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03 March 2009



The Caroline Kennedy debacle ruined Patterson. If he would have handled the Senate seat quickly and properly, his approval ratings would still be strong.


Of course the more the media talks about his low ratings the more the confidence in his ability to lead diminishes.

I think he's being bulldozed, because I have a hard time equating his ability to fulfill a senate seat to his overall performance. I may not know enough, but where's the hard evidence in his inability to lead?


It doesn't, but as a political leader, he should have had enough foresight to know that his handling of the Senate seat -- you know, the same high-profile seat given up by Hillary Clinton -- would matter tremendously for him in the media as well as in the public eye. And for that alone, he has failed to be an effective political leader. Many past politicians have nosedived over far, far more trivial issues than this.

Derrick from Philly

This is sad news. I hope things turn around for Governor Paterson. That Cuomo can be a nasty b_t_ch (I loved his daddy--eventhough I'm told Cuomo senior did run a homophobic campaign against Ed Koch years ago).

Well, thank the Lord that Presidents and Secretaries of State don't have to take sides in their party's gubernatorial primary elections.

That's kinda' punkish of me, aint it?


That's ANOTHER reason why Patterson screwed himself. If he would have picked Andrew Cuomo to replace Clinton in the Senate, he would have eliminated his most formidable opponent for a primary challenge in the upcoming Gubernatorial election. He's certanly no Clinton or Obama when it comes to political savvy, as nice of a guy as he may be.

Rod Mc

I agree totally. Picking Cuomo would have solved the primary question, but, it also gives Cuomo a national platform and closer to the White House. Which might not be what certain people would like.

But yes, Paterson is great on our issues and a great guy, but no Clinton, and certainly no Obama, when it comes to savvy. -RM

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