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23 March 2009



"Wonder what that is all about."

THAT is all about Omarion's gay rumors. He didn't have them before and now they took over his image. I guess this so called marriage is another ploy to appear freaky and sexy to the girls/.


haha i think omarion already appears sexy to the "girls" nahmean, lol


I heard this on a radio show...Why so many people getting excited over this, we know it aint true...Omari is working on a new album and this is publicity.

M. Mark

Omarion with a woman? That I would LOOOOVE to see

And welcome back Rod! You were missed!

Derrick from Philly

If if thinks that a strap-on can do what the real thing can....well, well....he'll be making the same sad alternative that I've been making for 3 years. Even putting a condom over it don't make it feel real "real" ....guess it's best to have a man attached to it. Yeah, men are trouble, but they're necessary at times.


umm, i don't think anyone believes this. omarion marrying a 'woman', hahaha


I think Derrick is onto something with the "strap on." I don't think Omarion knows how to handle a girl like this but something tells me she would be in charge,


Nice try Omarion. We don't believe it for one minute.


Omarion's stripper wifey has at least two feet on him.

He must like that, most girls like a taller man they like to look up to the one in charge.

Sean B

Meh. Many bisexual men hook up with bisexual women. No surprise. The big surprise here would be if the story were true which I just don't believe.


you know girlfriend is wearing that bubble butt OUT!


Yeah very obvious straight/freaky rumors coming on the heels of these gay rumors. I think his tween/girl fans will be overjoyed, but he has lost many of 'em. I dunno are the rumors true but I also do not see Omarion with these stripper chick.


I second Sean B.


does it seem odd omari would ((supposedly) choose women who is so much taller than him? i know he isn't the tallest thing but this pairing just looks very suspect imo


LOL @ Sean and Lauryn

alicia banks

this is really funny

even funnier than bow wow's new video...

and she looks a lot like will smith's 1st wife...

welcome back rod!

i missed you!


Shane Moseley

This is a joke right?

Why is Omarion even trying to fake the funk?

Celia Ruiz

That's a good one Alicia... Maybe Will and Jada can teach Omarion the virtues of having a bisexual partner lol

Bruce K

Chile, it's a mess. I doubt they are married but I would not be at all surprised if he found a bisexual girl. Many bisexual and DL boys seek out a bisexual girl who will "understand" them and not pressure them.

Bruce K

Oh and daps to Rod welcome back you were missed, my man


This is just more foolishness. Not very believable at all especially since as it has been noted Omarion has NEVER been publically linked to any girl or woman. Why he needs to bust outt5a the gate with a "bisexual stripper" (from Magic City of all places) sounds like he has something to hide. You go girl!


I don't know why all these stars make it a big deal to maintain their non-existent "straight" as an arrow image. Wouldn't it make more sense to capitalize on the not-so-straight image, walk a fine line between the two sides, build up a large gay following, at the same time a large following of younger female following -- you get the best of both worlds.

Honestly, I don't care about their private lives, especially when most of them are in dire need of improvement in their musical abilities...

Keith C

Great point Lukas and that's what many European male performers do and some white (American) performers. That is just the opposite of black music and hip hop, where it is rare the artists, if they are male, reach out to gays.

Some black male performers do that, tho, such as The Rock, LL, Taye Diggs, Tyson Beckford. They are the exception though.


Including "FEMALE" in the title is too MFing hilarious. Oh and not sure did you know but this is top five on Google for "Omarion and Married"

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