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10 February 2009



One law enforcement officer compared Rihanna's injuries to "an MMA figher or something… [It] looked like she was growing devil's horns."

And even further proof is that the boy fled the scene. If I were innocent or defending myself I wouldn't wait 9 hours later to turn myself in or ran from the car, I would have waited right there for the police and given my statement then. Chris didnt do that, he ran from the scene and left her parked there in the car battered and injured. I ope Rihanna gets better soon and gains strength from her supporters and even more strength overcoming all the negative jealous comments being given about her.

Chris Cruz

Reggie and Junior, I am also shocked. Chris Brown's image was carefully cultivated as a wholesome alternative to gangsta and hip hop and we see it was just an image. But that was all an image.

I understand all the facts are not in and we will never know the entire story but even Ray Charles can now see that story. Chris Brown seriously did an Ike Turner on Rhianna. Why we may not know why. She may not want to press charges but I hope she does. But only the willful want to pretend there was no fight, most have gone on to claiming "maybe it was self defense." Whatever.

Still doesn't explain taking the car keys, running away and leaving her on the side of the road. What did some gay fan say last night? Maybe he was running for help? Haha, yes, maybe he was.

Take care and get well Rihanna.

Baltimore Femme

Rod do you have any information on LGBT domestic violence?


Are you all really "Shocked"? It should come as no surprise that people are defending Chris! There will always be opinions on both sides of an issue. That's the way it works. I personally think he is most likely guilty, but I can understand people thinking he is not. Whether we want to believe it or not, there are some inconsistencies in what has been reported on this story. I still find it very bizarre that her injuries were NOT enough to charge him with assault or the fact that he fled! That ALL looks guilty to me! I don't know how they do it in LA, but in most places that is sufficient evidence at least for the initial booking! But my point is let folks think what they want, its their right and there is no need for insults or things of that nature! Its not worth it, I just hope Rhianna is OK! That's the main thing!

Chris Cruz

Isis, maybe "shocked" was too strong a word. Maybe "flabbergasted" or 'speechless" may be more appropriate. Of course there are two sides to every story and of course there are difference opinions. But it is clearly obvious Rihanna was seriously injured by another person. That person could only have been Chris Brown.

Perhaps I was a little harsh in another thread and you made a good point about tone in "Doublemint" post. But our culture and community is in crisis. (I am black and Puerto Rican) Despite the fact we elected Barack Obama as president our HIV rates are sky high, unemployment is double, high school drop out rates are double and the situation is worst for young people and gay/SGL. We need to start taking responsibility.

Also I have seen women in my family abused and the men feel it is their birthright to do what they want and many women will excuse it. Sorry if I have sounded harsh before but we cannot keep killing and hurting people we are supposed to love. peace.


Wow so one sided...last time I check Rod, you weren't in the car so you don't know what happened. Let's stay objective and wait until the real story comes out. I don't think a man should hit a woman. Yet let's be real, some men do hit women and some women hit men and think it's ok, because he won't hit me back. We don't know the story, and it's so funny how keep "our" people are ready to dismiss this young man so quickly. News background my a**!

Don't get extra with me. This is a blog. It's not CNN nor the NYT. You're always welcome to leave and continue watching TRL or 106th & Park for "objectivity" on your teenage heart throbs. M'mkay, "TJ"? -RM

Jose S

Ooooh. Rod. The Chris Brown fan club is on recess break, they're after you. LOL

TJ you're a joke. What the hell has Chris Brown done for the black gay community? And for that matter what have YOU done for the black gay community? Rod can have any opinion he wants just like you can. You're more than welcome to express it just like he can. Why do we have to hold our opinions? We're not on a jury.

This is a freakin' joke. Every time Rod has an OPINION these tired queens don't like they want OBJECTIVITY. Any other time they are running off at the mouth with their own opinions on everything. You want OBJECTIVITY? Read the damn newspaper or watch the news.

As I said last night in another post, its amazing how juvenille some black gay men get about stars like TI, Chris Brown or Bow Wow. It says a lot about a MAN when they get worked up over BOYS.

