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25 March 2009


Geoff Rivers

Lord have mercy ...


This story is just sad and terrifying on so many levels. It's sad that a 47 year old man was cruising for rough teenage trade. COCAINE? FEET BOUND? From a teen? But it is so terrifying that this teen was apparently aware of this lifestyle and has done this thing before. It could be one of us next.


i'll say it ... the teen boy is gorgeous. i might think he was 18 too and be tempted to hook up, but not for anything rough like that.


"surely the signs that John Katehis was prone to violence were there"

Yes, the danger is part of the allure and the attraction for many gay men. That is what gets them excited. It's hard to tell someone who likes it rough that maybe you should be sensible.

Baltimore Femme

Wow. I think hookup stories like this hit so many people hard because so many of us have been there. Even before the net, who didn't pick up some thug trade on the street or in the hood?

Just speechless.

Derrick from Philly


I understand what you're saying, and grown men shouldn't prey on teenage boys...no. But teenage boys shouldn't prey after grown men EITHER.

Before I moved out of North Philly, I had teenage boys approach me in the most aggressive ways, "hey, you wanna suck some d...k" When I told them to find someone their own age, Chile, they called me all kinds of faggots in the street. (one time on my own block--well, he called me a "transformer" I guess because I tried to deepen my voice when I told him "no"). My point is--it's not always the grown gay man who is the aggressor in these situations.

Maybe it was sexual abuse that caused that 16 year old "angel lamb" to turn into a 16 year old anti-Christ--I don't know, but I do know that George Weber didn't deserve to die.

If y'all ever hear about a 16 year old killing me, believe me, I DID NOT approach his funky teenage stuff....first.

S. Flemming


Chris Cruz

So you're saying approaching a teen who loves knives, worships satan and vows to break someone's neck is NOT the ideal candidate for a coke-fueled bondage session? I think many will sadly disagree ...


This is just sick, twisted and sad on so many levels. It seems as though Craigslist is the new spot for all sorts of odd stuff besides selling furniture. I have yet to understand how you can go online and 'invite' someone into your home, not knowing if he is nuts, as this kid seems to have been, but choking and sex, I must be really old, have never even heard of this sort of stuff.


...Maybe it was sexual abuse that caused that 16 year old "angel lamb" to turn into a 16 year old anti-Christ--I don't know, but I do know that George Weber didn't deserve to die....

That is the essence of the issue here. The 16 year old was no angel and who knows what caused the demons inside him. But he knew what he was doing when he was on Craigslist looking for a gay S&M pay date. George Weber was cruising for a bruising but he did not deserve to die.

Winston Salem

Perhaps I was being selfish but when I saw the headline I was sooooo grateful it was not a young black man who confessed to this crime. I am afraid we would be in for another round of "blacks are homophobic" on the gay blogs.


Everyone, please be cautious of who you bring into your home and personal space. Please! So many of us make choices that turn out to be dangerous after-the-fact. Please be cautious!


Looking for Mr. Goodbar. People have been warned about Craigslist before. People know the dangers of online hookups or even picking up strangers off the street. As tragic as this is, George Weber was asking for this. He intentionally was looking for rough sex, and unfortunately he found it in the worst way. Weber liked doing this because of the danger. Some people love to tempt fate. Weber may not have known Katehis's true age, but he was looking for young meat. If a dude tells me he's 18, or says that he just turned 18, alarm bells sound immediately in my head. I'm thinking jailbait. It's happened to me many times before. These young ones are very fast and throw all caution to the wind. Katehis should be punished fully under the law, let there be no mistake about that. However, when you play with fire, you just might get burned and don't survive.


Weber "placed an ad on Craigslist seeking a young Latino to choke him and force oral sex."

Yeah, well that's what he got and then some.

