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10 February 2009





This just breaks my heart. This is so sad, they are so young.


This is tragic and horrible. Even more shocking are some of the responses. In the post last night a few brothas said it's all rihanna's "fault!" What is wrong with you people???? We don't know these people! Are you seriously naive enough to think that celebrities dont do anything wrong?

Chris Brown grew up in a domestic abuse situation...most of the times, the abused will become the abuser. I must say, I'm not surprised.


Chris brown should go to jail. It is clearly evident that he did this (whether it was to Rihanna or not) he should be punished. I hate how celebs think they are so high and mighty and can get away wtih anything.


"Perhaps Chris Brown has more important business to attend to, such as, well, following OJ Simpson's example and looking for the "real" person behind Rihanna's assault."


Thank you thank you thank you! For taking a stand against anti gay violence AND domestic violence. Too many of our black gay men are making EXCUSES for this little BOY and defending his CRIMINAL behavior. Just because someone may be "cute" doesn't mean they can break the law. That is the problem with our street culture, we excuse and defend young black men from any responsibility.

What if this were your sister or mother???

Former COGIC

He should be publicly humiliated.
Domestic violence is a serious problem, and he should be made an example of.

It's not that I'm not a fan of his music, it's just that the fact of abuse should be brought to light. If she doesn't press charges, that's her choice, but I really hope she does. God bless.


This is just disgusting, and, I sure would hate to be in his shoes if this is true, as he is going to have a hard time doing time.

I have never figured out this beating down someone you claim to care about, and, I hope she follows through with charges as many women and men don't.

Georgia Peach

Wow. Chris Brown has certainly carefully crafted and packaged himself in the persona of a good kid so it just seems unreal that he could be accused of doing something like this. But if he did do it, Rihanna needs to press charges and his azz needs to be up under the jail.


Rod many thanks for staying on this and speaking out. Luther thank you for bringing up domestic violence in the LGBT community. It is something we all need to be cognizant of. My cousin is also gay and his boyfriend hits him. It hurts me to watch and this has been going on for years. If you are being abused please look for help!

Crenshaw Boulevard

Okay we dont know what went down that is for sure. But when it does and it WILL I will no longer be buying his CDs. Even though he makes amazing beats I do not help fund people like this. This is horrible. I feel for Rihanna and hope that she gets well soon. I dont understand why they havent brought charges yet...if it was anyone else they would have. This is the difference between the real world and the celebrity world. I just hope that they dont let him off b/c of his "status". It is a terrible ordeal for anyone to be beat by a partner...its scary, hurtful, embarassing...my heart goes out to all involved innocent parties.

I Aim to Please

First of all you need to hear all of the details before you judge all celebrities and non celebrities need a lawyer when their being accused of anything.we dont know the full details she could have attacked him and gotten scratched doing so and he could have been seen restraining her we * dont * know....

and i said this yesterday dang rod i never expected this tone from you. what happened to keeping an open mind and your tv news background? i'll be glad when we get back to some news about black gay men...
Don't get upset with me because you don't like the news about Chris Brown. And this isn't tv news, it's a blog and there is plenty of news on black gay men here. But if you want to go we can arrange that ... -RM


@ I Aim to Please:

I read your comments last night in the other post and was glad other people stepped in....This is news pertaining to the black gay men. Many of us come from broken homes and according to statistics we are more likely to be in violent relationships.

And there are many other posts of specific interest to black gay men...the posts about HIV in Mississippi, Prop 8 post about Whitman, vcandalism at lgbt youth center...I don't see your commenting in those.

And people can judge whatever we want to judge. It is really moronic that celebrity defenders always talk about "judging." We're not on a jury or reading the news, its a blog. And you really need to come up with a better excuse, Rihanna was hospitalized with a broken lip and bite marks, how in the heck do you explain that? Someone did it and she and Chris Brown were the only to in the car.


Miss "Aim to Please", you really need to slow your roll. It is very obvious you and the other teenage girls and black gay men who love Chris Brown are taking this very hard. Too bad so sad.

Don't shoot the messenger. It isn't Rod's faults CB beat up his girlfriend and now has to face charges. That's Chris Brown's fault. You don't like people jumping to conclusions, that's what people do. Get over it. But it doesn't matter what "we" think. The only people who will be important will be the judge and jury who probably are not reading this blog right now.

I wonder why you and your Chris Brown fan club members have no words of sympathy for Rihanna? Or any woman (or gay man) who suffers abuse? You're so worried about what people say on blogs about Chris. He has bigger fish to fry now, my little friend.


