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30 March 2009


Derrick from Philly

"I am also wondering where are the parents and why they have been silent..."

They might be scared of the little crazy motha' fu....


ok i'm having a bit of a problem with some of you attempting to vilify a mentally ill minor. it doesn't matter his race, or the origins of his name. he's still a minor. being 16 is confusing enough without throwing in mental illness and sexual confusion. he's not a monster he's a sick young human.

no one deserves to be murdered but this 40 something year old was giving drugs, alcohol, and offering s&m style sex to a mentally ill minor.

this scenario in my opinion is like condom use. we all have to take responsibility for our own lives.
this minor's profile had, "i'm mentally ill" all over it. george weber let his twisted lust and self loathing overcome his common sense and it cost him his life.

Chris Cruz

Freeleo: Who is vilifying who?
No one said George Weber, that closeted right winger trolling the net for Latino trade ... offering drugs and alcohol ...deserved to die. They both knew what they were doing and was wrong. But John Katehis stabbed him 50 times and killed him. And admitted to it.

As far as him being a minor, he is being tried as an adult. That is why we know his name, see his face and have all the details. And that is why he faces second degree murder in court as opposed to juvie.

But your "bit of a problem" is duly noted.

Derrick from Philly


his mental illness is a danger to society. And "boys" like him often see middle-aged gay men as easy prey--and too many of us see them as sexually controllable.

Sometimes, I wonder whether it was practical for Western societies to expand the period of life that we call "childhood". Years ago, childhood didn't go much beyond puberty. There seem to be many 16 year olds who refuse to be children.

He may not be a monster right now, but if he gets a knife in his hand again...I don't know?

Sean B

Derrick is right. This young man is a danger to society. Both of them were definitely at fault but both of them preyed on each other. Many teens and young men see gay men, especially older ones, as "easy pickings"...

I don't think George Weber deserved to die so horribly but I am not shedding any tears. He played with fire. And I am certainly not feeling sorry for his teen sex killer. My thoughts ...


derrick if he gets a knife in his hands, someone in our mental health/prison system, needs their butt whipped. let me be clear. this minor should be put away for a long, long time. i'm not saying he should get a slap on the wrist. i'm saying mr weber is largely responsible for what happened to him. i am saying mr weber, a man in his forties gave drugs and alcohol to 16 year old who was a self declared satanist, playing with huge knives on his myspace page, who stated, "if you disrespect me, i will kill you." he then let this teenager tie him up. what kind of fool was he?

sorry folks. no grown ass man in his right mind is going to allow that kind of crazy in the front door. let alone invite it over for drugs and bondage sex. what the hell!!?

Derrick from Philly

"sorry folks. no grown ass man in his right mind is going to allow that kind of crazy in the front door. let alone invite it over for drugs and bondage sex. what the hell!!?"

Absolutely. I think that's a point we all agree on. Weber wasn't wrapped too tight either--but he sure paid for it.


chris cruz, i hope they can't make second degree murder stick because of his mental illness. this is a case that's sexy to the general public. the d.a. has to appear tough on crime so he's going for it.

this minor is mentally ill. our justice system is one of the best in the world, yet it's still flawed. manslaughter seems like a more appropriate charge but let's not think sensibly. after all, a white man is dead. the d.a. has to go for the toughest charge.

i'm sorry if this case makes some of you who like your trade, anonymous, young, and a little crazy, a tad uncomfortable, but you too should be aware of the risk out there. some people in the world are more then just a little crazy.

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