Chris Cruz

Miss TJ, who are "our" people? And what do 'we" owe Chris Brown?

You're very typical of the women, teens and black gay men who go into attack mode when their celebrity "boo" is in trouble. The links to the news stories are in every story. Make your own opinion, everyone is entitled to theirs.

And umm whatever your background is, I'm sure it isn't a fraction of Rod's. Love to hear your contributions to LGBT community.


Quniton M

"You're always welcome to leave and continue watching TRL or 106th & Park for "objectivity" on your teenage heart throbs."


And that's why I come to this blog. I'm a black gay man and I want to hear about black MEN who are making a difference. I'm tired of black gay blogs and sites that worship little bad boys like T.I.


There are people in this and related comment threads posting things like, "She provoked him" and "she's a clingy, controlling etc" ... SO WHAT! He's an adult and if he wasn't happy with the way things are going, he should have dumped her instead of beating her. It's disgusting that so many grown men are willing to make excuses for Chris Brown.

And the same goes for all you twisted ppl saying things like, "Ooh, baby! He could assault me any time!!"

WTF is wrong with you?! Whatever you think about Rihanna, nobody deserves to be BEATEN by anyone, least of all the people they've pledged their love and trust to.

And why is TJ and other gay men so wrapped up in what everyone's opinion or Rod's opinion should be? Chris Brown is NOT gay and DOESN'T care what gay men think, feel, say etc. And if he were, this shows you the type of man he would probably be. Cause make no mistake he is a little boy.

**SMH** Just shameful.


TJ, its a straight news story with Rod's opinion in the last two sentences. It's the same formula in all the posts. If you're having problems finding the thousands of news stories on this case, or the ones linked in the posts, you would probably feel more comfortable at the Daily Voice or ChrisBrown.com. We're a little more adult here.

Celia Ruiz

I want to focus one the most important story...Rihanna's health and life. I hope she recovers and her face isn't scarred.

Chris Brown is 6'2. Rihanna is 5'8 and smaller. Regardless of what happened or circumstance you don't fight back or put your hands on a woman. There are ways to walk away from a fight or to restrain someone without hurting them.

I hope this is settled soon and safely.


They can prove it because if she has bite marks on her they can take impressions from him or even his dental records and match it to her bite marks. They can even tell if it was defensive wounds or not. Like if he has her dna under his fingernails. or if she has his hair on her. its not hard to figure out who hit who.

And I can guarantee this wasn't the first time he'd hit her or the other way around. And she will go back to him I fear


Rihanna had visible bruising and scrapes on her face and "what appeared to be bite marks on her body."

NO woman deserves to get physically or mentally abused! Don't say she deserve or she brought it on herself! Chris Brown has been dropped from my play list!


Regardless of what happened or what the charges are, I hope this is a wakeup call in the black and black gay communities about domestic violence.

Georgia Peach

Why aren't more men speaking out against this violence?? I have only heard of Kanye West speaking to support Rihanna. He did not speak badly against Chris Brown...yet....but he stood up and supported Rihanna and I am really surprised that no one else has done so. No matter what happened, this was a violent act against a woman and it should not be tolerated. It saddens me all the people who are saying Rihanna deserved it somehow, and that they are suporting Chris Brown regardless. Right now Chris needs to learn a lesson and own up to what he did. Rihanna needs the support and Chris needs to face whatever demons from his past developed this behavior that finally came out this weekend. He obviously needs a therapist, anger management, etc. But the first concern should be the for the support of the victim. It's sickening how people tolerate violence against women.


Georgia, that's a good question. I guess it's a straight guy thing, or the homeboy code, standing with each other. Plus they don't want to lose fans or be perceived as weak. I dunno but it's weak.

It's the same as in the blogs and comments, brothers trippin' over themselves to say "we should hold judgment" or even upset with Rod for having the (gasp) audacity to have an opinion on his own blog.

