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04 February 2009


M. Mark

I'm looking forward to reading this article. I know Wanda Sykes doesn't see herself as a role model but her coming out bis very powerful.


when is the interview online?



You go girl! Tell the truth about homophobia and the black church and down low. That is what is really keeping our black gay men in chains.


This sounds great.

alicia banks

bravo and ditto rod!!!

i have always loved wanda and i love her even more now...

i adore wanda for being unlike all the droves of black gay celebs who keep padlocks on their closet doors...or delude themselves into thinking that their het charades are actually convincing anyone other than their own deluded selves...

and i am also very out yet very private...

there is a very bold line between discretion and deception...

i applaud wanda for being out and discreet...rather than deceptively alluding to imaginary het loves in public etc...like all of her closeted black gay celeb peers....

go wanda!!!


Paul R

I'm glad Wanda is talking about coming out and emphasizes black gays in the closet. That is why we need more black gay celebrities to come out of their glass closets. I am very happy she chose to be honest and open about sexuality. Good for her. Now we need Queen Latifah and Jamie Foxx to do the same thing.


wanda is one of my new sheroes. she is a beautiful sistah who is proud to be black and gay and told the world.

i am so very tired of black gay men and black celebrities who insist upon living in the closet and want to deny the truth. the more black gays and lesbians in the closet, the louder the message it sends that is the appropriate place to be. it is not!

you go girl!

Lee A

Can't wait to pick up this issue thanks.

Steve B.

I'm a big fan of Ms. Sykes, but her comment - "... so they live straight lives and then, behind closed doors, they’re fooling around with men, bringing HIV home to their wives," seems to play into the belief that a woman with HIV must've gotten it from a man on the downlow. This just isn't (necessarily) true. Het men can be infected by female jump-offs and bring the virus home to their wives, too. And, being on the DL does not automatically lead to HIV. Not condoning unfaithfullness in either case, but lets not perpetuate stereotypes. That said, big ups to Wanda Sykes!

D. Askew

Steve...I agree Wanda's quote was a somewhat simplistic about black women and HIV. But she is not an HIV expert and people don't expect her to be on. Wanda is absolutely right that stigma and homophobia in the black community keeps black gay men in the closet and does lead to higher HIV rates.

But the big story here is that Wanda Sykes is out, wants other black gays to come out and is using her celebrity for some good. I applaud that.


While I don't read the Advocate as I'm not thier target market, this should be a good article.

Keep on doing your thing Ms Sykes, you are the best and hopefully your strength to come out will help other gays of color in Hollywood do the same!

And, Jamie Foxx?? Now that's news to me, I saw him all up on a woman in Vegas to the point people were telling them to get a room!



Re: jamie Foxx... that was an act for the public to see.

Everyone else knows Jamie is family.


I am looking forward to this issue because I have already read the interview online.


As much as the white gay community loves to run and make someone a role model or activist, let's see if WANDA SYKES--star of TV and MOVIES; writer and spokesperson--who came out WHEN IT WAS NECESSARY to stand up for an issue, WILL BE THE COVER STORY!

If there were any white celebrity or known-person...and yes, I mean ANY (T.R. KNIGHT, NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, ET AL.), there would be no question. But I'm going to be intrigued to see if the white racism of the gay community shows up YET AGAIN on the cover of The Advocate.


That said, I am PROUD of Wanda. Not because I need her to make me feel good about me, but rather BECAUSE when it was necessary, she stood up like a grown woman and said YOU PICKED THE WRONG ONE TO MESS WITH AND HANDLED HER BUSINESS!

I am looking forward to seeing her on the stage! She's the funniest female comedian alive to ME!


Please don't call this her 1st interview since coming out. She was on Jay Leno & spoke about how some friends (Jay included) knew about her sexuality for a long time (I think she also commended Jay for being supportive).
I remember her commenting how she felt this was an important issue to come out for; although she did make a joke about 'so much for what happens in Vegas . . .'
I love Wanda!!!

Tony, I remember the Leno segment, but Wanda Sykes was promoting a project. This was her first interview exclusively on the topic of coming out. The Advocate piece, which I did not write, stresses this. I'm surprised you would read the entire interview and and your only comment is challenging that one, minor point. -RM


I wasn't commenting on the interview just the reference to it being the 1st interview. The Leno interview did touch on her coming out but did swing to her projects.

I agree strongly w/ her comments in the Advocate interview.

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