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23 March 2009


A. Martinez

This is TOO MFing funny.


obviously i'm against rick ross's language and his antigay remarks but you have to admit 50 cent has had it coming to him. he has been calling out gay people for years and now almost everyone calls him gay without a second thought.

oh and that apology is riot.

M. Mark

Not at all surprising. Fiddy has become that which he hates the most...suspected of being gay. Maybe if he didn't spin so much time calling other people gay people wouldn't be doing it to him. But this is just the biggest and latest example of ";gay" being the biggest dis in rap and hip hip.


I'm sorry that cracked me up. What song does he sing/rap? I can't keep up with these chilluns. He even went there with Lloyd Banks...LOL!

alicia banks


score one for rick!

sure psycho ruthless 50 will win the war in the end though...closet and all


Mel Smith

I don't appreciate my sexuality to being a 'dis' or an insult.


--->This is just the biggest and latest example of "gay" being the biggest dis in rap and hip hip.

No. I think 50 Cent is really gay or closeted.

Quniton M

oh snap! i am sorry but this is funny. 50 cent deserves it, he has become spent years calling people gay and bashing gays, this is what happens.

Sean B

Mel, I agree with you, I also do not like gays being made the subject of a dis or an insult. But this is the state of the black community, this is a longstanding tradition. I think what we can do is stand up and be counted an speak out when it happens ... but when there are few if any black gay men who are publicly out and who challenge these things, what can you do? I admire the fact some rappers like Common on Kanye say that other rappers should stop doing this. But we have to stand up for ourselves.


Honestly, the two of them should just get a room and get it over with... spare us the insulting tiff between two insecure guys posturing to show who has the bigger piece.


"I'm Willing to Record with an Openly Gay Artist Such as 50 Cent"

That is a CUT if I ever heard. And 50 Cent deserves every minute of it.


um.. rick is an a$$. 50 is an a$$. i don't get it. when are we going to move away from this hyper masculine stupidity? i don't care who's spouting it. it's just dumb. are there any grown ups left?

Jason O

BAM! Take that Miss Fiddy Cents!




Well yea they're both fools but Rick Ross managed to come across like the bigger man. (Well we see he is much much bigger heh.) He apologized to the gays and gave an olive branch to 50 Cent. Nothing really you can say.

Actually its hella funny lol

King Drive

Rick Ross has managed to catapult himself from a nobody into am industry name with this silly stupid beef. They are both tired gaybashers but there is a certain poetic justice to seeing 50 Cent continually hounded and called gay. If he never made being gay an issue, it wouldn't be a problem.

Face and Waist

who is this rick ross anyway? i never heard of him until recently, he looks a mess but all these homophobic rappers are usually fugly


I gotta agree with Mel Smith here. Rick's apology is ridiculous in that he continues to use 'gay' as a dis.I don't care whether 50 Cent is gay or any other rapper for that matter, they can stay in the closet for all they want, but they gotta stop this childish banter.Its getting old. Heck its old already.


Go Rick Ross. Go Rick Ross. Go Rick Ross.

I have spent years despising rap music but this is one single I would download just for the principal of it.

Rick would WHUPP four dimes and two nickles' ass good in a hand to hand fight that that little queen would not show up at.


I agree w/ above folks who say I fail to see the humor. 'Gay' was still used as a dis, so how can it really be an apology to gay folks? It just sounds like something he said to dismiss 50. Next...

Mel Smith

Sean, I agree with your points. I think we are largely responsible for people equating our sexuality to a 'dis.' I always publicly correct people about trying to insult who we are.

Sean B

Point well taken, Mel.


Are those tattoos on his shoulders, or stretch marks?


Jim, grow up. In a talkback where everybody is up in arms and saying being called 'gay' is still a diss, then you come with a fat joke/remark. Real mature

Anthony in Nashville

Do people really believe Ross was serious with that "apology"? I hope not.

That was all about putting 50 Cent on blast, gay men (because I'm sure he is cool with lesbians) were just the tool he used.

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