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11 March 2009


Adrian T

this is crazy, it seems every day the african nations are trying to outdo each other with their disgusting homophobia. and what courage these nigerian gays have to speak out

John Ozed

The Nigerian govt sound like friggin' Nazis.

I fear for Rashidi Williams life.

On a lighter note, occasionally I get Nigerian money scams in my email and I always respond Being Gay is AWESOME, repeated ad infinitum.


This is awful, just awful.You'd think they would be concerned with more pressing issues, like poverty or the rampant corruption.

It really still escapes my comprehension why people feel threatened by same sex unions.I mean, im yet to understand even on reason why its 'wrong' to be gay.
Actually i think african people have suprisingly gotten over the ridiculous notion that being gay is wrong, only the hard headed politicians and religious nutcases still hold on to this.Im from Botswana and really no one cares, im out to my family and i've never been subjected to anything disturbingly homophobic in our community. Only the constitution refuses to see us as equals, which is due to all these politicians who are from god-knows which planet.

Automatic Prince

I want to get mad at the 9ja government, but all I can do right now while reading this young man's words is feel empathy.
I spent time in Nigeria and experienced what it was like to be gay there. It made me realize how lucky I was to be able to be myself when I was back in my country or other places. But these young guys have nowhere else to go and they've had to deal with this their entire life..
It hurts to even think about it


Thuto, it would be nice to think that you were right: "African people have surprisingly gotten over the ridiculous notion that being gay is wrong".

But you come from the country in Africa that has one of the very best qualities of life on average, if not the best. Considering just the purchasing power of your countrymen, the average Botswanan can afford more with his income, according to the IMF and the World Bank, than the average Pole, Russian, or Chilean can. The average Nigerian, on the other hand, can afford less than 1/8 as much. Furthermore, you come from one of the least crowded nations on Earth; Nigeria is one the most crowded.

The pastors and politicians who are whipping up homophobia to their advantage prey upon the unhappiness of their people. Maybe the people of Botswana are not unhappy enough on average to look for scapegoats in their lives. Consider yourself fortunate.

Unfortunately for many of us on this blog, a lot of Americans are that unhappy.


People, gay-bashing or hating be damned (and please read on before you critize my comment) when an oil exporting country the size of Nigeria IMPORTS gasoline so that it's leaders (dictators, warlords or just outright lowdown diry bastards, take your pick) can make even more money what does that tell you about their true concerns for their overall population?

Keep in mind back in 1982 the economy of Argentina was so devastated (thanks to the imcompetence of the military junta) they invaded the Falkland Islands to thwart attention to it. The Falkland Islands not only has no mineral wealth nor oil there are more animals on it than there are people. But something had to be done and they chose war.

Nowadays they (Nigerians,Zimbabwe, Jamaicans and other majority black countries with useless, self-serving "presidents" are now choosing homosexuality as a scapegoat to thwart attention to their mistakes and frustrations.

Kevin Perez

I always find it fascinating how many nations in the world that were products of European Colonization deounce certain things by the ''oppressors'', yet, hypocritically embrace others and take THEIR customs, religion, beliefs, culutral attitidudes and THEN CLAIM it as their own.

White Man's conspiracy my @$$. They're just as bad or worse than the people who oppressed them hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Difference being the oppressors are black and these crimes, which so many try to downplay and claim it's not the same, are borderline genocide.

Yep, Nazi Germany all over again. Hope Latin American doesn't turn up like this, it has enough problems already.

Naijia Guy

Rod, thanks for sharing this news with us. I am a Nigerian living in the US and it really hurts to see the level of ignorance emanating from that continent.

I call on my brothers and sisters here and in other countries to reach out to our LGBT brothers and sisters in Africa to let them know that we care about them and support them.

Some of our African pastors and imams conveniently forget that Christianity and Islam are relgions that were brought to Africa by foreigners.


As another Nigerian gay dude feel particularly inclined to express my disgust with the witch hunting of Nigeria's gay population, something I was only able to be ashamed of.

For one I wish these idiots would stop claiming the gay population doesn't exist because it does. I wish they would put the same amount of effort in confronting the ineffective government and the collapsing infrastructure in Lagos.

I continue to wonder what I can do to change things.

Naijia Guy

Hey neob, I am also interested in changing things back home. I have asked Rod to pass my info to you, if he does not mind. Otherwise, lemme know how to reach you.

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