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13 March 2009



Never heard of any of these people, but, I'm glad you put that last line in about homophobia in Russia, it makes the homophobia of "some" blacks seem mild. Its so tiresome that people have this issue with blacks and homophobuia as if blacks are the only ones on this planet. And, as far as blacks in gay porn, I don't think it has much to do with homophobia, more the fact that in the eyes of the producers, it as they like to say about regular movies, "does not sell to their audiences who don't want to see blacks or can't visualize them in that role."


A fool is a fool is a fool. Mike needs to shut his mouth-- but that is how he keeps his company in the spotlight. I agree that Lucas is much better at putting black and Latino men in his productions than just about every other high-end line, and that is a good thing. Also, he tends to avoid the stereotypical thug/Mandingo thing (although not always), and he shows some diversity with the models he uses. In fact, Brian B got in trouble with another company when he dared to bottom. How limiting these companies can be. But there are some good "mainstream" black models out there, but we need more. Love Brian, love Jason T, Erick Campbell, that new man at Randy Blue, Ian Rock, others. Not so sure about Diesel Washington and Jay Black.

That being said, his social commentary is a joke. Always has been and likely always will be. He feeds off of making drama in the industry. Why this man has been given a platform I'll never know why.

Derrick from Philly

Yes, yes, yes, homophobia is rampant in the black community, racism is rampant in the white community (even with the new Prez), anti-fem sentiment is rampant in ALL gay communities, misogyny is rampant in the Hip Hop Community....anti-feline feelings are rampant among the canine community.

If the same percentage of White America was comparable to the percentage of Black America living in poverty, with unstable families, disillusioned with the educational institutions, glorification of the "thug" criteria of manhood, southern fundamentalist doctrines of Christianity, silly flirtations with Islam (in a desperate attempt to find one's "blackness"--if the same percentage of white folks had to deal with such destructive crap--then you'd have rampant homophobia among white folks too (like in Texas or Oklahoma or Moscow).

And don't tell I'm making excuses for black people's homophobia. It seems like those of us who've endured the most heinous acts of black homophobia are those who are the most calm and less hysterical about it.

Black folks (in the US, the Caribbean & Africa) haven't come into the 21st Century on the issue of homosexuality. They do not understand the concept of "sexual orientation vs choice vs sin"--but neither do white folks of the same socio-economic/religious background.

Back when black homophobia only affected poor queens like me-- the white gays didn't give a damn. Now that they PERCEIVE it affecting them...well, blacks are "just rampant with homophobia."

Don't you just hate the word "rampant" when it's used to describe a whole race of people? Sounds like some kind of infestation....like "gays are just rampant with STDs"--now that don't sound nice do it?


oh please. michael lucas is one to talk. as kevjack says, he is obsessed with trying to make op-eds and commentary on america's social problem and races and conveniently ignores the massive problems in russsia and eastern europe. as someone said earlier, homophobia in the 'hood seems like a walk in the park in eastern europe and russia.

i think lucas does a good job of putting blacks and latinos in his movies (and all hell broke loose when brian bodine bottomed for lucas) but many blacks just don't want to see inter-racial porn. as i'm sure ma ny whites didn't. but lucas gets props for going beyond stereotypes. he does need to stfu tho about black folks


Michael Lucas is one of the better porn producers who puts black men (and Latinos that could identify as Latino or black) in his movies, I'll give him that. And, as kevjack says, it isn't stereotypical.

But she just says SUCH outrageous things, here's another example. The rampant homophobia in the b;lack community line?

That's so old and tired, for one, she needs to go back to staging her own death or something.


Sigh. A week doesn't go by without Michael Lucas trying to start something. He doesn't know anything about homophobia in the black community. All he knows about are black Chelsea boys and black boys in the Village. As long as he has a few for his movie she could care less about gay black men or the black community.

Girl, that was a nice one though lol

M. Mark

Its remarkable how a Jewish Russian immigrant believes he is an expert on our community.


I was on another one of the blogs that showed a video of Russian immigrants protesting at the CA Supreme Court. Oh, the vicious anti-Russian sentiment some of those queens said! Maybe Miss Lucas should say something about that!

Byron Monte

It's remarkable how everyone on here get's all riled up because of what one washed out porn producer has to say...don't get your panties in a bunch over nothing girls!

M. Mark

Byron, I don't think "everyone" is getting all riled up... It seems like most people saying he knows very little about black community.

