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27 March 2009


Shane Moseley

Should George Weber have done a little more due diligence on his trick? YES

Was he going to? NO

Hell for all we know he saw the MySpace page and was turned on. He wanted rough sex. That is what he got.


I don't think this was blaming the victim. I do think though she was a little snarky and so was Rick Sanchez but the fact does remain this guy was a reporter and invited an underage knife wielding satan lover into his home. For bondage and drugs. Hmm, that could get ugly maybe ...

Jeff Pryor

Lisa Bloom is sanctomonioius and holier than thou. Straight people do this too hooking up. No one asked does she Google all of her tricks.


Ugh you would send me to Towleroad.
Some of the queens are very upset when straight people criticize our community and say what we should do and I think the timing is very inapproriate. The man's body is not cold and he is not in the ground. I am not saying he was a saying but pershaps they shouldn't jump in the gang bang.


--->Lisa Bloom is sanctomonioius and holier than thou. Straight people do this too hooking up. No one asked does she Google all of her tricks.

Perhaps you mean "sanctimonious"? I don't think Bloom was being pious. She said people should exercise caution which is the truth. They were not mocking the man for the gay sex angle and left much of it out. And "P" I respectfully disagree. Now IS the time to discuss hookup safety and internet culture. If not know WHEN?


Look I have said it before and will say it again...I have precious little sympathy for this self hating pervert.You invited crazy into your house, don't be surprised when they show up. I am sorry for what happened and he did not deserve to die like this but he was flirting with danger ...


Wow. Haven't almost all of us have invited some trade into our homes or hooked up with a stranger? Not sure how to answer this I will pass.


Yes, he should have at least looked for a MySpace page or something. Or the "92" email address should have been a giveaway.

As Shane said, maybe he did or did he care? That would be the big head thinking instead of the smaller one.


Straight people hook up and use MySpace all the time! This could have been a hetero man or woman! Now they will start blaming the gays and saying we are all freaks and look at what they are doing to the children! Dude didn't look 16, he looked 21 or more!

S. Flemming

Nobody "researches" a hook up, I don't give a damn what your orientation is or how you meet them. What was she thinking when she said that?


Grant I completely agree! I do not believe Lisa was trying in anyway to criticize the Gay community. Many straight people "Hook-up" via craigslist, myspace, etc,. The reporter should have practiced caution, but maybe he did do research and maybe he liked what he saw. While its sad that he died, I still can't get past the fact that he was meeting up with a minor, its just BAD anyway you look at it.


I'm with Grant and Isis. I didn't see this as a dig or insult to gays. I think her phrasing was a little inappropriate but she was totally on point...people need to exercise some caution "before" hooking up. And S. Flemming is right, maybe people always "don't" research hookups. That doesn't mean they "shouldn't".

But we're talking about a man who wanted some young latino trade to bind him, choke him and forcibly make him perform oral sex. For all we know he saw the myspace page and liked what he saw.

Danny Rivera

@ Manny:

Did you see the boy being lead away by the police? Is that the face of a 21 year old? Umm, I don't think so ...


S. Flemming

@ Danny

That was what was so startling to me ... he looks like a totally different person in the photo with the cops than the others. Just goes to show how big a difference camera angles and lighting make.


Danny you ain't said nothing but a word. You too S. Flemming!

The difference between the photos is night and day. In the photos Rod posted, I would guess the young man at about 20 or 21. But he looked in great health. In the perp walk the boy was clearly a boy and looked liked he hadn't slept in a few days. He also clearly looked disturbed in the arrest walk just imo ...

Anthony in Nashville

Some will say she's being mean, but it's hard to argue common sense. People are sensitive to her comment because it makes them think of their own tricks/trade.

This is not an open-and-shut case, and Weber being closeted is going to hurt the prosecution.

Katehis can get cleaned up before the trial, play the "perverted molesting gay man taking advantage of a troubled child" card on Weber and get off with a manslaughter charge. If the police discover other tricks Weber had in the course of their investigation most of the sympathy for him will be gone.

It's a horrible story but so typical for closet conservative types. Always wanting the opposite of their public image.


Manny ... George Weber wanted to be dominated by some young Latino. Are we assuming he wasn't secretly thrilled the boy was underage?

Dalton H

Count me in with Isis and Anthony. I don't think Lisa Bloom said anything extraordinary or out of left field. I think that she was a little inartful but she is only talking about common sense. It's basically the same thing most of us have been saying. Does it bother people that a straight female is saying it? Possibly. But I am sure there are many women hurt or killed in similar circmstances.

I didn't get a homophobic vibe or anything but that was just me.


Some of you must have watched another clip. Did you hear Rick Sanchez sneering and laughing about the 16 YEAR OLD ... 30 YEARS YOUNGER THAN HIM!!

Sanchez is a homophobe and Lisa Bloom is pompous. They were being judgmental both of them. And Rod I am surprised you didn't catch that it is very obvious.

Donn S

I didn't hear Rick Sanchez laughing after he said '16 years old'...he repeated it but he didn't laugh. But I didn't take this personally or look at the comments as homophobic. All gays do NOT recruit teen boys over the internet. This was Weber's choice and he made a very bad one.

CC unless you are saying it's perfectly safe to invite strangers into your home? I would say the facts and history say otherwise my friend.


Donn, listen to the tape again. And Rick Sanchez is clearly a homophobe, Lisa Bloom is also veinly disguising her contempt.


Donn, I think you are ready too much into Sanchez's read of that one line. But this was definitely "bad judgment" because someone is killed. Can't deny that. is Sanchez a homophobe? I don't, I don;'t watch him he irritates me. But let's be honest and not pretend this is the first time this has happened.

I'll be glad when we move away from "should he have researched the trick" into a conversation about why so many gay men feel compelled to order sex like it's take out food. That's what we need to be talking about!

Lincoln Mall

Well who wouldn't be disgusted that some right winging closet gay trolled for underage boys to tie him up and feed him their trouser snake? And gave him drugs and alcohol? That is pathetic and dangerous and yes unfortunately the man was killed. I don't think pointing that out makes you a homophobe and the CNN reporters didn't even talk about all these sordid details.

Maybe this story hits to close to home for some people ...


Anthony and Lincoln, I will go out on a limb and say that is the source of some of this extreme reaction. I watched the show and I didn't feel personally attacked or threatened. I don't think Sanchez or Bloom was being "holier than thou.' They made a very common sense observation, many people have hookups and don't know who they are inviting into their home. These stories happen all the time. Unfortunately.

But if is is any consolation ... gay men were being attacked, robbed and killed by trade and hookups looooong before Craigslist and Adam4Adam. It just wasn't reported as much or prosecuted vigorously. Or it was covered up, like Rudolph Valentino's death. Times change.

Strong Island

I do not want some straight female "news" celebrity telling me what the gay community should or shouldn't do in our private time.

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