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12 March 2009


Abraham I

Of course Steele was emotional that day. He is a bitter hater. Haterz never get caught up in the great fortune of those they are jealous of, nahmean?


lol @ HNIC

Oh you can be sure there is a fair of that going around in Mr. Steele's head and in too many black folks heads.


yeah no doubt steele was thinking he was groomed to be the first black president. didnt happen. but his own party doesn't like him now, too bad


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I'm so tired of that resident Tom.


Well he has his own problems to deal with. He is on the verge of being kicked out as chairman of the RNC. And his most recent comments where he says that abortion is a matter of choice is really upsetting the conservatives. It's probably only a matter of time before he's gone. Michael Steele is what you get when the other choice was a white man who was recently a member of an all-white country club in South Carolina. Enough said.


Micheal Steele is a TOOL!! Does anyone else think his name sounds kinda Porny? LOL!!

S. Flemming

I never thought I'd see "brother to brother" and Steele in the same space, ha ha. I can't decide what I think of this dude ... he's a weird one.


He said his staff reached out to Obama's staff "more than several" times and "his office told my staff they didn’t see any need for the two of us to meet".

Uh, Mr. Steele, nothing personal, but it seems obvious with less than three months on the job your masters at the RNC are wondering aloud if they found the right pick-a-ninny for the job.

Rush Limbaugh would have never opened his vile mouth and said the things he said unless he had the ok of SEVERAL POWERFUL REPUBLICANS. Rush is well aware that his ignorant white-folk dominanted show be damn-the RNC would crush him like a grape if he opened his mouth in a manner that sounded like a grab for power in HIS favor.

The RNC has told Rush to stir up those ignorant white folks to help get you outta there in a hurry. The only one that doesn't realize how ineffective you are is you.


Steele isn't really African American. He's just so full of crap his skin has changed color.

Obama came to MD to campaign against him because Steele was attempting to sway black voters, particularly in Baltimore City, to vote for him *because he was black*. "Why not one of us?" was one of his slogans. He tried to appear as ideologically neutral and seldom if ever mentioned that he was a Republican while running in majority African American areas. He even had ex-brother-in-law Mike Tyson show up to support of him deep in the 'hood here.

Steele is a buffoon.


HNIC. LOL That took me back. Newt called Rush out, as well as one other Repub. I guess Steele hasn't realized that only white conservatives can only call out white conservatives. That is what has shown how he is just a token, and will forever be ineffectual. White folks only want white folks to correct them and for some reason Steele is still trying to open his mouth and make statements, yet no one in his party ever listens. Everyone else sees that, why hasn't he?


Home Boy is toxic. One of my respected clients, an older AA lady relayed a hurtful story. She was at a VIP, in Montgomery Co., Md. Someone had the audacity to seat him at a table full of Black Business People in Md. He DEMANDED to be moved to the table with the white Biz owners, WTF? I could tell she was hurt. I hope he is the biggest embarrassment to the GOP, ever. She needs the laugh! I dont, I have BEEN laughin at him, coon, coon....COON!


He's something else, I tell you


Michael Steele seems to be drinking the RNC Kool-AID and believes he's part of an inclusive political party. He is the exception--NOT THE RULE. Obama's ascension is a reflection of the American publics' need for change and their support of a candidate (now President) who joins them. If more Republicans are not seen as being able to compromise to help the American people solve its problems--they will lose more standing in the midterm elections! Steele will be the scapegoat and replaced. The RNC is at a crossroads internally as well. Not a great time to be a Republican.

Adiguzel Shakir Assad

It's probably time for the GOP to die. Their rhetoric is a 19th century holdover in the new millennium. Worse, they rarely practice what they preach, and they lie, cheat, steal & bribe to steal elections. May the GOP rest in peace.

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