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06 March 2009


Derrick from Philly

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful--the facial bone structure as well as his body. Too beautiful to be straight...ooops. Did I say that?

King Drive

Sigh. What a beautiful, beautiful man.
He really is very blessed and very lucky. And hella sexy nah mean?


Sandhurst is hands down the HOTTEST contestant on the supermodels. Some of the other male models are just average or slightly above average. But he has the face...the body...and the walk.

As far as that "straight" comment yeah right whatever...he is from the islands and has to say that for all of them. We all know the truth.

Hmmm mmm that is a fine MFer


"Too hot to be straight"

Okay Derrick? You remember that one too lol

That is right though. I have said it before about a few other men on here and I will say it again, this young'n is toodamsexy and too hot to be straight. No matter what he says, that is for the benefit of his peeps in Trindad and Tobago.

That don't make no kinda sense...


not be surprised if Sandhurst wins he has a lot more 'raw talent' and potential

plus those abs and package are outta this world

Son of Baldwin

I don't get the model fetish. I'm certain Sandhurst is handsome in the classical sense, but he does nothing for me. I don't find him particularly attractive at all.

Ten in My Timbz

oh puhleez

model "fetish"? there are all types of men on this blog...ballers, soccer players, models, actors, and if he doesn't "do anything for you", maybe someone else will tomorrow. or maybe you can comment on THE NEWS STORIES?

that's really a joke though coming from a blogger whose posts chris brown bulge photos and bow wow "sex scenes"

funny yo


Sandhurst looks great he is probably the strongest natural "non-model" they have. He has a helluva lot more chemistry and potential than the brother from last year who was too stiff and easily eliminated. And the everyone on T&T is probably watching must be very exciting. Go Trini!

Rockaway Beach

Baldwin...lame comment from a D list blogger. But they always come here and criticize Rod hoping to get a few hits. Pay him no mind.

Moving along... I like Sandhurst. He has a beautiful face and a really good attitude. I hope he wins....i would love to see a black man win one of these modeling shows. And if for no other reason he is the ONLY black male on that show and if we are going to watch that show, why not support him?

Rockaway Beach

By the way...you should put Rod 2.0 or a watermark on your screencaps. Someone already sent me two of these Sandhurst caps saying they found them at another blog. Just my advice...

Derrick from Philly

That's interesting, Son of Baldwin. When I say that a man is beautiful it isn't always because I am sexually attracted to him him. Sometimes it is because I would love to LOOK like him. And Mister Sandhurst has a beautiful face and body, that I would certainly put to good use...like I use ta'. Not going out whorin'...no, I'd get me somebody respectable like Dr. David Malebranche (hopefully our next Surgeon General--if the President would just DO RIGHT)


I was happy to see they have at least one brotha on the show who looks like he could win. You know how it is usually we are the throwaway contestants like the sistahs on this show clearly cannot win.

Let me say this...Sandhurst looks good he really ain't my type so to speak...but for life of me I don't understand why peeps are always trying to criticize Rod or this blog on petty shyt about men. It's always about what models or athletes on this blog. Rarely do people wanna flex on the serious topics, Maybe they don't read them or understand them. It's beyond petty, yo. We should be lucky we have a black gay blog that gets so much fever and reports everything from Kanye to Kenya.

Son of Baldwin

Wait, who's criticizing Rod? I'm simply giving my opinion on this particular article and this particular model.

I'm a huge follower of Rod's blog and an admirer of his work.







anytime a hot boy, athlete or some closeted black celeb is mentioned some of y'all loose your minds and get all righteous.

meanwhile, stories on prop 8, gay rights and hiv gets no comments. go figure

i agree with the great rev kev, put watermarks or something on these captures. these queens grab your photos and post them to their 'blog' or yahoo groups the minute you put them up. and almost never want to say rod 2.0.


(ignoring the drama)

My family is from Trinidad and Tobago living in Brooklyn and we are very proud of Sandhurst. Hopefully he will win and that will be a great source of pride for us! Does it bother me Sandhurst says he is "straight"? Eh, not really. Who knows. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, i don't know unfortunately the culture of our islands is not hospitable to gays and gay rights. He may be gay and feel forced to come out quickly and say he is not. Luckily Trinidad and Tobago is not as homophobic as Jamaica!

Shane Moseley

Wow. Rod.

You don't have to explain yourself...don't!

This is your blog...you aren't forcing people to come here!

Let me cosign the great RevKev.
You and your blog are on "fiyah" and you give the haterz something to talk about every day.

Keep on "doing you"

A shame so many brothas always try to "read" on trifling petty points.

I for one I'm sick of seeing skinny thugs, TI and Chris Brown on black gay sites. But they like what they like.

As President Obama says, You can disagree without making it disagreeable!

Dave F

I love all black men. Mr. Sandhurst is a very beautiful black man. I hope he wins. It would be nice if the brothers get a win here. Tired of us being eliminated in these contests. I am sure he is not everyone's 'cup of tea', but who is? There is someone for everyone. I myself like darker men and always like to see the chocolate bros getting shine.

Face and Waist

eh, not really my thang too pretty and i like being the pretty one! but the man can take some pictures i hope he wins tho, i ain't gonna hate.

wassup with the "supermodels" girls? they are horrible it should just be a male show this season, none are hot except for salome and amanda, is she the one who just had the baby? mountaha the brazilian has a good look but needs a little more body

baby i will go there and show them a real diva! lol


Sandhurst lives in Philadelphia, that's right Philly is representin' Move over New York City and LA we are going to own this one!

Trinidad. Adventist. Gay?!

Well, I actually live in Trinidad and I have not heard much about this at all. You have to have a special package from the lone cable company or DirecTV in order to get Bravo.

Anyways several things:

1. Trinidad and Tobago is less "homophobic" than Jamaica although it should be noted that not too many people are vested in identifying themselves as "gay" even if you would call them that.

2. That accent is--shall we say--highly "cleaned up" even for a Trini who is speaking "properly" but we all do it when we go to the US (and he has grown up there for a while anyways).
You'd have to say everything twice otherwise!

3. Dance is an unusual thing for a Trini man to study because it is so...well...decadent. That's for rich Westerners.
Things are changing, but for now, engineering is much more prestigious.

Trinidad. Adventist. Gay?!

Oh! And Sandhurst is a decidedly Tobagonian name. They like decidedly starchy and majestic names for their guys (like "Orville" and stuff)--very interesting to note.


You all do know he made the comment because they asked him in the interview right. You all have to remember that on these shows people dont just get in front of cameras and start talking there are a s**t load of producers behind the camera asking these kids questions about their lives.

my guess is the prob asked him if he was straight or gay (being a Bravo competition it is highly expectable that they would) then they asked him something interesting about himself and he said he did ballet and then they were like you are straight and you do ballet. and then he had to make the comment he did cause it looked like he was more annoyed when he made the statement than he was offering it up.

And his name is british actually the royal military academy that Prince william went too

Great comment, Observer. Watch language tho, no profanity pls, thanks. -RM

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