Danny Rivera

Michael Lucas remarks don't bother me per se. What is disturbing is the ease in which he feels comfortable using "rampant homophobia in the African American community" as this boogeyman to rationalize an economic decision ... ie he doesn't want too many black models in his movie, because his customers don't want to see too many black models. Which is fine, some of us don't want to see too many white models either.

That is typical of the mainstream white gay community. They blame blacks for homophobia and ignore the mostly white Catholics, Mormons, evangelicals and Republicans. It's always easier to blame black people. He needs to look at rampant homophobia in Moscow where the mayor prevented gays from having a gay pride and sent riot police to attack the gays who tried to march.

Eddy B

michael lucas makes some decent movies, but he is a porn producer not a sociologist or race relations expert. not sure why he always feels entitled to speak on race issues. maybe as a white gay man he feels entitled to say or do whatever he wants.

A. Martinez

Lucas is a publicity whore, don't be surprised if he starts attacking Rod, this blog or black gay men for not "appreciating" his artistic and financial contributions to new York City lol

Lee A

Oh this is just BS. Lucas is looking for a specific body type like his white models (very muscular, very ripped) and those who are willing to do inter racial scenes. It is not necessarily soooo difficult to find black men with that type of body. Or perhaps he has never go to NYSC or a black gay club in NYC.


"unfortunately, Black models are not that open to appearing in adult gay films. It of course has a lot to do with the rampant homophobia in the African-American community, and models are just scared of being in productions."


Michael Lucas

Dear guys:

This is Michael Lucas. First, I really would like to thank you for acknowledging my efforts in including Black and Latino models in my films. I always have and always will.

I never make comments on blogs, but I feel this is a very important issue and I don't want to be misrepresented or misunderstood. Let me respond to some of you who posted here.

@Luther: I'm very much aware of Russian homophobia. I'm a native, and trust me, Eastern European homophobia and black homophobia are on the same level. Of course, you're right in saying that homophobia exists in many nations, particularly in Eastern bloc countries like Poland and Western European countries like Spain and France. Let's not even discuss the Middle East, where gays are jailed and often publicly executed.

@derek: You're right. Racism is rampant in the White community. I know it very well from the emails I get saying I'm using too many Black and Latin models. But the Black community is as racist towards the White community. Trust me, I do understand the root of Black racism, which is the revolting American history of slavery and segregation. But please don't forget that America is far less racist than Europe. I feel perfectly authorized to compare the two since I've lived in Europe and the U.S. Europe doesn't have the "political correctness" we have in America. Try to find one European country where people would elect a Black president.

@Anderson: You probably don't know anything about me, if you're saying I've ignored the massive problems in Russia and Eastern Europe. I've talked about it on LucasBlog.com and in many published articles all the time.

@Carlos and Mark: You're accusing me of not knowing anything about homophobia in the Black community because I'm not an African-American. Look, I don't have to be African-American to talk about homophobia within the community, just like you don't have to be Russian to discuss homophobia there or among white Americans, etc. I'm well aware about Black homophobia from the African-American models I talk to, whether they come for an interview and change their mind because they're afraid of being recognized. I also know about this from listening to rap, watching the media, and feel free to name another well-know, out African-American celebrity except for RuPaul. I also know about it from the recent vote on Proposition 8. Seventy percent of the black community voted for Prop 8. I also have lots of black friends who are drag queens. They tell me that the overwhelming majority of insults (and even physical attacks) come from black men.

So please don't tell me that I don't have knowledge on the issue. I'm not a scholar, but I have my eyes and ears and I do work with a lot of black men, from the models in my films to co-workers in my office, to the many friends I've made.

@Danny Rivera (and I guess Kevin, who I think meant to say anti-gay sentiments of Russian people): Again, I'm more than aware of the homophobia in Russia, and I've definitely noticed the homophobic mayor of Moscow sending riot police against the Gay Pride parade, and there are many more outrageous incidents that I'm aware of between Russian authorities and gay Russians. I've written a lot about it. Just check my blog. I recently flew to St. Petersberg with filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell to protest the censorship of the first Gay and Lesbian Film Festival there. And believe me, it was quite a dangerous affair. Now wouldn't you think I left Russia and brought my family here for the exact reason of homophobia, anti-semitism, racism, and hatred towards anyone who is different? I know about it first hand. I grew up being hated. I've written profusely about it. I've made speeches on college campuses. So don't tell me to get more information on a topic I'm already very well educated on.

Right now I'm in the middle of a production where as always I'm using a lot of Black talent. But I will try to find more time and write an article on LucasBlog.com on this issue. Guys, you're more than welcome to comment on what I have to say there. I welcome your criticism and all of your comments will be published, unless you're disrespectful and insulting like some comments on this blog.

