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30 March 2009



very very nice
love these college players this time of year, sexy and very innocent

George P

Now THAT is what U call HOT. Young Earl Clark will grow up and be quite a mouthful. More than he is already.

Missed the game though, sorry they lost.


Sexy but a little manicured mo?


Good Monday morning!

I don't see this one as "manicured", it is all good and all man there. There is a young guy on my block with one of those "necklace" tattoos and the cross also leads to his navel. I'm not too into tattoos but it fits him.


These are great pictures but I can't help but think what the photographer was thinking LOL. But yea I suppose ... you can see the pain and disgust in this player's face and actions.

Sexy tho that ain't no lie.


I missed all the gays over the weekend I had to work but I really wanted to see this one. Louisville mopped the floor with Arizona and then this loss on Sunday. Oh and Earl Clark and Terrence Williams are freakin' gorgeous right?


I'm very partial to men such as this one more natural and masculine and less into the chiseled models.So thanks for the Monday morning eye candy.Maybe more hardwood hotties soon?Please

Tommy Ross

Dayumn Rod these pictures are almost LIFE SIZED, I almost thought they were going to jump off the screen. Good gawd this youngn is a young MAN and that ain't no lie. Love a man with some hair on his chest and abs.

Barry S

Some of these college basketball games are like soft core porn imo

That being said "Earl" is a prince


All this lust after these players and we almost never assume any are gay or could be gay. Maybe even DL? ... Makes me wonder since we are so programmed to beleive basketball and football athletes are straight would one ever come out while playing?


Been checking him out for a while now...very nice! The game announcers always refer to him as being "long." They are of course referring to his 6'9", longed-armed frame. I can imagine he is long elsewhere too.

Thanks Rod!


This is the definition of sexy if you ask me ... I live for these tall and toned basketball players.

And dark too, mmmm.

Victor C

Now that is a whole lot of man.

And good Monday morning! Thanks as always Rod, you have all the bases covered. And all the "baskets" too :)


awww poor baby looked so sad. don't worry "long" earl clark, i will help cheer you up

King Drive

Now this is what I'm talking about.

6'9 of chocolate.


I saw T-Will at the waterfront with some tall black girl i was so jealous! He is so fine... and down to earth because he still spoke to me and my son.. whew he is SEEEEEXCI!

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