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07 March 2009


alicia banks


no level of gaybashing is tolerable from any victims of oppression...especially black ones!!!...

hets never ever refer to their sexuality as a mere lifestyle.
likewise, i will never do so either!!! ...golfing is a lifestyle...being gay is my life....

and, as an african scholar, i have heard slavery and racism
in america referred to as "the ongoing african holocaust" for decades...

genocide, slavery, and gaybashing all fuel the very same ills:
lies, torture, self hatred, bigotry, lynching, blasphemy, religious torment, murder, etc...

like our silences, our semantics will never protect us!

see much more on the undeniable similarities between racism and gay hatred at:



About time, he was an idiot.-QH

Derrick from Philly

I hope DL doesn't read this--his birthday was Friday. Even some of us Pisceans aint too bright.

Grant & Nathans:

I enjoy reading both of your postings on Rod's Blog. And I'm not just trying to be The Good Queen of the East--I mean that.


Good ridance!

Anthony in Nashville

I'm glad this hot mess of a program was cancelled!

DL is not funny nor very intelligent (perhaps he was holding back) and I was offended that he would get a "news program."

Kevin Perez

''Everyone that doesn't agree with our lifestyle are not necessarily Homophobes....BTW''

Yes, they are because rejects like you should know by know many and I mean many DETEST the word ''life style'' to describe gays in general and continue to use that goddamn term mostly used by the religious Right and so-called Christians who claim to tolerate us but not our ''life styles''. A douche bag like you fails to understand that.

And who the f*ck is anybody to show disapproval of anybody's ''lifestyle''? Who died and made them God? And when the hell did heterosexuaity become a virtue to being a Chrisitan or a perfect example of moral behavior. Yeah because there aren't any straight people who are immoral or sexually promiscious, deviant and everything that's asscioated with gay men.


THIS IS THE BEST NEWS!!! That show was ridiculous!! It fed into the very stereotypes some of us try so hard to debunk, or at least show that many of us aren't like that. His show was so low class and its the best decision CNN could have made.


he was a big fan of Blagoevich too (sor if I spelled it wrong my azz is tired) .

Hughley was creepy IMHO..

Def degraded the "respect capital" that CNN should spend more carefully...


The only thought that popped into my mind when DL was given his own show was, "Is Chris Rock lying in a coma somewhere?"
I watched a few episodes (including the infamous Dan Savage one...God I hate him)of the show and I literally felt my IQ dropping points.
DL is a horrid host. He is extremely inarticulate. His jokes are lame (he is better at being the stereotypical BET comic...just bash people instead of actually being funny). And he's just stupid. Oh, not to mention a homophobe...


blacksnob also takes dlh to task with always-funny writing: http://blacksnob.com/snob_blog/2009/3/5/ding-dong-dl-hughleys-news-show-is-dead.html.

@ Mr. C - i beg to differ. i think anyone who "disagrees with our lifestyle" IS fundamentally homophobic, which i'm equating with anti-gay. those two things are one in the same. you can't be pro-gay or even okay-gay and "disagree."

and btw, who still says "lifestyle" to describe a gay/sgl LIFE?

Dario Lecasse

Re. D.L. "hughly" horrid!
...awkward, not funny, slurred diction...looked stunned that he had somehow made it to CNN...
How did he...?!
What was CNN not thinking!!

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