed on all the blogs! I applaud Rod for not featuring the pic, but simply letting folks who want to see it know where it is (So Classy). This seals the deal for me, I don't see how CB can go against that. I still want to know whats up with DA in this case! I don't see how that pic was not proof enough to charge CB with assault in the 1st place. The authorities have messed up plenty of high profile cases in the past, I hope that doesn't happen with this one! You all should read some of the things being said in the comments section on some of these blogs, its DOWN RIGHT SHAMEFUL!


Nice try to blame the victim August. Your mother and sisters would be very proud of you.


@ Charles

Pick your fights wisely.

Maybe I've spent too much time doing a post grad but come on...?? At least what I learned at school about creating a good essay is to have a variety of facts.

Do we?

I don't dispute he hit her but having had an abusive father AND worked in this realm of work...the way he attacked her was soo uncaculated it's embarresing.

He would've have done her body if this was more calculated..done before...like she said...

This is unpopular but I''ve had female friends who really know how to turn you...and I'm not saying you aren't to blame...you are!

I just think Chris Brown is another dumb black guy who felt he could get acceptance by being famous.

Rod, I'll try to find the link but his step-dad beat the shit out of his mother...

You and I know humans aren't inherently that bright..what you say about learned behaviour? Black gays are soo desperate to belong, be accepted...

Oh, and I think he's gay...

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