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27 March 2009



...Maybe that means something, maybe it doesn't ....

Umm yea, it means he is not very! straight! lolmao

Great catch!

Baltimore Femme

Chile, at that age that boy doesn't know what he wants. But he did drop down there rather dainty. Something tells me he doesn't have much practice, we pros know to drop with one swoop!

Derrick from Philly

"....we pros know to drop with one swoop!"

Chile, that's how I messed up my hip joints...or was that from flipping over tree branches. I forget.


i love it! corbin bleu on rod 2.0!
not once but twice, never thought i would see this lol

oh and yes, he was quite dainty down there, methinks he ain't never been down there ... yet


Such a lil cutey. I don't think he has practice yet but will soon!


he's got back. i like that.

J Matt

LOL, I have to laugh at Baltimore. LOL

But for real, his voice musically has no character. It's just yawn. Heard it before. With some soul power, he might be able to...well...he should stick with acting. I don't think it's gonna happen.


LOLMAO @ Baltimore and Derrick

Young lil Corbin probably doesn't have the quickness on his knees yet. Ithink he will though lol


such a cutie..


Corbin Bleu is hardly a great singer or actor but he has heart, he is cute and popular. The teens and tweens seem to love so if they are happy why not... And yeah, I love those third person plural pronouns "they" etc, he is on our team girls, you will soon learn.


Well, it's refreshing to see a young one not wearing baggy pants and oversized shirts. Reminds me of the 80s. I miss the days when guys wore pants that showed off what they had.

Derrick from Philly

You're so right, RAVENBACK. But let's not stop at the 1980s, let's take it back to the 70s & 60s, when guys wore fitting pants and show MORE than what they had.

You ever see Clifton Davis in "That's My Mama" (hangin' big time)or Bill Cosby on "I Spy" (the booty of life!).


LMAO @ Derrick!! The Booty of life!! LOVE IT!! You're just too much for me, TOO MUCH I SAY!!

... You too Baltimore! I needed these laughs today!


@ Derrick
I was born in 1966. I do remember leisure suit pants tightly formed around a dude's butt. I strongly remember junior high school and high school when most of the brothas wore jeans that highlighted very full crotches and the entire crack of their butts. The high school quarterback I ended up messing around with when we were in college together. My first time was heavenly. Let me stop.

Derrick from Philly

"My first time was heavenly. Let me stop."

No, no, no, no! Don't stop, RAVE. I'm sitting here fantasizing about you and your quarterback. Please tell me he looked like WARREN MOON! I know muscles aint everything...for y'all. I love 'em.

Damn right, it was heavenly.

Heaven must be like this, it must be like this

Heaven must be like this, it must be like this....

Oh, I'm sorry. The Ohio Players are before y'all time, and they didn't have one good-looking man in that band....but they sure could make some wonderful music.


Derrick, you're trying to get me in trouble. Funny thing is, the last time I heard, he was married to a woman. But that was about 10 years ago. I'm 5'10", so he was about 6'1" or 6'2". He was very dark skinned. He had a large head. I should rather say both were. He had one of those deep radio voices. The girls went crazy over that. Thick eyebrows and beautiful full lips. That's probably why I like guys with big lips. Very full and firm backside, very perky and at attention. I got lost many times up in there. His legs were well proportioned, great thighs. He surprisingly had very little body hair. Great looking feet. I use to joke that he must have gotten pedicures. He denied it though. As hot as his body was, he looked fantastic in clothes. He must have been raised on steroids or something because he was looking like this even at the age of 16. I'm trying to keep this as clean as possible because I don't want Rod to ban me. OK, now I better stop for real.


Awww what a cute n sexy story Ravenback.

I am sure Corbin Bleu has similar recollections lol


Corbin is a young hottie. Sinewy arms, pumpin' hands and that nice little butt. He doesn't sounds like he's into the gals much, which is fine by me. Total cutie.


Corbin goes all these places. He's mostly a type a guy that not into a girl; just like I'm not into a boy yet. He have to spend a lot of time in the relationship with the girl and he has too much busy work to do. But I think he can handle both right. He's young just starting to be a grown man now.

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