Ten in My Timbz

Totally agree with Ravenback. Weber did not DESERVE to die (no one does) but he specifically was looking for a rough encounter with a YOUNG LATINO man. (Katehis isn't Latino, I guess he is Greek, but looks extremely Puerto Rican or Brazilian) He wanted rough trade and the danger,. That is what he got. Not saying someone older is not capable of this but these stories are just so familiar and so tragic. People please be careful who you invite into your home! You don't want this to be you ...

S. Flemming

And I'm with Luther ... call me naive but damn ... I thought Craigslist was something people used for jobs and selling old furniture and cars and stuff. I didn't know it was so common for people to hook up using a site like that. I guess I really am out of the loop. That sad, hook-ups are a risk. It's always a gamble, and I'm sure we've all had that moment of clarity after one where we say "that was dangerous and I probably should not have done that." Unfortunately, this gentleman took a risk and lost. Still, he didn't deserve to die. Very sad. This is just more proof that I'm too old for the foolishness and danger, sheesh.

Derrick from Philly

Yes, after seeing that boy on the New York Post video, I agree with ANDERSON and the rest of y'all: Mr Weber played a very dangerous game. The punishment was still too harsh...but sometimes you can't control the outcome of your flirtation with evil.


This is why I miss the bathhouses. I can not let a total stranger into my house nor give my address to someone whom I can not verify if that is really them on the pic/webcam that they sent/used.

I have even heard of organized kick-in burglaries where they actually had a very good looking guy get in front of a webcam and then once the address was given these thieves would go to google earth and look at the house from a satellite image and determine the neighborhood (rich, middle class, poor) to see if they had a good mark.

People beware. Always ask yourself are you really that horny that you need to take these types of chances. Say what you want your chances of getting a disease from a total stranger you meet in a bar or on the net are just the same as they are in a bathhouse so what's the difference? At least at a bath house you have showers and it is safer for you physically.

Poor Michael Sandy, who was chased to his death on a freeway and then pulled back onto the median only to have his pockets rifled, should always be remembered for his "chance meeting" with what he thought was going to be a good time. LOL may he rest in peace.


when you invite crazy over, please don't act surprised when it shows up. i don't care how pretty the package. when people send you pics where they are playing with knives and guns, it's because they are itching to use them. keep moving unless you have a death wish. a word to the wise is sufficient.

M. Mark

This story is just insane and hits so freakin' close to home. I have taken chances with rough trade. After this I may never again.


Gurlene that is a GREAT point about bath houses. Peopel have said a million and one bad things about thaat but one of the prime attractions was the "safety"... If you're going to trick, might as well just do it, I have always been leery about strangers coming into my home and personal space.


I'm having a hard time finding sympathy for dude. He hooked up with a child (A crazy confused Satanic child who happened to be into knives, who knew?)and gave him illegal drugs and had sex with this child. Looking at screen-names that include '92 should have been a clue he was a kid. Duh! He didn't deserve to die like that but what he did was so wrong on so many levels.


I feel sorry for this man because is dead and died a horrible death. But I do say he was not very cautiuous and knew what he was doing. The boy's profiles and emails have the "92" suffix, he was 16 years old. And giving alcohol and drugs to a minor? Wow.

Lang B.

HOOKUPS are dangerous period.
What ever happened to dating?
I mean even if you just want sex you have to do a little homework. Calm your urges and take a day or two to meet/observe or sniff them out a bit AT LEAST.

S&Mmay be fun rough play in your mind but manic or violent body domination to the other. It seems like you would need a referee in agressive sexual encounters. Just my opinion.


Anthony in Nashville

Rough trade indeed!

I have done the online hook up like a many gay men, but a couple of years ago I started thinking I was taking too many risks (letting people know where I lived, going to neighborhoods I don't know) and stopped.

Of course my sex life is much less exciting since I made that choice, lol. Online sites make sex as simple and quick as ordering fast food: you get it the way you want when you want.

I agree with the posters who said the "danger" or taboo is a part of the attraction of trade/hookups.

I always wonder if the owners of these sites think they have a responsibility to the community or if they're "just giving people what they want."

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