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25 March 2009



Awww. This was really cute.



This man is a fool. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if Mickey Dees contacts him about doing a commercial lol


that filet o fish is delish, man
and we all know how that is when you want breakfast and they are at lunch and vice versa.

pharrell is a sexy lil MFer. but i guess the girls weren't buying his MJ routine at the crack of dawn lol

Derrick from Philly

He'll be richer than Oprah by the time he's forty.


...One of the employees has major attitude. I don't get that....

If you had to be at work at 5am and some fool was singing and dancing in another language and his friends held a video camera ... you might have some attitude too lol


PW does that for me I would pull a T.I. on him .... "YOU COULD HAVE WATEVA YOU LIKE!!!!"

and really wat is with that attitude ... WOW


@ Derrick: You ain't never lied.

Pharrell Williams is a singing and dancing fool and a walking ATM. He is the Quincy Jones of his generation and will be a billionaire in the next ten years.

I am sure McDs is talking to him as we speak. And yes that song is freakin' awesome and a perfect jingle.

Face and Waist

Skateboard P and his phine lil bubble butt tight pants-wearing hott azz. If he can sing and dance I am sho' he is freaky. Those girls didn't "open" for him but I will lol


PW will get done fiercely singing and dancing in them tight jeans.


I'll tell you one thing, if I were the manager, they would be fired. Their job is to serve the customer, period. Two of my employees walk out on a paying customer. That is unacceptable. He was not threatening in any way. Take his order and ask him if he would like anything else. I agree with you Rod. The attitude was pathetic. As for Pharrell, he's too skinny for my taste, but he has a very cute face. I would still hit it, I'm not going to lie.


hell, if he dances for me i'll make him prime rib with my special au jus. he'll only dance for for me after that.. walk over.. limp back...LOL


Is everyone at this blog a top? lol


'Don't wanna sound full of myself or rude, but you ain't lookin' at no other dude cuz u luv me.'

Been in love ever since. Dude is just too cute for words I'm a sucka for dat!!

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