I hope Chris is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if in fact he hit and threatened Rihanna. He should not be treated lightly just because of his popularity. Botcott this 19 year old girlfriend beater so he will never feel like he can do it again. This is very unfortunate but not uncommon. Many young girls this age are in abusive relationships with young men that think it is OK to treat a woman this way.


Society shapes us to believe in male dominance and female submissiveness. From the provacative sex godesses in movies and music videos, to the "service with a smile" housewives of television its obvious what expectations women are subjected to. Domestic Violence affects 1 out of 3 Americans, and pop stars are no exception. Thank you WRIGLEY for looking beyond pop-stardum and making a statement that we will NOT tolerate ANYONE who belittles, berates, or beats on their partner. Stand up and speak out againt violence. We don't know Chris Brown, we don't ride in a car with him to and from parties, we don't go home with him and see what happens when he closes the door, we don't know what kind of person he was socialized to be. We know he sings, we know he dances, and he sure can put on a show!


I have to say that I find this to be really bizarre! I mean if a police officers saw these "horrific" injuries and took pictures and Rhianna identified her attacker, then WHY IS WAS HE NOT CHARGED WITH ASSAULT? I don't care about whatever lawyer he hired either, HELL he could pull Johnny Cochran from the grave for all I care! The evidence seems really clear to me and I just don't understand the lack a charges! $50,000 is a drop in the bucket for this kid! Something just aint right about this and I really want to know what it is! Is she no longer pressing charges or was there more to it? There is also something very strange about the silence from both camps!

M. Mark

Isis, I'm also awaiting to hear the results of the investigation. Sadly I think both of the record labels may be pressuring Rihanna to drop charges and move on.

Eddie B

they could upgrade the charges at the hearing in march. the DA may want to make sure they have a solid case. there is also the fact there are one or two witnesses and the defense or chris brown's people could make offers to them or already have. but who knows this is speculation. i hope this young woman is safe and heals her woulds and heart. and the heart heals much slower than flesh.


In my previous post I meant to say "Why was he not charged with assault?"

Its really sad this time Rod, because I did actually use the preview feature and still missed it, LOL! I'm slippin!

Kevin Perez

Third post about this subject matter and we STILL have people making justifications for Chris Brown. It scares the hell out of me. What more proof do you need? What, you think this is some conspiracy theory made by Rihanna? I cannot believe how people were so quick to blame Rihanna. Especially females, who could've easily been in her position.

These pendejos (especially female fans) would probably allow themselves to be subjected to this kind of abuse over some eye candy.


kevin, good question ... i have read some of the 'defenses' in this post and others and am shocked. most shocking are the comments at other blogs by the female fans who blame rihanna, pretend it didn't happen or minimize the seriousness of abuse.

i'm really good there have been numerous posts and will continue to speak my mind. there is no excuse to put your hands on someone, be your straight gay bi or t. do not do it., and grown men, please stop excusing this tired little boy and other young men who do this.

several people earlier blamed rihanna. i hope they release those assault photos and you take a good hard look at them and ask yourself how would you feel if that was your sister or mother.

Eddie B

Kevin, I said last night the defenses were becoming scary. Especially on a blog like this where it is mostly (?) black men and we know how other black men can be. Heck we know how men are!

It doesn't matter if you are a fan or not, what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. And we know what is illegal is illegal. Real men don't raise their hands to each other or especially to women! Very sad that gay men who are often the victims of violence do not always get this. But many women also do not get it and will defend Chris Brown's triffling a## tooth and nail.


I am shocked by this and find it hard to believe about Chris Brown...or rather about the image of Chris Brown we've been given before this. Best wishes to Rhianna as she recovers.

I hope this leads to our community talking more about the domestic violence and abuse occurring in our homes every day.


Chris said in an interview with GIANT magazine in 2007, he hated his abusive, horrible, stepfather, and told his mom he wanted to kill him, at age 11 yrs. This is where his behavior comes from. I guarantee this is not the 1st time he hit a woman, just the 1st time his 'handlers' couldn't cover it up, because the victim is famous. There will be other abuse stories coming out. Hopefully, now he will get the help he needs.


As for the herpes story, there are previous photos of them together, and she has an obvious sore on her lip, So he knew already. That is nothing news and herpes is a very common and treatable condition, not all of it is sexually transmitted.

Mark my words, this is not the 1st time he hit a woman, just the 1st time his 'handlers' couldn't cover it up, because the victim is famous.

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