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07 March 2009



Unfunny was an understatement, the show was just unwatchable


Thats great news, thanks for the word Rod!! I never understood why he had his own show in the first place.... maybe they could try another run hosted by Wanda Sykes, now that i would watch!


now see i could get into miss wanda, that would be hot!

and yes, dl was a triple mess, i had no idea what that show was supposed to be about. i don't think even he knew


His favorite mantra was "I don't condone the homosexual lifestyle."
Note to DL: no one needs you to condone anything, especially now since CNN does not condone you or your show.

Believe me, if his program were bringing the ratings, CNN would have moved heaven and earth to broadcast his corny show from the entertainment capital of the world, LA.

Good riddance, with your ironic initials.


Dang i didnt' know he was homophobic, that was not a good mix (cnn & dl) he's a BET kinda guy. WTF was cnn thinking?? Well it's over, i never caught it, the show never peaked my interest.


I really didn't know DL "doesn't condone a homosexual lifestyle".

I am not sure I have made up my mind about this, I personally find DL Hughley Funny, I always enjoyed his sitcom and used to look all over the internet for his comedy channel On The DL - a late night talk show. I never noticed any homophobic remarks and I even kind of remember him on Leno during the Prop 8 drama saying he thought it was crazy - But I cant recall anything about his philosophical views on the fight.

So you tell me am I wrong to still enjoy DL's comedy even though I now know he is homophobic? Or should I boycott him because he disagree with my lifestyle?


well Grant that is up to you...perhaps you get off on supporting people that hate you and your 'lifestyle'.


D.L. Hughley had a show?


That's funny.. how can someone with the name like "DL" not "condone a homosexual lifestlye" and his mama really knew what was up from jump.. LMAO!!


I have always found it vey funny (pun intended) that folks like DL get tv show after tv show and never brings in the ratings. DL is basically running off of old are tired racial comedy that died in the 1980s and whose coffin was sealed by Def Comedy Jam. He does not bring anything new to the table, unlike Chapelle or David Allen Grier, who have reinvented some things.

His "black folks do..." "white folks do..." stuff needs a rest. I always found him vulgar, simple minded, and a hack. And his homophobia just reeked of simple ghetto-ness that I just do not have time for. Grow up, get cultured, and learn to embrace the world.

The only good thing to come out of that show is the Michael Steele interview where Rush was dissed.

S. Flemming

Thank God.


Hey nahtans, that was uncool, I am trying to engage in some intelligent conversation, I am not talking about getting off, and stupid comments dont help, I wanted to start a discussion about the non normative community being able to watch/enjoy content/entertainment created by the hetronormative sometimes influential sometimes ignorant mainstream media


I said before and will say again the purpose of this show was to show "us" as buffoons.

Keep in mind this past election had record numbers of people tuning into the news daily. What a perfect opportunity to have undecided whites see "us" being "ourselves" by joking and having the equivalent of comedy skits pass as news. Chisel away at any opportunity to keep the N-word out of office.

Thank you Mr. Hughley for helping prove to me and the black community that regardless of how many steps forward we take there are always those out there who will jump at the opportunity to psychologically set us back 30 years.

Yes, you had to have known why they offered you, an unfunny/mediocre comedian an chance to "expand your talents" at such a critical time in black history by giving a buffoon a near primetime audience. I doubt even Jessie Jackson would deny that is all your show amounted to.

Good bye to you and other desperate attempts (remember the hip-hop republicans) to crush Obama's chances to win. Good triumphed and this cancellation proves it.


Not to make this a gang-up on DL thread, BUT...

I just remembered that his humor, as Kevjack said, was centered around "White people do this, and black people do that," which is very much an old school style. I would roll my eyes whenever a hack comic did this on Def comedy and the other dated standup shows.

And whenever they sensed they were bombing, they quickly switched to "And don't you hate when gay people..."which would be followed with a swishing gay impression.

Hughley was the prototype. And yes, Gurlene, just when you thought cooning was dying out, people like Hughley and Tyler Perry give it life.


Well his older son looks like the biggest bottom queen ever with his fine self L0L" And he have a problem with gay people SMDH

Mel Smith

Wow, I did not know D.L. Hughley had a prejudice atitude towards gay people. Yes, there are definitely similarities between the Civil Rights Movement and the prejudices that gays face today. For example, black people were often attacked by violent racist mobs. Today, gays are attacked by violent heterosexual mobs.


I'm surprised that it made it this long. The first episode was a complete mess.

Kevin Perez

Grant, you must be dense if you do not realize some of us DETEST the word ''life style''. I am at a point where I want vomit every time I hear people use ''life styles'' to describe our lives, ESPECIALLY by gay people themselves.

How many douche bags often use the world ''life style'', I wonder.


It was always cringe worthy at best. In the era of Obama, just not good enough (Buffoonery).....


I found many of his shows interesting. And, we the gay community has to stop comparing its situation to the Black community. Make your own dam case. During the Black civil rights movement Blacks were not comparing their situation to the Holocaust. The problem with this situation is because the White gay folks that keep representing the cause truly reflect middle class America. Nobody buys into major discrimination when you live in clean neighborhoods, drive expensive cars, and where designer clothing. All they see is a White person attempting to get over.

Mel Smith

Mitch, it don't matter who campares what; NOBODY deserves to be discriminated against, NOBODY. And as a 28-year-old black person who also happens to be gay, I have EVERY right to make a comparison of anything I want. And if black heterosexuals don't like it, so what. Regardless if you compare or not, anti-gays dislike us because of who we are. Blacks don't hold a monopoly on discrimination. Various other groups have faced discrimination too. We defeat each other with our own self hating attitudes. We need to learn to start loving ourselves and stop defending folks who don't care two hoops about us.

uncle tom

i watch a few times. he's a dummy. i had more intellect in the sixth grade than this guy has. obviously he got his job becuase CNN felt that it was important to get the "urban" viewpoint on current events. one things for sure; d.l. hughley is definitly urban. he seems like a product of the urban government schools.


D.L. Hughley is no more homophobic than the typical person. The show had some good moments but on the whole it wasn't funny. I don't think Wanda Sykes is very funny either although I support her courageous stand in being vocal about her life and gay rights.

Mister C

OK, So now CNN has canceled a Black homophobe (D.L Hughley). And we still have a white racist Gay blogger who blames my race for Prop 8 (Dan Savage)
So what's the big deal? Really.

Everyone that doesn't agree with our lifestyle are not necessarily Homophobes....BTW

alicia banks


good riddance!!!!!!!

why was an inept comedian posing as a journalist anyway???

i have always loathed dl hughley's suspect rabid gaybashing...

he sets my gaydar way off always!!!...


since his days as a scrub at BET, he has always reminded me of that prototypically insecure napolean complexed little bully whose humor always hurt his peers on the project school bus...he even attacked the audience as if they were his tortured schoolmates etc...real humor never hurts...

it is always good to see someone as toxic as he is pay their foul karmic debts...


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