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28 March 2009



Yeah, right Jada.


heh no one said they were gay, both are bisexual but that is a cute way of trying to deny it

you do you baby!


She is a liar, I remember that her and Will was on a talk show stating that they did in fact have a open marriage,and that’s why they have been together for so long..

Strong Island

teh both bi and they know it, but who really cares.

Andre H

I love it! Whatever Jada, we know the truth girl.

Oh and Rod you know you were wrong for that photo lol


I don't think Will ever out right said they have a open marriage! I remember him saying something about they have a rule where its ok to look (I can't remember where he said it though). He also went on to say that he and Jada have the kind of relationship where they can talk about anything. So if there was ever a person outside of the marriage that either of them were attracted to, they could come to each other and talk about it. Anyway, if they are bi then whats it to me! They do seem happy and have been together for a long time and have beautiful and talented kids! In this day and age people are starting to define marriage on their own terms. I personally believe Jada and don't really have a reason not to. I mean everyone in Hollywood is rumored to be gay or bi at some point, LOL! Thats how you know you've made it! Remember the rumors about Oprah and Gayle, LMAO! No one is safe from that rumor! There are even rumors about President Obama! Who's next... Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer!

Baltimore Femme

Now do I think Will dips and daps with teh gays…Yes I do and I also think Jada is perfectly fine with it. She enjoys some female companionship regularly too. I also believe they gets really kinky in their xxx life..Jada probably pulls out all the strapon..LOL


Isis, I don't have a problem with anyone being gay or bi (obviously) but Jada is not telling the truth. She used to hang out at the Catch One in LA in the mid 90s. I saw her there twice, she was dating one of the dancers. One of the female dancers. Or maybe it was her twin.


No comment on the gay rumors, but I have to say this: Why does Jada always look so hard. Her face and cheek bones look almost manly and she always has an evil mean look, kind of like Posh Spice. I think that she needs to put some weight on, it would help her face out alot and give her more softness

D. Askew

well, that sounds like conformation to me!

Cevin Fisher

Well, I never thought her marriage was fake—a little freaky? Um… yes.

But, at least, she addressed the open marriage thing, because I know that many people believe that Will and Jada are swingers. But, even if they were, if it works for them, so be it.

As for them being gay, I still don’t think Will is; but I always thought Jada was at least bisexual; but, again, if it works for them, then that’s them—I’ll be alright at the end of the day


' I mean everyone in Hollywood is rumored to be gay or bi at some point, LOL! Thats how you know you've made it! '

Isis is absolutely right. Everyone successful has gay rumors that is supposed to be such an insult but really it is not! Who cares and some of y'all need to get a life!


That marriage is a fraud. She has to say its the real thing because her husband is making millions of dollars and much of his base is family oriented people. Nothing in Hollywood is as it seems. Its all an illusion. But go ahead and believe what you cant to believe. God know the truth and Scientology is not going to cure what ails those people.


And when was the last time "Mrs" Smnith starred in a movie?


"That marriage is a fraud."

Proof please. TIA!


No Nate! Why don't YOU offer proof Jada and Will are STRAIGHT. Thanks in advance!


lol @ collin

that is a good one

Baby Phat

I am glad that she cleared that up. As if anyone really cared. I just want themt o come and say yes we are now scientologist.


their marriage is their business. Their religion is their business


Will is straight so is Tom Cruise, George Clooney and Brad Pitt. All of Hollywood's top stars are hetero.


i truely believe that there is more than meets the eye with this couple ... but even if it was true, what black celebrity has come out of the closet and been successful?????

Former COGIC

CC...I agree with you about black celebrities and coming out. That goes to the larger problem of black gay men being reluctant to come out and living on the "Don't Ask Don't tell" world of the black church and community.

I don't think we need black celebrities to come out we need more black gay men to come out. But at some point the question needs to be asked, who will do it? Will and Latifah have more money than God. Only their egos keep them continuing to work, it's not as if either would go hungry if they never A-listed another movie.


Miss Colin I don't need proof and I will say it again...not every black celebrity is gay! There are some straight people in Hollywood, very many if not the majority.

And Rod please consider changing photos! That photo shows Jada laughing and Will acting silly and femme. Very unflattering in this story given Jada's statements!


"That photo shows Jada laughing and Will acting silly and femme. Very unflattering in this story given Jada's statements! "

Oh mary! That's exactly why photos like that are chosen.

Look, I really could care less about Will and Jada's bedroom activities but there is something definitely going on. And Nate, word to the wise, comment away but you probably don;t want to give Rod any instructions. Just sayin ...


I'm with COGIC. What do we expect her to say? But at some point this will eventually come to light in a big way. Nothing stays hidden forever.

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