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20 March 2009



Good news, and, while that lame Judge said it wasn't a hate crime, and, my real name is Cher, I sure hope he gets the full sentence as the jury has spoken.

M. Mark

This thug deserves life behind bars. So cowardly and disgusting. I hope he rots and forver thinks about what he did.


"Willock claimed Duncanson looked at him suggestively and flirted with him, so he followed him for several blocks, yelled anti-gay and homophobic epithets and fatally stabbed him."

Sounds like a hate crime to me. What more "proof" do you need?


Oh and welcome back Rod! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom.

Sean B

it is confusing why the judge dropped the hate crime charge???

alicia banks


welcome back rod

we missed you!



Thank you for the update, Rod. I'm upset that the judge dropped the hate crime, but at least he was found guilty of the most serious charge against him. I was afraid they would choose the lesser first degree manslaughter charge. Let's hope that the judge puts him away for life. Many judges don't like mandatory sentences. I wonder if that played a part in his decision to drop the hate crime count. Again, put this "thing" behind bars for a long time. I wonder how long he would have to serve before being eligible for parole?


He'll probably be a relatively young man, less than 50 years old, when he gets out of jail. I'm not wishing bad things on people, but I wouldn't be upset if he doesn't make it all the way through his time in prison. I know, you don't have to say it. That is wrong.

alicia banks


what i love is saying what you really feel...regardless!

it is ALWAYS better to have one wrong:
hard honesty

rather than 2 wrongs:
an ulcer
a lie



Let's hope jailhouse justice prevails the day little bad ass decides to mouth off with the wrong con behind bars.

The day he gives in to gay sex in any way, shape or form will be the day he became the very thing he killed. At his age and the amount of years he will spend behind bars......well hey, need I say more?

Dalton H

Gurlene is absolutely right. It's a shame and disgrace the hate crime charge was dropped. But let;s hope for some good ole fashioned jailhouse justice for this cowardly MF.


I am glad he got his...

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