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07 March 2009





that is one sexy sexy man. someone else sent me about this and i was surprised you didn't have it yet. but i didn't know that ll cool j said he needed to be "enlightened" to appreciate other men. that implies it's the position he wants to get to, like nirvana


LOL @ "expanding options"

From what I heard...LL started "expanding his options" years ago with Russell Simmons. Let's talk about that okay? hahaha

But LL has never been on that homophobic tip. Especially couldn't do that now with his clothing line...and hanging out with all the gay gay gay designers and fashion types.

You go LL. Muah! I wish I was sucking that ... finger! lol


Has LL ever been anti gay or publicly homophobic? I could be wrong but I don't think so. Smith has kept out of beefs, played up his image with the ladies and turned out so hits. The kids have been coming for him in recent years, imo over his age and longevity and the 'haterade' amped once he packed on all that muscle and got ripped. But I don't think he ever really insulted gays.

Of course I love LL Cool J even more now. He is the epitome of sexy and answered the question with class.



ll was just trying to get rid of this stupid photographer and questions...rupaual told clay cane ll made some homophobic remarks on the set of his show 'in da house', very glad to see he has 'evolved' or matured or whatver


rod...did you see that clay cane interview? and is there a reason why you havent mentioned those comments or promoted rupaul's new show on logo?

The same interview where RuPaul defended the white gay man who performs in black face as Shirley Q. Liquor? And where RuPaul said black people who were offended were used to playing "victims" and the "race card"? Yes, I saw those comments and decided to pass.

My job isn't to "promote" products. Many other blogs and media are talking about that show. -RM


Yawn @ RuPaul remarks

RuPaul has traditionally had issues with black men and black gay meen. He always blames us for not "getting" him.
The LL Cool J comments were tired. That show was cancelled ten years ago. They are co mpletely irrelevent.

Lincoln Mall

From what I heard...LL started "expanding his options" years ago with Russell Simmons. Let's talk about that okay?

Posted by: GRANT | 07 March 2009 at 15:05

I never heard this. Is Russell Simmons supposed to be family?


You have NEVER heard anything about Russel Simmons personal life?


Russell Simmons is long rumored bisexual or gay. Industry gossip (and I have many friends in the business in NYC and LA) say there was a casting couch at Def Jam for many years...That is why so many folks laughed at his so called "marriage" with Kimora Lee, who supposedly is a swinger or bi. There hass been plenty of speculation about Simmons's relationships with LL Cool J and other rappers for years.



You must not get out much, man. That talk has been going on for many years...LL was rumored to be the "gay rapper" Wendy Williams was blowing up before she was fired from her old station and sent to Philly.


no one took that marriage seriously, lest of all rusell and kimore


Big woop. A rapper says the right thing. Should we give him a gold star?

Jason O

Nate, I don't know about a gold star but when someone says something positive why not? We spend a huge amount of time attacking entertainers or celebrities who don't say the "right thing"...when someone does, why not say thus was a great way to handle this question? As far as all the gay rumors, I have heard them, who knows...I am simply talking about what the man said. I believe in positive reinforcement, not just bitching and moaning...although that is more popular.


I disagree. LL should have been saying stuff like this all alomg. He knows he has many gay fans and has even spoke to gay press before

Dallas Cowboy

LL is a smart businessman and not stupid. LL has always been personification of 'sexy'... he knows many of his fans are gay black men.

But I agree with Nate in sense that this is the 'right' response and I will be glad when is the 'normal' response... We are too used to rappers and celebrities, just black men in general...who dog gays, especially black gays. I like young brotha Darian, he speaks some truth perhaps Kanye's attitude is rubbing off on a few of the fellas.


LL has a permanent spot in my top 5 list. The man is too... Ovah (that was for all of us over 30!).

OK has always been a positive influence in hip hop, and a lot of these young cats could learn a thing or two about staying in the game if they listened to and follwed his career.

Case in point: I still live when he took his shirt off at MTV Unplugged umpteen years ago!!


I recently read about something called "The Boule." According to the articles I read, it is a secret society much like Yale's "Skull and Bones." The organization spans all of the African American fraternities and according to the author, was designed to give power to those who join their ranks. In turn keeping all other African Americans down. Basically the author is saying they are rewarded for keeping European Americans in power.

My point is other sources quoting this same information has accused LL Cool J, Quincy Jones, Will Smith, Usher, and many others of being in this organization.

What do most of them have in common? All of them are high profile and most if not all the people I mentioned have some kind of gay/bi rumor surrounding them.

And it is seems coincidental that one of the requirements of joining "The Boule" is to "engage in homosexual acts with fellow members."

This leads me to my second point. Could this rumors indeed have basis in fact? Or are they indeed just rumors? Albeit ones designed to discredit and divide African Americans as well as demonize gay/bi people.

This information can be Googled using the term "Boule." At this point I don't know what to believe. Also I apologize to my lenghty-ness.


LL has had very loyal gay male fans for years, and I'm sure he knows it, even if he doesn't say anything about it. So this statement doesn't surprise me at all. It would be great if he could be as pro-gay as Kanye and some others, but I guess you do what you're comfortable doing. I'm sure the continuous gay rumors about him would explode if he said anything more!


@ AvidThinker:

The Boule, also known as Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, is comprised of the top black thinkers, businessmen, and leaders in the nation. It is hardly a secret organization, hardly keeps other black folk down, and hardly is rewarded for keeping whites in power. Aside from the induction rituals that accompany any fraternal organization, members and chapters of the Boule are easily identified in public and on the Internet.

Conjecture and gossip of this sort are much more guilty of oppressing black folk than the Boule.

And regarding LLCJ, why are we playing the I-heard-he-is game? Why don't we give him his props for "evolving" and move on? Sheesh.


@ Brohemian

First I ask that you forgive me I was not trying imply the information as fact nor was I trying to gossip. I honestly wanted see want someone else thought because the mere notion that something like that exists spooked me.

I would like to ask where do you think this rumor came from? While it's credibility can easily be contested. Something about it's "evidence" honestly made me question the things that exist in this world.

Are you familiar with the saying, "Inside of every myth is a grain of truth." Do you believe this person(s) had too much time on their hands? Or that they might have taken a small truth from an isolated situation and exaggerated it? I'm not one to believe w/o questioning but in my efforts to discredit them, some things oddly enough seemed to make sense.

If this indeed a gross allegation, well then their talent for story-telling should be applauded because I for one was fooled.


Also Brohemian, you seem to be quite knowledgeable about this and African American fraternities. Are you or someone you know part of one? What is their take on it?


LL Cool J is not gay. Move on to a real story please. This is stupid.

Mister C

Thanks Adrian I agree,

We don't want folks to call us out of our name. But anytime someone seems to be nice to us or not being a homophobe when being questioned about Gays. All we want to do is call them FAMILY, or CLOSETED, or on THE DL.

Girls can we stop being HYPOCRITES!

alicia banks

ll cool j is a real man

and all real men and women enjoy being appreciated/complimented by anyone...

i adore llcj

busta is just bitter because his wife was stolen by a lesbian who is a better man & husband than he is...

and 50 cent is psycho and hates everyone in general...


Derrick from Philly

"LL Cool J is not gay"

No, darlin', neither are all those DL guys--they don't consider themselves gay...and don't let me start on "trade".

Why shouldn't gay guys fantasize about which celebrites, athletes or black preachers (the cute ones) are gay or DL? Women sure fantasized about Johnny Mathis 40 years ago--knowing full well he wasn't giving up nothin' to no females.

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