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03 March 2009


Andre H

Good lawd.

I am not into the youngns but that boy is off the MFing chain. *shaking head*

And he is wearing the frick out of that suit.


rod...you have made me a convert.

louis smith is fab u lous. fabulous! i don't know is it that he is british thing, or being a gymnast, but he really projects a great image. this fashion editorial is just the latest. i wish black american athletes were willing to do things like this. but as i said, it is perhaps because he is a gymnast and doesn't play more homophobic sports like basketball or football.


The photography here is excellent. I also love some of the mid-air poses in the photo gallery. These are the best sports photographs, capturing an athlete in his envoronment. Obviously there is staging (umm, clothes on the pommel) but it looks masterful.

Good stuff thanks.


UGH meant to say "athlete in his environment." Sorry, thanks..


These photos are incredible...
Louis Smith is sodamsexy. Too hot to be straight.


Oh, I would love to get on his pommel horse and work it OUT!


Don't you love to see a built man in finely tailored clothing? That boy is stretching that Gucci to its limits. Yeah and you can bet this gymnast knows a thing or two about stretching to the limit.

That was wrong of me, I know, I know lol

Henry TW

Henry from London here. Big fan of Rod 2.0 and 'Loopy Lou', as we call him in GB.

Rod you definitely get the gold star for finding this article and the photographs. I'm in London and didn't even know this was published in OSM.

Lou is a fine lad. He is definitely on track for 'bigger things' ... like the gold in London 2012. (smile)


I love a strong masculine brother, but I can't help that I LOVE that final photo. Him on that horse is so sexy.

GREAT PHOTOS! What a great surprise!


The last two are million dollar photos...This brotha is so masculine and muscular and sexy. He looks like a ballet dancer flying through air and a statue on the pommel horse.

I'm very pleased. RevKev is right, a very nice surprise indeed.

Baltimore Femme

Does the man make the clothes or do the clothes make the man?

Louis Smith DEFINITELY makes these clothes. He wears them and he wears them well! Papi is setting it off in Guccci and Jil sander..

I'm a lil jealous lol


I almost didn't recognize him with his clothes on -- LOL! Looks great any way.

@Henry from England: "Loopy Lou" -- LOL!


i didn't recognize this young man either. whoa! he is filling every inch of that fabric! louis smith is phine in and out of clothes, that is fa sho

love him, marry me louis, lol ;)


Ummm sorry BL but Louis can't marry you, we are engaged, hahaha Seriously these are wonderful pictures, Louis Smith takes gorgeous photos, I wouldn't be surprised if he begins modeling too. So many talents, he is obviously such a versatile young man...just look at him on the pommel horse. :0


all I can say is MMMM mmmm MM mmmm MMMM. Can I signup to " spot" him in 2012.


Louis Smith is so talented and he is absolutely a stunner. This fashion editorial is just killer. He is going to be such a heartbreaker. If he isn't already ...

Bill W



This is what i am talkimng about...

i love athletes and love a versatile gymnast, whew!

Louis Smith

Hi Louis Smith here. Thanks for comments quite overwhelming, and yea they do call me Loopy Lou, my friends started calling me it in the gym from when i was little, bit mad. Sorry to disappoint but i am not GAY, but still hope find ics cool haha

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