Michael Lucas


Mr Lucas good to see you respond and clairfy your remarks, but, as I said, I have no clue as to what you produce as I am not into porn on any level, however, Rupaul is not anyone to speak about the black community, gay or straight as he as many issues with blacks as some in the white gay community for whatever his personal issues. And, the 70% of black voters for Prop 8 has long been since debunked.


@ Michael:

I'm glad you responded here. I do want to call your attention to the fact that the infamous "70% pro- Prop 8 vote" has now been debunked (The Atlantic has a good blog entry: http://ta-nehisicoates.theatlantic.com/archives/2009/01/prop_8_and_blaming_the_blacks.php).

Additionally, I'm genuinely interested in hearing how blacks are "scared" to be in productions when, as Rod stated, other production companies (Chocolate Creme is my personal favorite LOL), have been able to produce so many flicks using a range of black models.

And finally, your citing black racism toward whites conveys to me a rather shallow understanding of U.S. racial dynamics, which makes your earlier comments seem even less informed.

I don't want to dismiss the problem of black homophobia, but I'm tired of it being used as a red herring to avoid dealing with racism in a concrete and thoughtful way.

Rod, thanks as always for the forum!

Derrick from Philly

Mr Lucas:

The problem that I and many other black gays have with the statement, "homophobia is rampant in the black community" is that it suggest that it isn't rampant in other communities. White men curse, spit at, mutiliate, terrorize and murder gay people too. The last few years (since the Isaiah Washington Episode) the media has been pushing this "Blacks against the Gays" propaganda. It's sensationalism, and white gays are eating it up like crystal meth. And demonizing black men is as American as crystal meth. And many of them are black demons, but no more than their white demonic brothern. THat's where the lies and unfairness come into the picture, but we're 400 years used to it.

But your black drag queen friends are correct: most gay-bashing by black men is committed against black gay people. I experienced that first hand at the hand of many black hands. So, we deal with anti-gay sentiment from many black folks, and racism from many white folks.

We'll try to find strategies to combat anti-gay persecution in black communities around the world, and hopefully white gays will work on racism and anti-black hatred in their community.


I like Mike Lucas films and I like him. Also like many of you have mentioned he doesn't use blacks or latinos as stereotypes, so that would eliminate about 95 percent of black and latino porn stars from sites like pitpull, lfc, papithugs, taggaz etc. for him to use.


Also Mike has a point about blacks being recognized. Most black and latin gay porn productions are mainly online or very hard to fine unless you go in the gay section something most straight men don't do. But If you just walk down 8 ave in NYC you would most likely find a Lucas production poster or advertisement. Some black or latino gays might get scared of the fact that there picture is there for the world to see and family and friends.


Michael, as Luther and brohemian said, the 70% has been debunked and is very old news. The exaggerated number has been discussed on many progressive blogs including this one:


It might help to broaden the scope of news outside of primarily white gay blogs because all they did was perpetuate those faulty CNN numbers as well as the blaming of the Black community. I don't deny the homophobia that your Black models and drag queen friends experienced, but it would make sense that if they live in Black communities, the anti-gay attitudes will most likely come from those they have the most encounter with. This does not mean Black men or Black people are more homophobic. It wasn’t the Black community that poured millions of dollars to Prop 8, it was the Mormons, Evangelical Christians, and Conservative whites!

While I appreciate your effort to include Black and Latino models and your ability to poke fun at yourself (The Intern), realize that there are many people and organizations in the Black community that support lgbt equality: Julian Bond, NAACP, Rev. Al Sharpton, The Congressional Black Caucus, Wanda Sykes, Oprah, and the list goes on. So please do not categorize the entire Black community based on your 'interviews'.

Kevin Perez

I don't defend the Homophobia in the African American community nor buy the claim they aren't ''any more Homophobic'' but Hispanics and Asian Americans have demonstrated their own Homophobia through their machoism and the later for their traditionalist culture



But am I the only person who prefers his representation of black men??

I don't LIKE thugs. Or hiphop guys...not all black men are like that..

I think this post is unfair..though Lucas has got the prop 8 thing wrong as we saw....I just think ya'll are really lucky that blacks and whites are equally homophobic..

In the UK, wow...there is pretty much no such thing as an out black gay man...

But hey, maybe blacks in the US become less religous, dogmatic and judgemental like they are here..


Mr. Lucas, you are fast and on top of it, I give you credit for that. There have been many posts on Rod about porn, but you did take the time to come. Much appreciated, as are your movies.

Nothing else to add, what I wanted to say has been said.

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