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10 March 2009



Fantastic! So this means Chris Brown will have Rihanna on his greatest hits collection.


Honestly this is some serious garbage...I mean, what message does this send to kids? It's fine if your boyfriend beats you to the point of needing surgery as long as he says sorry...it was bad enough they got back together, but now a duet???

I figured this high-profile of relationship abuse would cause people to take the subject more seriously, but all this is saying is that the beating truly didn't matter.

This is just wrong.

Derrick from Philly

it's all about a man who always kicked and dogged me 'round

it's all about a man who always kicked dogged me 'round

and when I tried to kill him that's when my love for him come down

The Empress Bessie and all the other Blues Queens explained this stuff years ago. What makes a woman love a man who treats her like Chris Brown--honey, I don't know. I had a few pieces of "trade" that were mean, but they were only getting my booty NOt my heart...well, in later years they got a little money too--but not much.



If they are seriously doing this, and I hope they are not, It should be blacklisted.

Boycott any station that plays it.



Lol @ Derrick

You have a point. Many blues songs and country stars like made songs about a "hard lovin' man."


A remake of Britney Spears' "Hit Me Baby(One More Time)" ALREADY?

M. Mark

It's Bobby and Whitney all over again. No one should buy this cr*p when it comes out. She's choosing a man that be*t her unconscious over what could have been a long lasting and successful career.


Lord, please don't let it be an Ike & Tina Turner song...

Nobody's Business if I Do

The media, Oprah and you bloggers need to give this story a rest. As for c brown and rihanna being role models well, I say the only role model for children should be their parents and teachers. Given the high statistics on domestic abuse, I would bet that many of the children/teens that are fans or c brown and rihanna have probably seen/see domestic abuse in their own home and live with it everyday--who is there to be a role model in the home? We are stupid if we think that celebs have more control over our children than what they witness in their own homes. At this point, I think the media is on a campaign to ruin both of these people; why else would the story be looped to discuss every hour? Also, they are not the first celebs to fight and make up. These people are human and sometimes they make mistakes. If anyone is buying their music or supporting their careers because they think they 'know' them then they are living in another universe. Celebs are only what their publicist, stylist, manager makes them look like in public; behind closed doors they are just like the rest of us.


This whole mess just makes me want to vomit.


This song should be a HIT.


What they need to do is hold a press conference so that all the lies can stop. NO ONE has seen them together so how can you say that they are back together. I have heard so many lies until it's rediculous. People need to stop making comments on gossip and speculations until they Rihanna and Chris talk themselves. TMZ victimized Rihanna themselves by stealing and publishing private pictures between her and the LAPD.


The continual refrain that we should not look to celebrities as role models for our children does not make any practical sense when you really think about it...

Hilary Clinton once said it takes a village to raise a kid and we ( and especially our tehcnilogically savvy children) are a part of a global vilage. In other words or children are influenced by these celebrities and their actions whthere we want them to be or not.

Both Rihitma and Chris the butcher are very famous so much so that their every move is chronicled. Ms "nobodys Business" above why dont you ask them if they would rather not be famous and rich. having your life dissected by the media and the genral public goes with the territory.

Right now Rihanna and Chris Boy are like a train wreck ... we cant just turn away.

I am still in shock that this woman would allow herself to go back to this abuser...

BTW we here in Barbados already know about other incidences of abuse ( just not this bad)

S. Flemming

Lord help me ...


Okay, let's be realistic about this:

It IS news. Some people might be turned off by this story, but apparently, it's taken on a life of it's own, and rightly so. The whole affair is based on a case of PUBLIC domestic abuse between two high-profile celebrities, whose actions, whether we like it or not, are impressionable to thousands of our young AA young'uns. As for the media trying to "destroy" the reps of Chris and Rihanna, please.

The media is doing and will continue to do what it always has - exploit, exploit, exploit, until the story runs dry. And the PR machine behind these two are no less culpable for the tired spin and non-facts they insist on "leaking" to a public, most of whom are not media-saavy enough to sift through the BS being fed to them from all sides.

One thing is clear, though. according to the police, a very serious assault took place, and the only two people who can explain this away are obviously following the advice of their PR agents, advisors and lawyers, by not speaking out directly.

