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10 February 2009


brittney oudbier

charges are being pressed because ive been abused by my ex boyfriend and he made my nose bleed, and the cops say no matter if i say no about pressing charges they have to because there was bloo. and it says rihannas nose was bleeding so no matter what that dirt bag chris brown is getting in trouble for what he did. rihanna is a strong women, she will get through this. i know she can.

Thanks for sharing. Hopefully more women will have your courage. -RM


i hope shes ok. i never thought that chris brown had a viloent side to him but i guess i was wrong.he needs to be put in jail 4 a while so he can think about wat he did to that poor girl. any thing she did to him,she didnt deserve to be beat lik that. no matter wat.


rihanna should have told chris that she had herpes before doing it.But chris should have not done that.But ill be mad to if that happened to me.

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