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01 April 2009





they look boring anyway
hes not hot and neither is she

this looks very produced and staged

Joey Prince


Andre H

Oh please. Who seriously beleives this? LMAO he is so D-list
I don't even care to see the sextape

Yeah nice try O!


This is very obviously a cheap publicity stunt around his new single. Who stands there and poses for a REAL sextape with their jumpoff? Nobody does. Omarion isn't fooling anyone. Maybe or maybe not he was kicking it with Bow Wow (I think they was) but this is so obviously a fraud,

And is that a framed guitar or award? They shot this in a studio how pathetic...

Grrrrrl please


he is given so much gayface
its making me want to throw up confetti
good lord

at least the girl is prettty


This is so desperate and Omarion is so talented and doesn't need to go there. But yeah I want to see some of the videos from B2K's hotel room romps I bet that has some real sex on it lol

The girl is pretty but does not very enthusiastic. and that last photo looking into the camera is says it all.


bow wow is probally taking these pictures


The tape speaks for itself.
Sorry yall but there is no evidence Omarion is gay or bisexual


OMG Omarion is the reason I started reading this blog... and you are not disappointing me! Keep it coming!

He's so beautiful!

Tech 2.5

wow another LAME attempt to stay relevant....*yawn* a staged sex tape...chile boo can we get that footage of him and bow wow...now that might breath some life into his stalled career..for a minute anyway


Between Omarion, Kanye, Will?Jada, Tyler Perry and Donnie McGurgle....it may be ages before a black celeb comes out.

Fame must be so valuable, these people would rather die than be known as gay.
Their efforts to refute the rumors are almost tragic.

Derrick from Philly

"The tape speaks for itself.
Sorry yall but there is no evidence Omarion is gay or bisexual"

Oh, NN, Little Richard used to have sex with women, and pay to watch other men do it too.

Now, everybody claims to hate stereotypes and FALSE racial/ethnic profiling, right? This is so ghetto.

And where's that immortal booty, Omarion? I know that "fish" squeezed the juice out of it....oh, my God, did I say "fish"? I am so sorry. I am above that kind of 1970s "queen" slang. I'm so sorry.

Actually, if he wants to be straight, let him....juust like Wade in Noah's Arc. As long as he continues to wear those dress slacks with a belt tight around the waist he can be as straight as..... any piece of trade.


This reminds me of when that pic of Ne-Yo getting head "leaked out". You remember, that pic of Ne-Yo standing there totally not into it while a chick was on her knees blowing him. No life in the pic, at all.

Nice try, O.


Honestly, it's sad the amount of sexual INSECURITY these black artists exhibit, going to these lengths to "prove" their sexual orientation. What's next? Show off their erection from looking at naked women's pictures?

If anything they should be flattered that people think they are gay -- just speaks plenty to their desirability and sex appeal.


O sure knows how to strike that BGC pose. I'm just sayin'.

Craig T

This is just foolishness. No one is even remotely convinced by this. I don't even think Omarion's female ghetto tween fanatics are even believeing this anymore ... that probably why he had to "come out" with the sex tape.

Silly boy.

S. Flemming

These boys are so stupid!

alicia banks

ditto seahawk!

i hate the delusions/deceptions/lies/drama etc....

i do not blame the cowardly celebs as much as i blame their moronic/blind/ignorant/gaybashing fans

all of this foolishness is done to retain the conditional praise/dollars of homohating fools

unlike all these DROVES of gay black celebs shaking inside of padlocked closets...

i would rather be rejected for who i really am than adored for who i pretend to be....

for every gaybashing fan these cowardly closeted black celebs may lose after coming out...they would gain a new one who admires them anew for their honesty and courage...

it is truly tragic that they are too blinded by fear and distracted by pretenses to see that...



i agree with lukas and alicia.
omarion is desperately trying to remain relevant and this publicity stunt only shows how shallow he is. i have no idea if he is straight or gay (or haha bisexual like his "wife") but this does not make him apear more hetero. it looks like he has to convince some one and a very bad job doing it.

however, omarion is only reacting to the marketplace and black people ddo not like black gay men to come out. sadly we often do not and will be in the closet or act DL for the sake of our "family" or "community."

The Gays

Dear Omarion:

You and your 'bisexual' stripper 'wife' look very convincing in your 'home movie' ....



@ "Derrick" "Seahawk" and "Willie":
The tape DOES speak for itself. It shows Omarion making out with a gorgeous woman who likes girls too. Not only is he a man but he can handle too freaks.

I don't think he is gay or bi, it is just gay men fantasizing. But I do think Raz B and NeYo have some sugar in the tank.

We have no proof Omarion likes boys but have proof he likes girls. I take him at his word.

Baltimore Femme

...We have no proof Omarion likes boys but have proof he likes girls....

What "proof"? Some photos sent to a black gossip blog? Chile pleaze ...

Shane Moseley


You kill me, man.
These staged photo opp is hardly proof.

But the B2K underwear parties were candid and there were numerous photos of Omarion and the boyz in their underwear.

Jumping around beds, wrestling and modeling their packages.

That seemed like more convincing 'proof' those boyz were having fun.

You are reallly funny tho, lol

Derrick from Philly


I agree with you. Omarion's not gay--he's on that damn "down low".

The fact that he loves to show off his booty...well, that's unusual for a straight guy nowadays, isn't it? Then again, male strippers who perform for women do show off their booties....BUT THEY'RE ALL ON THE "DOWN LOW" dammit!

We love him anyway...wit' his cute self.

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