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02 March 2009


Derrick from Philly

Well, it's a start. Atleast these anti-gay despots in Africa, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe...and Kansas will know that they no longer have a friend in the Obama Administration on this issue. Some have said that these anti-gay countries will become even more recalcitrant. Yeah, at first, but constant pressure on these "outlaw" governments may eventually lead to resistance movements. Activists in those countries would be in great danger, but atleast NOW the United States government is in their corner.

Yeah, I know I'm being overly optimistic....yes, I know.


This is a start and thank you for the report.
I am new to this blog, Nigerian and British living in London. I can speak first hand of the depths of evil of the Nigerian regime and yes REGIME is the right word! The country is swimming in money but none goes to the people, The government uses homophobia and gays to distract from all the other problems.

Mel Smith

No somebody tell me that this story is not similar to how racist people treated black people in the south; the modern day lynching of gay people by the anti-gay heterosexual majority in those nations.

Mel Smith

Also, thank God for President Obama.

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