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10 March 2009



rod, thanks much for the update and the african news. my family is from nigeria now in london, it is so hard for many gays in africa

Derrick from Philly


your economy is in shambles, you have horrible health care, thousand of your children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic, your government officials probably steal millions in foreign aid, possibilty of a civil war--and what's the solution? Blame homosexuals, and increasing homosexuality as the major problems your country is facing.

Well, that's more fun than discussing government corruption.

Sarcasm? Yes, but we all know who is really in danger. Not those of us who use sarcasm, not those of us who chalk it up to racist views of "primitive" African backward thinking...no, we watch from a safe distance. It's gay, Lesbian and transgender African folk who are danger of loosing their lives at the hands of their class mates, church brothern, cousins, brothers, fathers...and maybe, mothers.

S. Flemming

I WISH I had time to waste worrying about such things. As JNez pointed out, there must be more pressing issues going on with them. Just stupid.


It's all quite like Nazi Germany -- the responsible political party is making a lot of noise, shoving hateful sentiments down ignorant folks' throats, blaming the gays for their rotten lot in life. What a way to unite the people to persecute a minority group, just as they did to the Jewish population in Nazi Germany.

alicia banks

thank u so much rod!

for being a superior global news source...u rock!!!

and i will file this under:



I'm gay and from Burundi (living in Toronto) I spoke with a gay friend who saw that demonstration..Basically, the current government was shocked with the fact that the Senate voted against the law criminalizing homosexuality; it makes the government look weak.So, in return they (the government and churches) brought thousands of clue-less people, who couldn't care less about your sexual orientation and whose main preocupation is to afford their next meal. I wish someone had interviewed those demonstrators and asked what prompted them to take the streets..The majority was not sure why they're marching..So this is a way for the government and the churches to manipulate the media and the opinion..Majority of those people are not worried about my homosexuality or yours, until they are taught so by the priest(or pastor) and the government.

Kevin Perez

Homosexuality apparently in Africa started during Colonial times when Europeans came from the West. 'Cuz I found that Afrocentrics and Rastas claim Jesus was Black, Christianity is a Black Man's religion and started in Africa, the Bible was from Africa and it has a history long before Islam and Black people are the lost tribe of Israel and God's true choosen people and then Europeans used their own religion AGAINST Africans to condone slavery, homosexuality, racism and moral decadance.

Do Black people really have a special relationship with God?


Did homosexuality in Africa really started during colonial times? Or did European colonists, bringing along their racism, bigotry and "moral decadence", started documenting and subsequently condemn and persecute existing homosexual behaviors among Africans?


This is a classic tactic. Politicians everywhere use this tactic to avoid dealing with real problems. The republicans used this same tactic to get Bush re-elected and Black people fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I left my place of worship in Dallas because my pastor got caught up in the "not on my watch" movement. How many Sunday sermons have been entitled, "Gawd made Adum and Eve, not Adum and Steve"?

It still shocks me how these same good folk spend countless hours decrying the "sins" of the homosexual lifestyle while seldom or never addressing the issues of poverty, crime in the Black community, the decline of the nuclear family (d-i-v-o-r-c-e, oh, but wait, pastor is in his second marriage, so that must be alright), drugs, AIDS (no wait, that Gawd's judgement on them gays), apathy, and materialism.

Kevin Perez

That's nice but a lot of African ''scholars'', Rastas and perhaps the general conservative Black populace would aruging Lucas is a White Man's conspiracy and homosexuality never existed in Africa because of their connection to God and Africa being the home of Jesus and his teachings.

They would also dismiss what you say as conforming to White Man's ''history'' or Eurocentrisim, as well as being labeled a sell-out, Uncle Tom and being ''b*tched out and immasculated'' by the White man.

Just the general counter arguments I have come across.


i agree with derek from philly

they got their nerves.
someone needs to open their eyes

thats why i say black as my race instead of

    african american



Rod, as always - thanks for keeping us abreast on matters from continent. Also, thanks Etienne for your perspective. My partner is from west africa and his gayness has nothing to do with colonialism. We all know the deal - one is born such. His family accepts him and us although they don't label our relationship. Love is love.

Ralph Davis

Let me echo the compliments to Rod, thanks for keeping us up on all the news from the motherland. This is a horrible story and I hope there is some sanity that prevails. Rwanda and Burundi have gone through so much, my fear is that eventually gay hysteria could become even more deadly. Oh and Etienne thanks for your comments, fascinating to hear that detail.


Kevin, I remember going to a poetry reading in SW Atlanta some years ago and listening to someone tell us authoritatively that the English language had originally come from Senegal.

Also, the sisters in the audience nodded enthusiastically when told that their lot was but to serve and obey their husbands.

Ignorance, the false "pride" that comes from feeling inferior, and sadomasochism are not unique to any particular ethnic group.


Oh, and Étienne, thanks for your perspective on this event.

Mister C

This is very sad. But what is most sad to me is the comment from Alicia Banks she said "BLACK GAYBASHERS ARE THE WORST IN THE WORLD!!!!"

Personally I speak against HOMOPHOBIA period. But I'm personally sick and tired of folks going out of their way to show BLACK HOMPHOBIA as if there is no other.

Lets go to lily white RUSSIA and see if the kids live in such harmony there. All through Europe homophobia is rampant with the kids getting attacked and killed and most of their murderers were non black but I guess we won't report that.

Folks need to be very careful about how things are put out there. Just keep in mind back in Nov after the election it was an all hate assault on African Americans from WHITE GAYS because of Prop 8 just forget the Catholic loving latinos and Asians. Nah they were not to be verbally assaulted but ALL HELL went against BLACKS why because it was our fault?

