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24 February 2009



Another sad and tragic case of a black gay teen who was killed.


Thanks Rod for keeping this in the public light, and, I hope his Mom keeps it out there too, that way the police won't let it go 'cold' like they do many murders to gays and transgendered folks of color. I wonder if they caught the killer of the young black transgendered kid in Phoenix you posted about last year I think?


this is just sad on so many levels. my heart aches for these black gay teens who think the streets are better than real job. it is not.

i hope they find the cowards who did this and there is some peace for simmie's mother. god bless her.


catching the perps responsible for killing a black trans teen?

probably not a priority of the florida cops, you can bet that much.

here is to better luck in 2009...

Taylor Siluwé

The cops don't care about us, especially trans kids. Maybe its time we take matters into our own hands, so to speak.

Investigating these crimes on our own (locally, if the crime is in your area, take it upon yourself to do it), constantly nagging the police with our amateur Nancy Drew routine -- and they may actually solve the case just to get us off their back.

Maybe. What other option is there?

Derrick from Philly

Yeah, the cops don't care, and neither does the community. Killing a "faggot" is usually not something that thugs are afraid to brag about. So, the folks in the hood know who did it. UNLESS, the killers were white men trolling the area where transwomen hang out--that is not out of the question.

Dalton H

Good question, Taylor. It sounds like the police are just dragging their feet on this one. More important murders to solve, you know?


This happens too often in our communitites and not enough done about it! thank you for bringing it to the spotlight. hopefully, they will catch the coward who committed this heinous crime!



At the risk of sounding cynical and bitter, but please, is this any surprise?

The victim is black -- that by itself lowers the priority by about 40%. But wait, the victim is also perceived to be a member of LGBT? Forget it, just move the case to the bottom of the pile.


i'm not surprised the killer hasn't been found but this is a part of a larger pattern seen in our community, ie 'no snitching'. as derrick suggested, you can be sure the killers boasted about it or someone saw something, black folks are just being conditioned not to say anything. when it comes to a case of a gay teen (or trans??) wearing a dress who was shot ... please, the community doesn't even care.

Catherines Coupons Chick

I agree with RJ but I hope for the best that they find the killer as they need to be brought to justice.

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