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25 March 2009


A. Martinez

Of course that's how they answer the complaint...what are they going to say..."yes, Vanessa is a huge beotch and all must bow at her feet because her HUSBAND (not her) is famous!"


I've seen Dhani's show and LOVE IT!
It's programmed into my Tivo now, thanks!


I believe the maid, Kobe's wife Vanessa looks like she could and can be a TOTAL you know what.


That's interesting we have two bullying bills going forward at the same time. Thankfully more people recognize the extreme damage bullying can do to children of all races and sexualities. I was bullied as a child and in high school because of my voice and I would cut school to avoid the harassment. Hopefully less students will have to experience that trauma.


Take heart, Ms. Jimenez. If you were working for Divine, she probably would've made you eat that dog s__t.

Not a Lakers Fan

Keeping Vanessa around has sure cost Kobe alot of money, but i guess it's still less than HALF!!

Celia Ruiz

Hey! Let's hear it for the Latina lesbians! Thanks for the love Rod. And don't you love Andres at Blabbeando?



That pic of Dhani is just busting all out lol That man is sexy


Rod and everyone else...

I'm new here first time commenting after reading for a few weeks. I'm a 21 year old college student in Chicago and appreciate the topics and discussion. Just thanking folk for opening up a young brotha's eyes ....


The failure of civil unions in Hawai‘i is truly sad. And make no mistake: This failed because of the so-called “moderate,” “love-the-sinner-not-the-sin” Four Square Pentecostal mega-church here. It sent out its congregation by the thousands to protest the existence of gay people.

They all came to the State House uniformed in bright red shirts. Is it mere coincidence that the Red Shirts are the white supremacist organization that was fiercely active in the South for decades after the Civil War and who protested in South Carolina as recently as 2006 against the NAACP and the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday?

It is a sad irony that many of the people wearing those red shirts are themselves Filipinos or other brown-skinned folks, whom their soulmates in bigotry back in South Carolina see as only one small step up from the African.

It is always an amazing thing to me how many recent immigrants try to fight the discrimination they experience every day, not by fighting their oppressors, but by trying to prove to their oppressors that they can be as evil as they are.

S. Flemming

I've DVR'd an episode of his show but I haven't watched it yet. I'm sure it's good.

Andrés Duque

Rod, an update on Venezuela:

Guys. Thanks so much for linking up to my original blog post. An update:

Ms. Matute's assertions have been refuted. According to the Presisent of the legislative commission, Marelys Pérez, there is no such language in the current draft of the bill. Pérez says that Assemblymember Matute was speaking as an individual and not as a member of the Commission....


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