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03 March 2009



"All of these witnesses—plus the police and the victim's surviving brother—are mistaken in what they heard? And he jumped from the safety of his SUV because a pedestrian was "reaching for a gun" that was never recovered and no one saw?

It could happen.... not!


this man is truly disgusting.

all criminals will lie and say they didn't do it but this one is intent upon trashing the victims and pretending there is some vast gay/ecuadorean conspiracy out to get him.

i am so sick of these cowardly gay bashers who want to hurt, rob and murder but refuse to speak up and own up to their actions.


Maybe where he comes from they don't call it homophobic or antigay. Maybe that is just how the brothas are in the neighborhood.


Rod...why do you refer to these men as "thugs"? It is emabrassing enough that the men who allegedly did this are black but calling them "thugs" reinforces stereotypes don't you think?

They're thugs. It's a difficult to talk about stereotypes when the defendant has admitted to beating an unarmed man to death with a baseball bat. And witnesses heard him yelling homophobic slurs. I won't try to sugar coat this because they are black men who killed a Latino. -RM


tre, OMG, they killed a man with a baseball bat as they were shouting anti-gay slurs at them, they are attempting to justify it and you're concerned about reinforcing stereotypes?

These are THUGS, period.

Shane Moseley

@ TRE:

These are gay bashers and violent felons. They killed a man. But what word makes you feel more comfortable, dear?


These so called men are THUGS plain and simple. There is no way to get around it. There being black is immaterial....if they were white we would call them thugs too.

I think we should step away from the race of these defendants and not try to excuse them. If this had happened to a black gay man we would be all over it (the white gay blogs probably would not tho) So it is the same hatred we are fighting.

Derrick from Philly


are you in your early twenties? I mean, you seem to associate the word "thug" with Hip Hop or Gansta' Rap. The term "thug" goes back many many decades, and of course there was a time when most thugs were thought of as white (when black folks were at the least crime committing ethnic/racial group--before the 1960s).

And these creatures in the Bronx are worse than thugs, they are also sadistic beasts. Had their victims been black (especially transgender) their cruel behavior would have been the same--maybe more savage.

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