I wish Rihanna the best. I wish Chris Brown the best too and hope he gets through this. But most of all I feel sorry for our black community and black gay brothers. We have so many problems in our communities. AIDs, alcoholism, domestic violence, drugs, poverty, low self esteem... And we can never solve them until we talk about them. It's not like many black gay men reading this blogs haven't been hit by "trade" or seen their fathers or uncles slapping women. That's truth.


marshall, thanks for those comment, especially last paragraph. i would also like to share. something since Rod was honest yesterday and shared about growing up and seeing domestic violence first hand. he also blogs about black gays in mississippi where i live.

i am black gay man 38 years old. i have been gay since my teens, the late 80s. unfortunately i have been in several abuse relationships. when i was younger, i thought since i was the "bottom", the top had his right to put his hands on me. we joked about stuff like that then and thought the boys who were rough and a little violent were more passionate or even "hot"...

my ex used to hit me occasionally... a slap or sometimes his fist. then he did it more frequently, i had to get out. it was a messed up situaton because i am older than him (11 years) and i was making more money. not much, but he wasn't working at all and i worked p/t. he just laying around the house and the "trade". why did i put up with it? who can say. living in a smaller town, afraid i couldn't find another man, thought i deserved it, thought that this was just being the price i had to pay for being a thirysomething, overweight and somewhat feminine black gay man...thought this was the price for some dick

eventually i was able to go. i was hit so hard once a tooth was knocked out. i was afraid to call the police and they laughed at first and left. he threatened me again. i had the courage to leave.

since then i have learned a lot about myself and life. domestic violence happens to all races. it happens to gay and elsbian relationships...i have seen my gay and trans friends here in mississippi suffer abuse too.

i cant say what happened with chris brown and rihanna cause i don't know. but it sounds very familiar. it pains me that our community is pretending they have never seen this or don't know what abuse is. i didnt say everyone has suffered. but everyone knows someone or has seen it. we need to support each other instead of tearing each other down.

thank you rod for sharing that story about your childhood. you didnt have to. i am sharing my story because you, chris and geoff and others shared stories. sorry for rambling and misspells. keep up the fantastic blogs.

That took a lot of heart and courage to say, even on an anonymous blog. Thank you Isaiah. -RM

Shane Moseley

Man, that is some powerful testimony Isaiah.

Stay strong and congratulations for getting the courage to get out.


Wow. I am heartbroken and speechless after reading some of these responses. But I am blown away by the sad and inspiration story from Isaih. Thank you for your honesty. How long have you been out of relationship?


Domestic violence is never warranted, but society is so quick to look at the man and want to put a case on him. What is most always overlooked are these agressive/assertive women who tend to step to men as men, especially the petite ones, and then want to scream victim when the man takes steps to get her off him. Not sure of all the details, but he shouldn't be trialed in the court of public opinion.


Dlicious, Chris Brown is not be "trialed in the court of public opinion." Chris Brown is being investigated by the LAPD and prosecuted by the LA District Attorney. Their case has nothing to do with what people think on blogs. Chris Brown is getting a fair trial which is why he has one of the most expensive attorneys in LA and they are taking so long.

And that's a stereotypical and stupid statement to make about the victims and women. Please provide a link for your data. Otherwise it's just fan nonsense.

Georgia Peach

"Domestic violence is never warranted ..."

Stop right there. Everything you said after that blames the victim. So this is all Rihanna's fault? Society is "quick to put a case" on the man when the victim has a bloody lip, bite marks and bruises on her face... Your comment is another case of society encouraging men and women (and gay men and lesbians) to always blame the victims of domestic violence.

And of course not one ounce of sympathy or encouragement for Rihanna. You should be ashamed of yourself especially after 'Isaiah' just shared his tale of domestic abuse as a black gay man. Women die every day because people like you refuse aknowledge the truth especially when abusers are someone rich, famous or cute.

Kevin Perez

It never stop to cease to amaze how, once more, this is the third POST relating to this inccident and we STILL have people coming to defend Chris Brown like some little child who ''didn't know any better!''.

Truly disgusting quite frankly, juvinile how so many defend the little prick who is probably year older than a senior in High school or as young freshman in College.


I love the song. It's cool. I have seen some of photos to my favorite community Bimingle com for LGBT. They are cool and make us envious. It makes us wanna know more such kind of persons in daily life.

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