Whatever the case, our children are watching and taking note. And just like watching daddy beat mommy, it'll have some effect on them. Just peruse some of the comments boards on a few of the top black entertainment blogs and likely to read some of the most sadly ignorant opinions on male-on-female abuse.

BTW, this story just reeks of tired PR spin I mentioned earlier. It's so bad, it's weirdly comical.


Nahtans what have you heard? has this abuse been going on long time?

Rihanna does not seem to be very bright. Why would she have anything to do with Brown. Next time he beats her up, he may well kill her or put her in coma with brain injuries. Hard to have sympathy for her if she refuses to listen to so many people trying to help her.


They fought here a couple of times he roughed her up and then intentionally damaged her land rover (which was a gift) with a plant pot. He is a violent person and she is clearly not too bright. I entirely agree with banjiboi.

I am hopeful that we have discussions with our children about what this all means.

I hear people making excuses for him ( and her) saying that they are young. But I think there is no excuse for violence against the one you 'love.'

I really hope that he goes to jail. and I hope she gets some psychological help. And I hope that some of is stop thinking that violence in relationships is ok.


I totally agree with you, Nathan.

And please excuse my typos and obvious obsession with commas!


Well we can't rely on Chris and Rihanna to teach our children. They are humans and are NOT infallible! This is a teachable moment and could change the course on many lives. Much to often we sit our children in front of the TV or the PC and leave them there to be influenced. Parents have to take a certain responsibility to educating and nurturing their own children and stop blaming the media or celebrities! Its not Chris's job or Rihanna's! You have to sit them down and tell them its not OK what CB and Rihanna are involved in! Its not OK to use violence! Teach them the power of their words!

I don't care about CB being nominated and honestly don't think he will win and that will send a powerful message. The kids will send a message that they don't support the behavior that has been displayed!

Now this rumored duet is just ridiculous! I truly DO NOT believe it! I mean its just TOO MUCH!! Really its Unbelievable! I'm DONE!!


Respectfully, I don't think it's a case of relying on them as role models - in a lot of situations it is beyond our control. The young and impressionable have the tendency to latch onto idols regardless of our repeated warnings, and sometimes, historically, in spite of them. I say this because I remember that I, too, was once a rebel in that regard.

But the game continuously changes from generation to generation, and I do believe that some folks in the public eye have a responsibility to their younger fans in this regard. Especially those who market themselves to that particular demographic.


1. You all say boycott Chris Brown but how many of you listen to R. Kelly, Miles Davis, and Dr. Dre?
2. Would this e as big of a deal if Chris had fought a dude?

Also its interesting that now all of a sudden all these stories of Chris abusing Rihanna are now just all of a sudden coming out of the woodwork

I'm glad Chris and Rihanna are back in the studio working on their respective albums and I hope they give us some more good music to enjoy. What Chris did was unacceptable but he is not irredeemable as a person. Everyone deserves redemption. Jail won't help him become a better person in fact it'll probably make him worse and more damaged than he already is. Let's not forget that he grew up seeing abuse and while that does not excuse his actions it gives it some context. Nobody is beating up on Chris Brown more than Chris Brown right now believe me imagine how it felt for him and how it feels for him to have to look his mother in the face in the midst of all this. COMPASSION PEOPLE COMPASSION


I don't listen to either one of them, but I hope their fans vote with their wallet on this one. I'd say the young man needs to spend some time in boot camp and work out some of those issues, except he may be even more dangerous with a gun in his hand.

Chris Cruz

"Let's not forget that he grew up seeing abuse and while that does not excuse his actions it gives it some context."

Yes. The context should have been "domestic violence is wrong" not "domestic violence is acceptable."


@ Joseph:
I respectfully disagree...

This is little more than a cheap publicity stunt. I will be boycotting anything and everything these two produce together or separately from now on. My daughter will be doing the same.
Rihanna and CB who?


As a matter of fact, no, I don't support R. Kelly, Dr. Dre or even own a Mile Davis album, for that matter.

As it remains, CB is up for a Kids' Choice award, and he DOES owe it to those children to explain his behavior. Point blank. That would be the obvious first step in redeeming himself IMO.

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