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28 March 2009



Jada and Will are not gay but they bisexual swingers. So technically she is correct.


Well coming from my psychobabble standpoint. I assume she is confronting it now as the children are getting older and are more likely hear about their past/present rainbow filled soirez, dispel the rumor/truth for the sake of kids..who knows *shrug*.

Either way I love them as a couple.


i'm going to agree with "isis" in this case. there has been a lot of "smoke" but no "fire" in these will and jada rumors.. i don't believe they are gay or even bisexual. i think they are freaks tho and may have open relationship but hey more power to them.

i also want to cosign "cogic".. it does seem sometimes like many of us black gay/sgl/lgbt folk desperately need celebrities to validate our existence. more black celebs will come out when more black lawyers, reverends, teachers and homeboys come out and our community learns how to deal with it. WE are the ones we have been waiting for!

Paul R

Do we care? If Will Smith wasn't Will Smith would you want some of that?

Who cares right?


@ Clever ....

I disagree. Sometimes when there is so much smoke there is fire somewhere.

Sometimes there are gay and bisexual rumors and sometimes there are gay for reals ...


Did anybody expect her to come out and admit they were gay and in a convenient relatioship? Puhleez…


Why would Jada deny that she and Will aren't gay? That is the dumbest thing for anyone to ever do. Does she actually think that she'll convince someone that they are straight? People are going to believe whatever they choose to. As a matter of fact, she'll convince even more people to believe they are gay. The gay rumors haven't hurt either one of their careers. Just leave it alone. This reminds of the time when Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford took out a full page ad in order to deny they were gay and claim that they were monogamous and not getting a divorce. Talking about rumors just focuses more attention on the rumor. What a bonehead move.


I don't know if Will and Jada are gay, bisexual or whatever. But there is entirely too much negative stigma behind being gay in our society and our community. Unfortunately the larger mainstream (ie white) community often accepts their people when they come out ... Rosie, Ellen, Lindey Lohan, TR Knight, Neil "Doogie Howser" Patrick Harris but not the black community.

Sad but true.

Greg G

Didn't Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford divorce right after they bought that ad? It was kind of ironic if I remember correctly. Not that anyone believed the either.

Will and Jada are just as straight as Richard and Cindy.


I meant why would they deny they are gay.


Please Will is gay! Who else would hire Duane Martin in a staring role sitcom??? Tell me what has he done since it been cancelled??? NOTHING!

Black gay celebrity males will not come out unfortunately because the black community are such homophobes!!!! They claim they don't care but deep down inside they really do. It's the caring love you don't want either. It's the hateful love.

Nate... amazing how you notice Will acting silly and fem. WOW that would make him gay-like!


I don't know are they gay straight or bi. But it doesn't matter what she says, people are going to beleive what they want. The black straights and church folks think they are black Hollywood royalty, many of the "children" beleive they are fakes and frauds.

I don't know what that couples does. But personally i think the more they say the more they draw attenetion to rumors.

Just my thoughts and once ag ain I am Jai, 21 year old college student in Chicago and happy to have just discovered this blog!


...why do I get the feeling that if will and jada were neither rich, successful, well connected or attractive that anyone currently speculating about the nature of their relationship or sex lives would even give a damn? ...not that I am judging or taking offense on anyone here, it's just that I think this tendency many of us have, (yes, I include myself in this trend, especially if I think someone is fine; I admit it makes me more curious about them in that case, lol), is not only interesting, but also, quite telling...

Danny Rivera

Sure, Jada. You keep telling yourself that and perhaps even you'll believe it one day ...


Well Jai, I hope you are enjoying your college years, because I sure enjoyed mine. It was a great time of awakening for me.


I want to believe they are real but wasn’t it like last year when there was an interview where Will Smith said they had an open marriage. I’m confused whether the interview was real and also what took so long for Jada or Will to say it wasn’t true? All I know is Jada and Will (just like their son and daughter) seem to have switched their masculine and feminine looks.


Oh and Jai welcome to the blog. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do and you're lucky to be coming out now in the digital millenium.

S. Flemming

LOL @ all the comments! Well, they seem like the types - like a lot of black people who get down - who would say they "are not into labels." We've all heard THAT one before. They seem like they'd be down for whatever, especially her. But hey, if they are happy, so am I.


Jada was sleeping w/ girls back in Baltimore.lol

They’re not gay so that part is true. They are both bi sexual- point blank.

paradise waters

i think it is absolutely untrue. i think that will and jada love each other and because of that people want something to be wrong in their lives. will is a successful movie star and a kind gentle man and people can not stand it. they have to make someone like him look bad or weak or freaky. he's not he knows the Lord and was raised knowing right from wrong. they have said these things about every successful celebrity since even before carey grant and they said it about him and he sued and won. just acknowledge that will and jada are happy and living their lives to the fullest. they love their children and their parents and they are well adjusted people. if it hurts you to see people like them then maybe you ought to try to find out why they are so happy and seek to improve you own live. maybe then you can be comfortable in your own skin and you won't need to utterly destroy someone to make yourselves feel superior.

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