When Gays learn to tackle an issue without an shady agendy things can begin to change. The Advocate never talks about how gays get beat and killed in the south. But it's so easy to go to Africa..well lets talk about them it's an easy target as if this is the only continent that does this.

The day we can STOMP OUT HOMPHOBIA regardless of race then things can move forward!

And they will not until then!

Mister C



Derrick from Philly


Yes, Kevin, but most black folks are not. I've been through some horrible gay-bashing experiences back in the 80s & 90s. I was (and still am to an extent) somewhat angry and bitter about it. And almost all of those gay-bashing experiences were from black folks...I mean, niggers (I could never tell whether my bashing at the hands of white trash were anti-gay or racial).

But I am black, and share basically the same 400 year history as most black folks in this country. My personal life history is important, but to go against my own race would be useless and foolish. Contrary to what some posters on this blog have said, I am not a "snow queen". The only white gays I know are on the blogs, and some of them I've come to like. I sure know three black b_t_ches who post on this blog who I never want to be around.

No matter how annoying and mendacious some Afrocentric scholars, Rastafarians, black fundamentalist preachers, Nation of Islam gangstas are--they will never convince me that their blackness is more valid than mine.

Homosexuality existed in Africa long before the human race began to develop different physical characteristics which the identify the races.

The concept of "GAY" was invented/developed over the last few centuries by white & black homosexuals and transpeople--those who couldn't hide in any closet whether they were in New York City or Timbuktu.


Nicely said, Derrick.

"Homosexuality existed in Africa long before the human race began to develop different physical characteristics which identify the races."

Isn't that the truth. And if the Christians or the gangsters who rule our world haven't killed off the entire human race first, homosexuality will exist long after Christianity and Rastafarianism are nothing but distantly remembered cultural artifacts.


@Kevin, while claims could be made of the white man's conspiracy (to just about anything), yet upon examination, the explanations from the Afrocentrics and Rastas falls apart.... The colonists, whether in Africa, Asia or America, generally force their own beliefs and religion on those that they colonize -- not the other way around. How does one religiously condone homosexuality at the same time condemn it, as Europeans are themselves Christians during the occupation? So such hatred against homosexuality, is really internalized homophobia, like gay people taught to be homophobes trying to deny who they are by blaming external influences for one's internal, intrinsic nature.

Similar phenomenon went on in Asia as well -- India comes to mind -- where people blame European colonists (the British in India's case) for introducing homosexuality to India, despite well-known cultural evidence in statues, literature as well as documentation of celebrated homosexuality pre-dating colonization or even Christianity.

@Derrick from Philly, I would say that the concept of Gay as an identity was a recent development. As you noted, homosexuality and homosexual behavior have existed throughout human existence.

Derrick from Philly

Yes, Lucas, you're right about the use of the term "gay". What I also meant was the idea of a sub-culture of "open" homosexuals--usually with gender role behavior that defies a culture/societies gender role norms. Through the centuries you have descriptions of such people (for instance, in 18th Century England the were called "mollies". AND I'M SURE IN PRE-18TH/19TH CENTURY AFRICAN SOCIETIES THERE WERE NAMES FOR GENDER-BENDING MALES/FEMALES. To me, those type "children" began what developed into a "gay identity". I don't think men who love men but who are traditionally masculine had any reason to invent a sub-culture--just like today the "down low" guys of today--they may have had a network of friends/associates, but they still got married to women, had children--did what society expected of them. Those who could NOT hide (be un-noticeable) did have a reason to invent their own sub-culture where they congregated in a "gay ghetto", or regularly patronize gay bars--they could not hide in the closet.

This is just my view (based on a little historical evidence--with my biased interpretation) of how "gay identity" began. Remember long before the word "gay" came into being, many black "children" used the term "In the Life."

Well, "In the Life" people have been part of black folks' cultures long before the beginning of the 20th Century when the great drag performer, Charles Anderson, introduced one of the most famous songs to ever come out of Black American Culture--or any black cultures: "St. Louis Blues".... on the Vaudeville stage IN FULL DRAG, honey.

Kevin Perez

Ummmmm..... I didn't make the ''NIGGERS WILL BE NIGGERS'' comment, just to clear any confusion.

I'm not the same person as KEVIN. Oh and Mister C, you sound like an apologist. I would never defend the rampant Homophobia seen in Latin America, Spanish-speaking Carribean and the Latino population. Sorry, I put my humanity as my priority, national pride afterwards and then being gay. I don't care if we have some ''bond'' or not, I'm not going to defend anybody that views me as scum for the sake of ethnic unity or racial pride.

That is a death sentence. But don't worry, Latinos are RIGHT up there with African Americans. Where did Machoism come from?

Kevin Perez

Thanks for your comments Derrick, Jim and Lucas. Still, most of them will not buy it.

What is to happen if Rastafari or any of those idealogies hit Afro-Latino populations in Latin America? No doubt a new generation of abused LGBT will come about and the scapegoat of all the social issues Afro Latinos endure, especially in nations like Brazil, Cuba and any where else where racism lurks in Latin America.

Mister C

@ Kevin Perez,

Boo, I think you are misunderstanding what I am saying. I am basically stating that HOMOPHOBIA is wrong whomever chooses to use that platform against us.
I am just tired in this Gay community some people have chosen to make BLACKS seem like they're the only ones who are like this. All that is basically folks hiding prejudice, behind prejudice.


And as for the other Kevin (Kevin A) Maybe he needs to ask his mother is his father a NIGGER since he loves to use the term....you idiot!

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