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26 March 2009



of course he pleads not guilty, he "confessed" but will say it was delf defense

smh ...


While I don't agree with Weber's closeted conservative homo politics, he did not deserve to be killed. I do think this young man will learn the harshness of being behind bars and what hardened criminals do to pretty lil wanna be hardcore teens in prison.


"Katehis declares himself heterosexual, professes his devotion to Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey, and sports tattoos on his arm reading "666" and "Diablo."

Sounds like he will become somebody's prison beoytch, imho. It's one thing to be a suburban teen pretending to believe in Satan. Once prisoners hear about this freaky sex slay, all bets are off. Protective custody imho


--->Katehis' lawyer, Herbert Moses, says his client was being used by an older man. He says details about their relationship will emerge later."

I would not be surprised if he gets some where with that angle. The boy was being used. He is a killer and should be prosecuted but make no mistake, he is 16 years old and was given drugs and alcohol by a much older man.

That will not be lost on a jury, mark my words. I don't think he will get off but this will be a complicated case.


Using my best Maya Angelou voice, "When people tell you who they are, believe them." This boy said, "I am insane. I will kill you." Should anyone be surprised by what he did?

Baltimore Femme

Freeleo, how true indeed. If the boy was collecting knives, he wanted to use them.

I truly hope some people can learn something from this unfortunate situation. I will admit that I have ... Sometimes that which looks good ain't good for you.


I agree with Grant. This case will be very sordid and confusing. This case has it all: sex, drugs, alcohol, torture, bondage, online solicitation, and an underage youth. Jury members will be disgusted and challenged to overcome preconceived notions, all at the same time. Has there been any talk about his family? That dynamic will be very interesting.


Weber was a closet case, against gay marriage and for the death penalty. He trolled the net looking for young trade to indulge his fantasies of death and submission.

I would say he got what he asked for.


Sorry. I have precious little sympathy for this self hating pervert. As someone said yesterday, if you invited crazy into your house, don't be surprised when they show up.

Shane Moseley

Hey I'm afraid Ravenback and Grant are right.

This will NOT be a 'slam dunk' case. Underage boy, internet sex, solicitation, drugs and a closeted newsman ... it's very sketchy.

I wouldn;t be surprised if he pleads to a lesser charge like manslaughter.

Just my thoughts. Oh and Rod, love the coverage as always.


i think this is just the beginning, they are bound to find more dirt on both the victim and the accused. sadly if they were other victims of john katehis, i don't see them coming forward,, who will now admit to using the net to hook up with this underage hoodlum?


Why should it be a slam dunk case? This adult male was having sex with and giving drugs to a mentally ill 16 year old. What makes it worse is that the 16 year old told him pretty clearly in his profile that he was mentally ill. This will probably boil down to a manslaughter charge. Given his age and state of mind, if the d.a. asks for the death penalty or life in prison, it will be because the minor is poor and a person of color. That's the only thing I will be left to believe.

S. Flemming

He looks totally different in this photo. This whole thing is so weird and scary ...


I agree Carlos, this kid has major issues, and, in all likelihood will end up in some mental ward.

And, this case is not as open and shut as some think, they will drag the victim through the mud about having a kid in his bed and keep the fact that this kid is only 16 as a major part of the defense. The victim is always wrong, and, if the victim is gay, even more so with these kind of cases.

alicia banks


great coverage as always!

u made my day

i have been elated and shocked at how the media have not tried to spin all to bash all gays as usual

i am sure the defense attys will gaybash enough to nullify this refreshing sanity retroactively though...

revealing and ridiculous that the killer claims to be het...

further proof that:
ALL gaybashers/gay haters are gay

real hets just ignore us if they dislike us...
only dl gays hate/bash/stalk/slander/solicit/seduce/murder us...

hate to say it but:
evil begets evil

those who play with psycho junkie sadists should expect nothing good...


Eddie B

This story becomes even crazier by the day. I am sorry this man was killed... but clearly he was attracted to violence and danger and knew the risks. No one deserves to die, but this pervy closet queen certainly was cruising for a bruising.

Haha this teen boy sez he is straight too. Yeah, that is why he was on Craiglsit M4M looking to get off and get some cash.


wow, look at this kid's face. he looks hella different than his profile pictures. looks disturbed. maybe that is the look of being on the run and up for 96 hours after a coke binge and killing someone.


I agree, Luther, Freeleo, et al. The kid is only 16, claim he's not gay. So defense would probably portray victim as closeted gay child molester, and the defendant will be portrayed as a trouble young man caught up in a bad situation, fighting against his "molester" and where it went out of control.


Look, I will be the first to say George Weber did not DESERVE to die cuz no one does. But he specifically was looking for a rough encounter with a YOUNG LATINO man. He wanted rough trade and the danger,, and that is what he got. The defense will say this boy was used and manipulated, this is just the beginning. The stories are so familiar, we hear them all the time.

Please please be careful who and what you invite into your home!

Quniton M

gay men who are into bondage and s&m live for the danger. it will be very easy to speculate this went out of control, although if he was tied up and submissive it is hard to conceive he was a threat


Shane, Freeleo and Ravenback make some great points. Although the news coverage is tabloid and it is a sensational case (at least now) this will not be an easy prosecution. There are many variables here and the seedy story of a middle aged man trolling the net and recruiting underage trade for drugs and BDSM will be quite the story. I also would not be surprised to see the boy plead down to a manslaughter charge.


I'm not justifying Katehis' fear of being attacked by Weber, but I don't know how combining vodka and cocaine affects the human psyche.


Ravenback... you should watch the Discovery channel last night called "Cocaine Nation" which discusses the science, effects and gives footage of people suffering and surviving from cocaine addiction.

Check it out. It was very well informative. They have one on Heroin too if you're interested.

As far as this story... be careful of who u let in your home or out with.


Can we just focus on the real crime here — that this self-hating, masochistic lurer of Satanist teenagers used his radio program to promote George W. Bush?



Jim, you have me laughing or crying every day. Keep it up, your wit is priceless. Must be the beautiful air and water on the islands.

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